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We prepared a new Steam Workshop overview and hope that you will enjoy reading it! There have been so many nice sets, couriers and wards lately that it is impossible to fit them all into one article. We decided to look through them and chose the most interesting ones specially for our readers!


Emerald Emperor

Number of items: 7 Hero: Juggernaut Juggernaut Authors: Lord Humongous, Mv,
 Chameleon, Pernach, 
ItsgoodForU, KA'aS, ExtraLife4Kids
Posted: 28 November   Favorites: ~60


Let’s start our today’s episode with an unusual artwork by RavaFX. Color scheme of this set includes nephrite jade shades that immerse you in ancient Chinese culture, where this material used to be widespread. The curved blade also adds to the distinct Eastern feel, especially since its hilt features a yin-yang symbol. The author modified hero's Healing Ward as well, turning it into the sword put in the stone and making it look very interesting.



Apart from being nicely made, the set delights with its description: it was elaborated in cooperation with Extra Life, which means that a portion of its sales proceeds will be donated to organizations dedicated to meeting the needs of children. A very nice idea, isn’t it?


Keengdom guardian

Number of items: 6 Hero: Clockwerk Clockwerk Author: Dr. Robo
Posted: 30 November   Favorites: ~70


The author of this artwork has already uploaded one Clockwerk Clockwerk set, but it looked too similar to the usual look of the hero. For this one Dr. Robo let his creativity flow, turning  Clockwerk Clockwerk into an ancient Roman centurion. It looks quite impressive, doesn't it?



The set features high-quality textures, its idea is very interesting, but the hero looks a bit too unfamiliar in it. What do you think?



Additionally, the author created ability icons, which look quite good, but, let’s be honest, a bit raw.


Doomsday Ripper

Number of items: 10 Hero: Pudge Pudge Authors: Meshroom, Retrograde, Aggie
Posted: 27 November   Favorites: ~100


Today's episode will give our readers a chance to evaluate two completely different sets for the definitive face of Dota 2, Pudge Pudge.  For this particular one the hero takes on an executioner’s role, wearing creepy red mask, whereas his signature hook turns into an iron claw. Another peculiarity of this work is that it is done with impressive attention to minute details.



The axe on hero's back is not the most used item on the battlefield, though. Perhaps Pudge Pudge carries it as a reminder of the hard work that he needs to do besides hooking his enemies in team fights.


Crystallized Seconds

Number of items: 7 Hero: Faceless Void Faceless Void Authors: kendmd, Nikey
Posted: 24 November   Favorites: ~110


There have been no new items for  Faceless Void Faceless Void for quite a while, but this particular set is definitely worth the attention. It looks extraordinary and features beautiful elements of lava and turquoise crystals added to the usual purple figure of the character. The head has two styles that mostly differ in the way forehead part looks.


Whichever way you look at it, Faceless Void is downright creepy in his new costume!


Queen of the North

Number of items: 6 Hero: Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden Authors: Anuxi, 34, TheGDStudio
Posted: 2 December   Favorites: ~140


The winter has come and so has  Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden's time to shine! A group of talented Steam workshoppers, in cooperation with The GD Studio, presented this high-quality set, which rightaway gained a huge number of fans. 



Of course, this hairstyle can't compare with the most recent addition to the game client in terms of uniqueness, since the latter turned Rylai into a brunette. Even though curly hair is rarely seen in the division of female Dota 2 characters,  this one looks very original and chic.



The set looks even more fantastic with the Arcana item. Maybe, it was initially created to complement it?


Murderous Pig Face

Number of items: 8 Hero: Pudge Pudge Authors: katzeimsack, Jimmy
Posted: 2 December   Favorites: ~150


As was promised, here is the second  Pudge Pudge set in our today's series. We are curious to find out what triggered such a sudden rise of hype towards this hero, but nevertheless, it is clear that both artworks turned out to be very impressive and completely different from each other. Though, the former seems to have more chances to end up in the game, since the one below quite strongly resembles  Magnus Magnus.


Just imagine seeing this silhouette in pitch darkness! You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy…



Number of items: 5 Hero: Broodmother Broodmother Authors: Yi, Black Pig
Posted: 1 December   Favorites: ~350


The sky-high popularity of this set is not surprising at all, since the work was prepared specially for one of the best-known professional Dota 2 players, the offlaner of China Vici Gaming,  Singapore iceiceice. This unique set will delight all  Broodmother Broodmother's fans with unusual look of ruby crystals, implemented into the armor.


Even arachnophobs would agree that this set looks gorgeous on the character, both during the day and at night


Couriers and wards

Posted: 29 November Posted: 3 December Posted: 2 December
Favorites: ~8 Favorites: ~13 Favorites: ~23
Author: Deep Profile Authors: Konras, .nullf, Fancy Rita, SQL.penor Authors: Pilgrim, MaxOfS2D, Dota2CanadaCup


There haven't been so many auxiliary items such as wards and couriers lately, but we can’t leave what we've actually got without attention. Don’t forget to click the links and vote for your favorite items! Maybe it's going to be your vote which will help the item to get into the game client!


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