Dota 2 Workshop review #5


Many authors have presented their works recently. We've collected the most interesting and unusual sets along with separate items. Take a look!




An ordinary player might say that this is no special set for Omniknight, but he's wrong! Not only has this set been created in cooperation with a prominent creator of Dota 2 video content — SirActionSlacks, but it also contains a unique pack of phrases for the hero. Great job! 


The probability of the introduction of the new phrases in the game client is minor. However, the first trial might inspire other authors to work on such things.



Despite the set isn't very impressive, the design of all the items is of high quality. So there's no need in finding faults with it.


Dread Revenant


If you ever played a great old game Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (or its remake Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!), you'll probably spot the similarity between this set and the enemy creatures of that game. This unique set of 6 items stands out not only among the other items for Razor, but also among the sets for all the other heroes. 



Let's be frank: the items differ too much from the initial concept of the hero. Perhaps, the set will be corrected in future. E.g. the brain will be removed, but will the gamers need it without such bright features?


Narcissistic Leech


This awesome work makes Pugna look more like a leech from Heroes of Might & Magic series. The set contains 6 items and loading screen. Additionally, all the abilities icons are changed.



 One of the weakest cosmetic features of the hero are his icons. Many users think that they look poorly and don't correspond to the quality of the hero's design. It's good to see the authors trying to fix it and to depict each skill of the hero beautifully.



All the parts of the set are beautifully designed - both in front and in the back. 


Magma Manta


If Valve doesn't do it, do it yourself. It seems that the author of this cool set was guided by this principle. The set is created for Slardar. As he puts on the set, he turns into the true sea monster, extremely dangerous for those who dare hunting him. 



Reddish color of magma fits the sea style and adds aggression.



The abilities received new icons. However, there's a couple of questions to the second skill Slithereen Crush, since Slardar use his weapon to activate it. Despite this little detail, all the new pictures look much better than the original.

Set of Defiance


Created specially for the fourth season of Dota Pit League, this set is so much joy for all the Rubick's fans. The upper part is stylized to Hood of Defiance (not the most popular choice of the players for this hero, frankly speaking). It fits perfectly the color scheme of the hero. The choice of the mask is surprising however. It would look more suitable for Necrophos, Rubick not being associated with plague doctor. Well, it also might be a mask for the carnival in Venice. 


The set is notable for amazing detailed elaboration of each item


The Bewitching Flame


This is a very bright and beautiful set for Lina corresponds to the colors of her main element - fire. The set stands out among the other sets for this hero due to the bright flame drops on the end of her clothing. It looks amazing. There are 2 styles of the headwear: with hat and wшthout it. Additionally the author promises to add the icons of abilities. So we'll be waiting for the final product.



The set looks as a flame flower dancing from above. 




This is very interesting and funny set, which turns Brewmaster from a drunk master into a coffee fan. The game worth attention simply due this bright idea. The set has 5 items and loading screen.



Pay attention to the coffee grinder and the cezve used as a weapon. Amazing! For all the coffee fans.


Madness of the Face Collector


This is an interesting and bright set in red and green colors for Juggernaut. The set consists of 6 items and the icons of abilities. The sword repeats the ingame artifact Silver Edge.



 You can find faults with it and say that skill icons look a bit cartoonish. However, is it bad?



This is not the first set, that provides hair for the samurai. This one is with gray hair. It looks rather authentic.

Armor of Slyrak's Embrace


This one is another work by DotaFX. It is made for the most "armored" hero — Dragon Knight. The main feature of the set is a dragon that changes its color depending on the level of the hero. This work is very likely to be added in game client.



Big paw on the shoulder speaks out who's the patron of the hero.


Blitz Spirit


The name of the set speaks for itself: it was made specially for American player United States Blitz. The work will be updated with custom effects. We suggest follow the updates, since the item looks amazing even now.


 Light Asian armor fits the electricity made by Storm Spirit.


The Flying Dutchman


The increasing popularity of Gyrocopter influenced the authors of the workshop, who tries to invent something unusual. That's how this very unusual set was created. It turned a helicopter into a flying ship. It looks most impressive, though it doesn't exactly fit the surrounding.


Well, if Valve developers added their own cannons, which discord the atmosphere of the game, why not adding such a machine in the game?


Mage Eraser


The hero of the comics Judge Dredd is likely to have inspired the creator of this set. The helmet of the Anti-Mage looks very similar to that of the Judge. But apart from that, this is a great work with much effort put into it. All the details are well designed, and the style is great. Though the set lacks the ability icons.



The mage killer is full of pathos. 


Bite of Lava


Compared to our previous review, the quantity of items has increased at least twice as much. We don't know the reason of such increase, but we must say that there are plenty of worthy items in the Workshop. This Bite of Lava chest contains some items, which we presented in the previous Dota 2 Workshop review. Take a closer look at them by clicking on the picture.


Threepgood's Call to Arms Fall items


This is the collection of items, related to the sea theme. It contains a turtle, a crab and even some strange creature, which looks like a huge shrimp. Not for everyone. However, the collection will find its fan.



BladeofAvilliva Fall Majors Singles


This is one more collection of only 3 high quality items. They were made specially for the Fall Majors. Will they become new Immortal items?


Coiffes of the Firebrand


Twelve items for one pretty girl - Lina! Such customization is pretty similar to The Sims series or an old teen girl pop song: "You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere". Is it good or bad? Well it's surely good for those who like dolls!



Vessel of the Captured Cosmos


The last, but not the least is the amazing collection of over twenty items! Each of them is accomplished. "Super! Mega! Ultra! Epic!" - that's what we say.



Steam Workshop has an enormous quantity of various sets of different quality. We tried to point out the brightest and most remarkable works. We hope you liked them!


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