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Unbelievable! The Steam Workshop has been so packed with different new artworks lately that it seems that the authors have missed their winter holidays just to create them. Either way, now we are able to show even more sets, wards and couriers to our readers, so that's a definite plus for our series! Let's jump right in!



Number of items: 9 Hero:
Authors: HyrX, K-Pax, ConCon
Posted: 8 January Favorites: ~70


The first on our list is the hero, who is, hands down, a perfect fit for this year's cold winter weather. The set is relatively new, but thanks to high quality details and author's talent, has already gained a decent number of fans.



A great style, some small personal items and a nice color scheme – what else do you need to get into the game client?



It also includes a new texture for the Frosen Sigil ability, which resembles Tusk’s axe. Such a good addition!



Valve rarely adds new skill icons to the game client, and therefore authors have to come up with some fresh ideas to make their artworks stand out. The cursors of this Icelord’s set would fit nicely into the game.


Queen of Pluschwa

Number of items: 4 Hero:
Queen of Pain
Author: Jigglypuff
Posted: 31 December Favorites: ~88


Jigglypuff, an author from Hong Kong, has presented a unique set in red and orange colors. The main thing which makes it so special is a head accessory, which covers Akasha’s eyes with something similar to goggles or a helmet’s visor.



Don’t you think that author’s inspiration came from Lady Gaga’s looks?


The Firestarter

Number of items: 6 Hero:
Authors: sandviper, zaryuta
Posted: 31 December Favorites: ~86


Even though the set doesn’t look that good overall, it does feature one extremely cool item. The Firestarter back replaces usual thorns of the hero and now is all mechanical. It certainly doesn’t yield to the Immortal item, and even excels it in several respects.



We can’t imagine a player who would vote against the addition of this particular part of the set to the game – that’s how good it is!

Relic of the Fundamentals

Number of items: 9 Hero:
Authors: .nullf, CiDDi, Nobel
Posted: 11 January Favorites: ~88


We haven’t seen any good sets for Earthshaker for quite a while, but this next work is truly amazing! Apart from high quality items and the overall style, it is available in two different colors, both suiting the hero perfectly.



The  Magma  style reminds of the usual items for the hero, whereas Arcane makes him look a bit different.


Purgatory Queen

Number of items: 8 Hero:
Authors: YunLBlue SkyLaughingSkyPig
Posted: 4 January Favorites: ~86


Almost every episode of our series includes interesting and high quality sets for Broodmother. This time, we chose a set featuring some interesting items, which have two styles.



Even those who get downright terrified at the sight of arthropods will agree that this set is amazing.


Torrid Armor

Number of items: 8 Hero:
Authors: liangebinge, 2Dan
Posted: 9 January Favorites: ~105


A few curious works by Chinese authors have recently appeared at the Workshop, and we are ready to guide you through them! Let’s start with the set for Axe, who is now garbed in impregnable armor. The set will surely look nice with a new Immortal cape.



The fiery style, featuring magma, seems closer to the usual looks of Chaos Knight, but looks very good on Axe nonetheless! Would be great, though, to see some more custom special effects, since they would look absolutely gourgeous with the set’s items!


War Maniac

Number of items: 7 Hero:
Author: 澈水
Posted: 25 December Favorites: ~125


The next set is the exact opposite of the previous work, despite being for Axe, as well. Its author also comes from China, and he dedicated his hard work to the Christmas season. An excellent look of the set, combined with banners on the back, horrendous armor and the same gigantic axe will surely become popular among the hero’s fans.



The standard look of the hero is one of the most important points to consider when creating something new. As for this particular set, it seems like nothing has ever been changed, because it looks very authentic.


Distinguished Conscript

Number of items: 9 Hero:
Authors: Zipfinator, ARTY!
Posted: 7 January Favorites: ~147


The next author took on a role of a stylist and gave Anti-Mage a stylish haircut and a beard. Though the latter can be easily taken off, the hero looks very cool wearing it!


Other details are also quite impressive. The clothes remind you of Spanish conquistadors and look very nice, as well as the hero’s blades.



This unique look for the scourge of magic heroes stands out among many others, and would certainly be a great addition to the Dota 2 client.


