Dota 2 Workshop Review #3


Instead of enjoying warm summer weather and having some deserved rest, workshopers continue actively presenting their new artworks! We have chosen the most interesting among them in order to show you! Scroll down and look what we have prepared, and then pick the set that you liked the most in the survey.

Temptress of Anguish


DNADota Workshop is the first on our list, with their 5-item set (including a loading screen) for  Queen of Pain. It is very unique-looking and contains some items that have alternative styles. With sets like this, even in case of loosing an Arcana Vote, Queen of Pain will surely look great. 



Mischief blade is similar to  Anti-Mage's weapons. 



If the the first style looks heavy and resembles armor, the second one is a lot lighter. Which one do you like more? 



Unfortunately, the set doesn`t have additional animations, but it looks impressive even without them. 


Keeper Of the Abyss


Honestly speaking,  Slardar is not one of the most popular heroes. Neither professional players, nor other dota-lovers pick him too often. Because of that, the introduction of new items for him happens very rarely, though Dota 2 players have been asking Valve to redesign Slardar's model for quite a while now. Nevertheless, new and nice sets for him are introduced from time to time. In this case we are talking about Es'KophanlensukemMarby's remake.



The set consists of 5 items: the head, the fin, the armlets, the trident and a loading screen.



The loading screen looks very interesting and adds a certain atmosphere to the game.


Attire of the Forsaken Scion


 Vengeful Spirit is a hero with a very decent amount of different sets to choose from. However, adding a new one, especially if it is so beautiful, is always a great idea!

A very nice artwork was presented to the community by Sapphire with a reference to how Shendelzare used to looked like. 



The set contains 5 items and changed skill icons. 



The new icons (bottom row) look brighter and more unique.



Find out how items look in-game in the video above.


Haze Whisperer


You can`t create too many sets for such a strong and versatile hero as  AbaddonLVL45 Studio, which recently have started creating cosmetic items, presented a very nice artwork. 



The helm fits the Lord of Avernus perfectly. It gives the set a similar vibe to the image of General Grievous, one of "Star wars" characters! Apart from it, there are 4 more items, along with a loading screen, which you can see above. 



The Knight of Death, for sure!



Author also took care of Ability icons: they change their appearance with the change of hero`s equipment.


Dry Prophet


The next set on our list is for   Nature's Prophet. It was created by pancreasart, and will look great on a new Desert Terrain Map! The 8-item set is done in a very interesting "sand"-style. 


Take a look at the cactus on the right. If they are told to, these wonderful creatures will ruthlessly attack you. But who cares? They are so adorable!



Also, new icons were added.



This set will look great with a usual map, too.

The Chaotic Archfiend


Considering peculiarities of the  Chaos Knight's model, it can be quite difficult to make something outstanding for him. But the set, created by Snowman, is worth being noticed in our series because of its originality and high quality of drawing. 



The  Chaos Knight's model looks like a monument of the ancient soldier on the loading screen above.



Both Chaos Knight and his horse are decorated with countless runes. Is there a message behind them?



Collection of Artisan's Wonders


The treasures with individual items, in comparison to those, containing sets, seem to be left somewhere behind. But this collection of extremely good looking items can not be missed. There are facts that prove that this treasure contains exclusive Immortal-items for Chinese servers, as the author (Emperor) has a very interesting url (PerfectWorldChina). We`ll see. As for now, you can look at these items in the workshop.


Cosby and friends


A very cute courier Cosby is back along with his friends! Willypup added some new animations and improved textures: the courier has 3 styles now that allow you to change the color of the dogs and their small planes. 




Buddy-Hotep Courier


Here is a mummy courier that is very similar to small characters from "Despicable Me" - minions. These adorable creatures will easily fit into the Desert Terrain Map, too! Take a look at the funny preview with one of Dota 2 heroes —  Sven.




King Chomperton


Even if there already is one beaver courier in the game, created by Netherlands Sing Sing, there is nothing wrong with adding a new one! It is created specially for Dota Elite Series : Season 2 and will be sold, most likely, along with a ticket.



Tall Boy, The Mini Paladin Courier


Last year's The International champions — China Newbee — and famous workshoppers DotaFX presented the Mini-Paladin Courier. The artwork is very nicely done and looks wonderful in-game. Apart from the courier, the set contains two loading screens. 



The first one - with the courier itself.



And the second one - with the team logo.


Wards: The Chopping Look and The Nightstare


VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ is always ready to create some unique wards! This time his artworks are inspired by two characters: one of the most popular heroes  —  Pudge, and

  Bane  disabler, nuker and support. You can estimate them by yourself and find some similarities between wards and those heroes. 



Zeus Mario


Finally, one of the funniest artworks ever. We bet, everybody has compared  Zeus' model with famous Nintendo`s character Mario at least once. Thanks to Bad Workshoper, we can bring our favourite plumber into the game!  Take a look! 



You have seen all sets that we have prepared for today. Please, participate in the survey and choose the one you like the most!






Couriers and wards:



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