Dota 2 Workshop review #2


While Dota 2 fans are waiting for the final Immortal treasure from The International 2015 compendium, we decided to dig into the Steam Workshop and show you some of the most amazing artworks of the past 2 weeks. Watch and rate them together with Natus Vincere!


Reliquary Of The Damned


First up is a set of five items and a loading screen. And the hero to wear it is the one that dies twice, threefold or even fourfold during the fight —  Wraith King. The authors of the set are Prophet9 [Rusty Anvil] and Stefco [Rusty Anvil], which have a magnifical quantity of works already on display.



In whatever light we view it, the set fits  Wraith King perfectly, looks noble and is beautifully done. In short, it's worth a king!



Ostarion is looking at his lieges top down, with a look of contempt.



"Bow before your king!"


Silver Core


According to its author (SMTRY), our next set was created under impression of the new item,  Octarine Core. The item has boosted  Leshrac's popularity, which is now a common guest on the pro scene.



Despite of a preview file in the workshop, loading screen does not come with the set. By the way,  Octarine Core can be seen in the hero's crown.



 Leshrac 's weapon is the Immortal Tormented Staff. It is recommended to use this set with it.



There is also a golden version of the set, so you can vote for whichever one you like.


Aideen the Ember Witch


There are plenty of sets for  Lina, so it is hard to surprise players with one. However, mihalceanu has managed to do just that! An experienced author transformed a sorceress into a naughty girl, which likes to play with fire. Reminds a little bit of a DC character Harley Quinn, doesn't it?



Two ponytails, a blowzy look, but she is still beautiful and dangerous.  Lina in a nutshell.



Besides those three items, the set also includes a loading screen.



It's always better to watch a video to see it all in motion.


Champion Of The Morrigan


An interesting vinous  Legion Commander set was presented by a new author Van Hauss, turning Tresdin into a real Valkyrie.



The set contains six items, together with a loading screen.



It's a pity that even these wings still don't let her fly.



The set looks particularly cool with Blades of Voth Domosh Arcana.


Aghanim's Staff


The popularity of  Keeper of the Light is increasing with each tournament, so we would expect new items for the hero to come out. Ўuri[prosto-mogy] and The Horse Strangler have made a decision to create a "must have" sceptre for Ezalor.



The staff looks cool both during the day and during night time.


Rick and Morty Announcer Pack


A  "Rick and Morty" announcer pack can be considered done, but it is always pleasant to have a look at how it will be working in the game.



The announcer pack will most likely include a Mr. Meeseeks courier.




A quality submission was also presented by spacemonkey in cooperation with MoP. They've already designed 4 couriers with this being the fifth one, thus seeing it in the game is only a matter of time. "Be sure of the prompt delivery, when he rides his scroll!", we can trust these guys.



Artwork to the courier is also at the level. Maybe, one of the pictures will be coming as a loading screen.



The clip contains all the courier animations.




A very peculiar courier was made by HULK. Tiny  Earthshaker is smiling much more than its prototype. The work itself is a bit underdone, though, has a great potential.



Perhaps, a loading screen will also come out with the courier.



The death animation can be rated "18+". Filicide is not for kids!


Enigma's Wards


This work is not new to the public, but its authors (oxhid3 and KraЂ) refurbished it, adding some effects and fixing bugs. Now  Enigma has two armies: one of eidolons and one of wards.



Loading screen's resolution is 2400 x 1418.



Just look at these cuties!


Treant Protector Ward


One last thing in this episode is another set of hero wards. And from the title you already know that it is the keeper of the woods,  Treant Protector. Just like in the previous case, the creator (VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ) redesigned his work to finish it off.



 Trean Protector cares about his wards just as much as he does about his forest.


So, these are all the most interesting items for today. Meanwhile you can take part in our questionnaire to pick the set, you like the most. Also, don't forget to vote for your favourites in the Steam Workshop!






Couriers and wards:

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