Light of Eleanor

Number of items: 6 Hero:
Naga Siren
Author: liangebinge2Dan
Posted: 1 January Favorites: ~257


The next on our list is another set by Chinese authors, this time for a hero of different race and gender - Naga Siren. It features a wonderful color scheme and a great selection of cosmetic items.



This outfit would look much better at a nautical themed party rather than in a cruel battle. However, thanks to the versatility of Naga Siren who can be perfectly used as a support hero, you can do without blood on her hands.


The Fallen One

Number of items: 8 Hero:
Author: Toasty
Posted: 22 December Favorites: ~415


One of the most impressive works in our today’s episode is a new outfit for Lucifer the Fallen Angel. The author added a red hood and handed him a mace with a shield, and was absolutely right to do that! The hero became not only more mysterious, but also more physically powerful, judging by the way he now looks.



The textures look amazing, with each item being intricate and rich in detail.



The night unleashes the set’s fullest potential, and little wonder - the darkness has traditionally been viewed as the strongest ally and friend of demons and all fears.

Iron Sting

Number of items: 6 Hero:
Sand King
Authors: Crowntail, GoT
Posted: 7 January Favorites: ~528


This set for one of Russian Federation Аkbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev’s signature heroes, Sand King, has recently accumulated a huge number of views. The artwork looks wonderful and is completely different from anything that we already have in the game.



This set for Crixalis features a huge number of beautiful details, just take a look!



Don't you think the hero changes his color during the night? The ability to blend in and hide is very important in Dota 2, so this feature looks like a very nice bonus.

The number of interesting sets has been so huge lately that it seems impossible to review them all. We present a small additional list of works which appeared at the Workshop not so long ago and haven’t had the time to gain their deserved fan base. Take a look, maybe, you’ll find your favorite one among them! Small pictures below are clickable!

Other works:

Armaments of the Wilderness

Hero:  Beastmaster

Authors: [prosto-mogy]Stefco [Rusty Anvil]KA'aS

Number of items: 6

Posted: 11 January

Favorites: ~8

Scree'auk's Gifts

Hero:  Vengeful Spirit

Authors: PernachItsgoodForU,
Ato Kimtoyou.natsumeKA'aS

Number of items: 5

Posted: 2 January

Favorites: ~22 а

Blackwing Sage

Hero:  Necrophos

Authors: OrganizedChaos, Dr.Robo

Number of items: 6

Posted: 9 January

Favorites: ~25

Baleful Charger

Hero:  Spirit Breaker

Authors: Jigglypuff

Number of items: 6

Posted: 4 January

Favorites: ~32 а

The Queen of the deep

Hero:  Queen of Pain

Authors: Celths

Number of items: 7

Posted: 22 December

Favorites: ~33 а

Foliate Vortex

Hero:  Windranger

Authors: Linivi

Number of items: 6

Posted: 30 December

Favorites: ~36

Sorcerer of Stellar Arcanery

Hero:  Invoker

Authors: Jigglypuff

Number of items: 6

Posted: 31 December

Favorites: ~47

Golden Guardian

Hero:  Alchemist

Authors: Nikey, ike_ike

Number of items: 8

Posted: 30 December

Favorites: ~52 а

Blood Fiend

Hero:  Bloodseeker

Authors: [prosto-mogy], SLIMEface

Number of items: 8

Posted: 23 December

Favorites: ~58

Priestess of forbidden pleasure

Hero:  Queen of Pain

Authors: PernachItsgoodForUVertry,
 toyou.natsumeiRYU400, Variant844

Number of items: 5

Posted: 27 December

Favorites: ~49



Posted: 31 December Posted: 9 January Posted: 31 December
Favorites: ~7 Favorites: ~35 Favorites: ~13
Author: Jigglypuff Authors: sp0kelset Authors: Pilgrim, MaxOfS2D, Dota2CanadaCup


Posted: 29 December Posted: 28 December
Favorites: ~283 а Favorites: ~35
Author: jijiracer Authors: Sebastian, VLEK


*  *  *


We hope that you liked the sets and wards we have chosen for our first Dota 2 Workshop overview of 2016! Don't forget to vote for your favorite cosmetic items, since thanks to the activity of users, they might end up in the game client! 

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