Dota 2 Workshop review #6



Our today’s episode will feature many interesting works created by talented Dota players. Compared to the previous month, the number of artworks is a bit less exciting, but nevertheless we have chosen certain sets and items that we consider worthy of attention! Enjoy watching!


Might of the Avenging Crusader


Let’s begin our episode with this nice set for  Magnus Magnus that is done in a very interesting color scheme, and features high quality textures and amazing ability icons.



The combination of blue and red attracts the great deal of attention to this set. It features 5 items and a loading screen.



Beautiful ability icons make it even more outstanding. What an excellent artwork!


Oriental Snow


How do you like this set for a cold yet wonderful Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden? Its main peculiarity is an interesting hair color of the hero that looks quite authentically and doesn’t seem out of place (as it was in case of an Immortal-crown).  The set features 5 items and a loading screen.



Besides, the set looks great in a combination with an Arcana-item that makes Rylai look like a queen of coldness.


Jing Mask


This interesting set for Storm Spirit Storm Spirit is the next on our list! A great idea with the mask makes the hero look quite similar to who he was in the first DotA. Apart from that, the author included custom effects for every single item, making them even more unique.



As it was in the case with an Immortal-hat, the ability icons for this hero have reddish tons. They look quite good and don’t detract from the game.


Shards of The Meteorite


Honestly speaking, this set resembles already existent Deviant Metamorphosis. However, it has reddish tones (seems like this is the color of our today’s episode.) All items are nicely done and fit into the Dota world perfectly.



The author has chosen quite unusual music for the set presentation.

Armor Of Endless Purgatory


The set series done by famous DotaFX for MLG league is the brightest point of tour today's episode. Here is the first artwork for a very cool, yet unfortunately not very popular hero Terrorblade Terrorblade. It features 4 items, modified demonic form and a loading screen. What a great job!



Even "normal" look of Terrorblade Terrorblade gives the creeps.



Whereas his demonic form evokes the real fear!


Primal Firewing


The set for Batrider Batrider, who lost his popularity after a few recent patches, is the next on our list. Despite before-mentioned troubles, DotaFX have taken a serious approach and, as a result, have made everything look extremely well.



This hero is ready to catch his enemies anytime and anywhere!


Bestowal Of The Inner Beast


A high quality and very unique (even a bit over the top) Alchemist Alchemist set. Maybe, the authors were aware of the percentage of picks this hero gets in pubs, and were less serious about it. Even though they have mixed various different colors and details, some of the users will probably be amazed by the final result. 



The colors and items look like they were borrowed from various defferent heroes: Wraith King Wraith KingEarthshaker Earthshaker and Elder Titan Elder Titan.


Concealed Raven


A new unique look will probably please all Templar Assassin Templar Assassin fans. Raven feathers look like her own ones, whereas the hood continues keeping all Lanaya secrets safe.  



A green mantle resembles of grand-magus Rubick Rubick. Сould Lanaya share the hidden Templar secrets in exchange for this clothing piece?


Phoenix Slayer


A bright artwork that can also serve as a loading screen, unfortunately, doesn't look good with the set in-game. Nevertheless, all other items could make a great addition to the collection of this hero's fans.  



Don't you find the stone on the top of the crown similar to The Sims plumb-bob that indicates character's state? Quite a controversial decision for the game where the death is the usual thing. 

Armor Of The Blackened Reign


Perhaps, that is the highest quality work among all sets for Chaos Knight Chaos Knight. It has also been done in dark-red colors. DotaFX decided not to experiment with colors and focused on the details. As you can see, everything turned out very nice. 



Both the horse and its rider will be very difficult to defeat.


Revolving No Scope 360


The last set in our today's episode is an artwork with a very unique name (with reference to famous YouTube clips) for Sniper Sniper. The set itself looks very unique as well: the small and quite vulnerable hero turned into a killing machine of all that gets in his way. So impressive! 



Even considering that this set will unlikely get into the main client, it is impossible not to note how cool the hero looks in it. 




Authors have also presented a few interesting items. Take a look at them, (Hyperstone for Faceless Void Faceless Void alone is worth the hype!), by clicking on pictures above. 


How did you like all the items in this episode? 


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