Dota 2 Workshop review #7


The beginning of the academic year affected the productivity of Steam workshoppers, and the number of their artworks suddenly decreased. However, the quality of those ones that were released is as great as in all our previous episodes. Let’s look through the most interesting sets and items of the second half of September!


Cunning Trapper's Arsenal


The set of items for  Sniper Sniper by DNADota studio is the first on our list. It is quite similar to the things that are already included in the game client, but a beautiful trophy on hero’s back is too great to be missed. He looks like a real hunter, doesn't he?



The flags on the boar’s canines make Sniper Sniper resemble  Legion Commander Legion Commander. The time and efforts put into this set by its creators are definitely worth noticing!



The set doesn’t include any custom effects or changes of ability icons. But even without these things, it looks great in-game.


Emperor of sea


If  Zeus Zeus won’t receive his long-awaited Arcana item soon,  Morphling Morphling will have all chances to replace him on the devine pedestal. Just take a look at hero's modified auto attack that now looks like small tridents and makes him resemble the great Poseidon!



This set was created with a careful attention to all details and includes both well-made skill icons and custom cursors that match this hero perfectly.



It is difficult to come up with something decent and unique-looking for a hero that is made of water. But this time the author did a great job and managed to create an extremely nice piece!


Vestments of Stellar Abyss


Undoubtedly, this is by far one of the most interesting and beautiful sets for grand-magus  Rubick Rubick. The four-item set and a loading screen were specially created for a caster United States Luminousinverse who is a huge fan of this hero.



This beautiful set will fit into the collection of every Dota 2 fan perfectly!



By the way, it is a bonus to the still unreleased Treasure of the Captivating Song. You can look through the other items that are included in it by clicking on a picture above.


Dragon Lord


As it has already been mentioned in many previous episodes, creating something worthy for Dragon Knight Dragon Knight is not an easy task. Despite this fact, surprisingly nice works appear in the workshop at times, and this set is definitely one of them!



The author calls it his first Steam workshop experience. Almost perfect color scheme and well-made details describe its creator as an enourmosly talented person!


Forsaken Wings


A very unique idea to add lots of feathers has been implemented to this four-item set for  Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit. The author paid careful attention to all small and not-so-small details and used quite usual but nice color scheme with many different tones. As a result, the set turned out to be very beautiful and eye-catching.



The new outfit of  Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit  will look extremely unusual and mysterious at any time of the day or night.


Late Autumn


Even though we are approaching the end of September, the workshoppers have already begun creating their own winter atmosphere. The set for  Windranger Windranger turned out looking very nice and winter-appropriate.



It includes beautiful high quality skill-icons that show how much effort set's authors paid to their artwork.


The Arctic Pathfinder


For quite a while,  Clockwerk Clockwerk has been the main hero of Beyond The Summit studio intro, so the set for this character came as no surprise. It consists of 7 items, the most curious out of which is a music set. 



This new clip is definitely worth showing in pauses between the matches.



The people in comments noticed that the soundtrack resembles the music from Call of Duty series. You must agree that this hero looks like a perfect one for such things, considering that he can shoot and fly from side to side! This set will most likely come with the The Summit Season 4 tickets, which makes it one of the most interesting combinations in the history of the tickets sold in-game.


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