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The creators from Steam Workshop have done a great job over the past few weeks, presenting many interesting works. We picked the most interesting of them, which are worth your attention. Let's take a look at them.


Vestiments of the Manticore General


Let's begin with the set for Luna Luna, created specially for World Cyber Arena 2015. It's created by Ukrainian user CTaKaH_MoJIoKa.



All the details of the set are of high quality. They look like an armor of Asian warriors. However, the helmet looks like an item of Dusklight Marauder set. Anyway, it's yet unknown, whether the author keeps the set as it is, or changes it. The set comprises of 6 items, including a mount an a loading screen.


The Northern Fire


There are a couple of sets for a hot girl Lina Lina in this article. Such increasing creativity efforts towards this hero is strange, as Lina has suffered the drop of her popularity in October. Anyway, despite the weakening introduced by patch 6.85, the winrate of fire girl hasn't change and the lady deserves a couple of new dresses.



The costume contains fur. It might seem strange, as this hero can warm anyone to death. However, don't forget that girls adore fur almost as much as diamonds! So the fans of Lina have great chance to spoil their lady without bringing any harm to animals, in case the set is added to the game client. The set consists of 4 items and a loading screen.


Lord Of Maze


This set doesn't implement any original idea or is likely to be immediately added to the game. However, it is worth your attention. It is very hard to invent anything unusual for Razor Razor (some people tried to do it, but the result was really poor). The set is interesting due to its design and detailed textures. 



The set looks somewhat like a costume of the Iron Man due to an energy sphere located on the chest. Is it made solely for the beauty? It's hard to say. The set contains 6 items, including loading screen.


Scarab Force


Scared of spiders? Scroll down. However, if you are a fan of Broodmother Broodmother, we suggest to pay attention to this set. Spider mom isn't popular amongst the creators of Workshop. So the set is fresh and thrilling. The armor looks very natural, as if it was a beautiful chitin cover of a spider. It's so good spiders as well as insects are relatively small creatures...



Encountering Broodmother Broodmother is a nightmare both in Dota 2 and in real life. The set consists of 5 items and a loading screen.


Blizzard Tyrant


Lich Lich is also a rare visitor of the Workshop. Maybe it's because there are many interesting sets for this hero. They are so diverse, it's hard to invent something new. We guess, the author of this work managed to do it by providing long hero to the undead. 



The disadvantage of this work is that apart from hair it is similar to the sets, which are already available in the game client: Sorcerer of the Black Pool and Dead Winter Set. Anyway the set is very good and worth looking at. It contains 5 items and loading screen.


The Immortal Rider


It's funny, how one unusual object changes the whole set. In this case the author provided halberd instead of a sword or an axe Chaos Knight Chaos Knight: Nice!


"Chaos cannot be destroyed," says the author. We see Aegis of the Immortal shield and understand that this is not a joke. This work deserves to be added to game client. , It consists of 6 items, including a horse and a loading screen.


Siege Golem


This is a very interesting set for Timbersaw Timbersaw. It provides a sword instead of a saw. It's interesting, though, how the saw will look like.



The sword can be added to any other set. I will look as good with any other hero! Apart from original "arm", the set contains 5 items and a loading screen.


Tarrasque scale armor


Fashion changes as the time pass. First authors tried to undress the hero, who is much feared by all the magic-related creatures. Now they try to dress him from tips to toes. The author of this work provided a helmet to the hero. This set will be very interesting to all the fans of Anti-Mage Anti-Mage.



The color is royal! The set contains 8 items, including 2 swords and a loading screen.


Warden of the Eternal Night


Great set for Mirana Mirana, which has already acquired many positive feedbacks. There's no surprise: all the details are designed great, the style and the colours are pleasant. All we have to do is to wait for this work to appear in the chest.



The set contains 8 items, including a beast and a loading screen.


The Searing Mistress of Misrule


One more set for Lina Lina. She looks pretty unusual in this set, more like a hero of a Korean MMORPG. But who cares if the set is beautiful?



She looks great both in static and in motion. The set is likely to get to the game client. It contains 5 items and the loading screen.


Glittering Hawk


The work of this author from China get in our articles on the regular basis. They are highly evaluated by the users. However, they've never got to Valve treasures. This doesn't stop the author from creating new sets. The set for Sven Sven makes the hero look like a knight from the fifth part of Heroes of Might and Magic. Beautiful isn't it?



During the use of the hero's ultimate ability, almost every item shines red. It contains 8 items, including the loading screen.



The icons of abilities are changed.


Sun Blessed Attire


We saw many various sets for this hero, but this is the first time she's represented as an Eastern woman. The East is the hot sun above the endless sand desert, beautiful and frightening tales... Lina Lina fits this world.



Valve might oppose due to the nakedness of the hero, however, Eastern women did wear such costumes in the past. The author provided one more option with a covered belly. The set has 5 items and a loading screen.


Phantom Knight


One of the main works of today's Dota 2 Workshop overview is the set for Phantom Assassin Phantom Assassin. This work is so great that in some parameters it is better than Arcana items. The use of nonstandard colour is total success. The item has collected an enormous quantity of pluses over a short period of time.



She looks like a flower or a butterfly, beautiful and dangerous!



First class set consists of 5 items and a loading screen!


Athene's Flame


The best set is saved for the end. The work is very beautiful and is of exceptional quality. It has lots of details, two types in static and individual sound for a duel. This set of Legion Commander Legion Commander won't stay in the workshop for a long time.



A picture is worth a thousand words. The motion looks as good as the static.



The icons of abilities are changed too. A very deliberate work




Separate sound for a duel is something new! It is due to such small details that the sets get to the game client. It will be so pleasant for users to stand out (if not due to the skill, than due to the set). The set contains 8 items, including loading screen, icons and effects.


In the end, we'd like to say, that lately lots of cosmetic items have been created for the heroes. It is sometimes very hard to choose, which sets to mention in our overviews and which can be omitted. Nevertheless, we hope the readers are content with our choice and have voted for some of the sets they liked.


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