Dota 2 Workshop: overview #4


While all the Dota 2 community was watching The International 2015, many inspired creators continued their work. Read the news to see the most interesting new sets, items, couriers and wards added to Dota 2 workshop.

Legend of the Forgotten Knight


Beautiful set for Legion Commander is the first on our list. By the way, the hero got three very interesting sets. We will examine each of them separately. The author is Eddy Shin.



Perhaps, running in such costume is not very comfortable, but it  looks awesome. The icons of abilities are also changed, though there's little difference.



The set perfectly fits Arcana Blades of Voth Domosh, but even without it it looks very amazing. 


Athena's Blessing


Beautiful story of worshiping Greek goddess Athena makes us doubt that this nice set will ever appear in Dota 2 shop. Valve might consider this set of items inappropriate for the game (though they turned Pudge into a knight).



It's better than the items of the previous set, but still there's little difference from the original one. 



Author is keinhangia


Excellence of the Worthful Vityaz


It is the third set for Legion Commander by DNADota studio. The work is arguable, yet very beautiful. The set of items doesn't really fit the world of Dota 2, but the quality is very high.



We wonder if Valve approves the set, as they did in the case of Pudge. The work will be most popular in the CIS.


Armors godforsaken


This set is made by Belarusian author CGartAG for Razor. The colours, which weren't  presented in the original clothing of the hero, look fantastic, but they can prevent the set from getting to the shop, if Valve bans it.



The set has 5 items and loading screen.


Blinding Night Set


This is a simple yet very stylish set for Templar Assassin, created by 乇pic. The mas has a feature: instead of covering the lower part of the face, it covers the eyes. It looks amazing.


Mysterious and impregnable... That's how she should look like.


Luminous Butterfly


This is a set for another assassin - Phantom Assassin. A very elegant and high quality work of STMKaras, who has obviously improved his skills of the set creator, compared to his previous set.



Apart from 6 items, the set contains 3 sets of different colours.


Ruthless Renegade's Garb


This is a set made by DNADota for Magnus. It doesn't differ much from other sets for this hero, but still it is made very well. Furthermore red colour is good.



The set contains 5 items and loading screen


Lady of the Lumini Polare


Look at the new gown of Crystal Maiden! Splendid work by one of the oldest workshop-creators - Vermilion Wlad. This set will most likely be added to the game client of Dota 2.



The ability icons are changed, as well as effects for them. The set also contains a couple of hairdress styles. That's a dream doll!



Interstellar Nymph


Set created by RavaFX and Starladdertv. Perhaps it will be provided along with the ticket to the next Starladder season.



All the items created for Puck look very similar. This one is no exception. Well it will still find some fans.


Wrecking Ivory


The last set by DNADota in our article was created for Earthshaker. The set makes the hero look like an indian battle elephant. By the way, such elephants were used not only by the ancient Indians, but also by the citizens of Carthage, so the link to Earthshaker is reasonable.



The set is unlikely to be added to the shop, but the video is worth watching.


Armor of the Sacred Savagery


Sometimes it seems that the creators of the sets for this hero are guided with the same principle: "The thicker the armor is, the better!". However, this huge armor looks pretty well on Dragon Knight.



Set's creator is Patosh.


The ancient face of Crixalis


Ancient face of Sand King frightens! The work isn't very different from previous ones, available in Dota 2 shop, but it has its own charm.  Charming giant scorpion it is...



The set has 5 items and a loading screen. Authors are Es'KophanMarby and mmxart.


Elemental Fury Music Pack


Debutant of our series is a musical pack by Daniel Sadousky, composer, who wrote music for many games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Man of Steel and many other. His music was added to the shop before, so he's got chance to get there once again. Listen and vote if you like.


Ginger the Foxy Lady


There are many couriers introduced in the workshop. We'll begin with a little fox Ginger. "This courier will give you all his energy to get the items in time".



This is the first work by 2 authors: Draad Ultran and Lliriel. A good one.


Squire Snorts


Funny courier dog, created in cooperation with SirActionSlacks — well-known video blogger, creator of entertaining videos about Dota 2. 



The dog is the true hero!




Compared to his elder brother Night Stalker, it is much smaller and cuter. Well he is created for different goals. The main thing for him is to bring the items safe and sound. The authors are Coyo.Te, penOr and Airborn_Studios.



BatCat is unlikely to scare the enemy.


Crawlers Vision Ward


Well this ward will surely manage to terrify to death! Are you scared of spiders?



The animation is of high quality, it is very realistic. Seems like Hunter-Killer and Chay are the fans of web makers.


The Pumpkin Peeper


This ward is very cute. The only think we'd like to add is different eyes depending of sentry- or observer-ward it is.



This is the second creation by Toxic and K_Factor.




This work is very unusual. It is made by oxhid3. The creature has no legs or arms, yet it doesn't look scary. If you look closer you'll see two G letters on the nose. In the world of gamers G is for good game well played. Or is it just our fantasy?





Various items


The authors have been actively creating single items lately. The quality of this item is very close to that of Immortal-items from Compendium Treasures. We'll see if Valve does something with them or not. Btw the pics are clickable!

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