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Regular portion of new works has been added to Steam Workshop. They're very different in style, but pretty similar in quality. Read the article and see the best of them. You won't be disappointed!


Armor of Divine Ascension

Quantity of items 4 Hero: Storm Spirit Storm Spirit Creators: DotaFX, WEi-Zi
Date of publishing: 19 November   Added to favorites: ~38


We begin today's article with a pretty interesting work — the set for one of the most "nerfed" heroes of this patch — Storm Spirit Storm Spirit. The hero doesn't enjoy popularity on both pro scene and ordinary matches as per moment, but a couзle of good quality works continue appearing on a monthly basis. This one was made by Dota FX studio, known for its non-standard items.



The new set likens Dead Winter Set for  Lich in its style and outgrowths on the back. The comparison isn't bad, but one can expect originality from the new items rather than the repetition of old ideas. The mask is worth to be mentioned separately. It reminds us of Asian folklore. Summing up, the work is good.


toxic goo carapace

Quantity of items 6 Hero: Storm Spirit Bristleback Creator: Bisho Bola -Esp-
Date of publishing: 17 November   Added to favorites: ~88


Next is the set for Storm Spirit Bristleback, who is known for his invulnerability. Togic goo carapace isn't the example of genuine originality (it likens other sets for the hero too much), but the textures are of very high quality and details have undergone deliberate work. The main feature is a bug with toxic ball, which is used in this set as a weapon.



It would've been nice to have some beautiful green colour effects. However, as we remember from our Treasure reviews, for some reason, Valve ignore the effects, as well as the custom icons. In such a case, who would want to waste his time doing things, which would be eventually thrown away.


The Monarch of Maleficence

Quantity of items 5 Hero: Storm Spirit Queen of Pain Creator: DotaFX, k u n k k a
Date of publishing: 19 November   Added to favorites: ~124


The loading screen of this set is fantastic and exciting. It's hard not to mention it, as it really catches the eye. This is the second set by DotaFX. It has attracted much attention of the users: the image of the hero is changed substantially, and the idea of wings, which turned to claws, reminds us of Blizzard's femme fatale - Kerrigan.



Storm Spirit Queen of Pain's dagger is made in the style of ingame artifact Blink Dagger. Items, inspired by ingame items, are always very interesting. Furthermore, this particular item is worth much attention!


Elder blood

Quantity of items 6 Hero: Storm Spirit Broodmother Creator: Tinek
Date of publishing: 9 November   Added to favorites: ~115


Two sets for a huge she-spider have been added to our article. This hero regained popularity due to Russian Federation and Russian Federation Vega Squadron, which inspired the designers to create new items for her. One day they might be added to Treasure by Valve.



All the more the sets are worth getting to the game! Each of them is made really cool. We suppose that even those, who detest Arthropods, will agree with this statement. We'd like to point your attention to the scary faces, which cover the body of Storm Spirit Broodmother, her victims presumably. It's better not to think how they got there...


Outcast Knight

Quantity of items 7 Hero: Storm Spirit Sven Creators: growl, CiDDi, MEMES, Noble
Date of publishing: 8 November   Added to favorites: ~114


A very interesting set for rebel knight Storm Spirit Sven is made of teeth of an unknown creature. It hasn't been specified, who exactly was defeated by Sven's sword, but if its jaw was used to create the armor and the weapon, it must've been exceptionally tough.



The set is very stylish. However, taking into account, that the set was made of unknown creature, Vavle might not accept it...


The Great Arachne

Quantity of items 6 Hero: Storm Spirit Broodmother Creator: blossomalex
Date of publishing: 13 November   Added to favorites: ~137


The second and the last so far set for this hero in todays article is remarkable for its fur and a strange red ball on the mom's back. It looks like somebody watches you... But what can be worse than attention of a giant spider, determined to destroy you at all costs?



Small spiders are the copy of their mother! They might look sweet, but don't forget that spiders are very dangerous predators.


Siege Beast

Quantity of items 5 Hero:  Earthshaker Creators: Mister Foster, Godzy, DotaPit
Date of publishing: 9 November   Added to favorites: ~163


The next set has been created for Storm Spirit Broodmother's enemy —  Earthshaker. This work has been added to the chest, which will be released for the sixth season of DotaPit. It is of exceptional quality and enjoyed numerous votes from fans. You can see all cosmetic items of the upcoming chest here.



Great work combined with hero's popularity is what makes a set truly successful.



Quantity of items 7 Hero:  Razor Creators: Dr. RoboKraken
Date of publishing: 11 November   Added to favorites: ~303


 Razor has undergone an amazing transformation due to this work! Having got rid of his helmet, he put on a mysterious hood and picked a material weapon — electric chain. The author provided 2 options of colour (grey and purple), a couple of belt variants and custom icons. Unless Valve deems it inappropriate for the game, the work will definitely get to the next treasure!



We wish other skills of the hero had got customized icons.



See how it looks in motion.


Armaments of the Wind

Quantity of items 6 Hero:  Windranger Creators: vikk0, The Horse Strangler, Deadman, DotaPit
Date of publishing: 10 November   Added to favorites: ~758


Red hair girl in the wind, beautiful and dangerous. DotaPit organizers didn't think twice as they added a new set for this hero to their chest. The work has acquired much positive feedback for the high quality of items and a new colour - silver (or even metallic). 



The bow lacks customized animation.


Creeping Shadow

Quantity of items 7 Hero:  Phantom Assassin Creators: Gamersbook, Crowntail, GoT
Date of publishing: 12 November   Added to favorites: ~954


The last is the set for the most dangerous assassin in Dota 2 —  Phantom Assassin. In just one week, the set gained a large number of upvotes. The style of the items reminds the style of the main hero of Thief.



Unusual golden shade in the set looks very natural: it looks as if it was in all the sets for the hero. Along with Arcana item Manifold Paradox, the work looks awesome.



The set has 2 types of weapon: a blade and a sword. Author claimed it would be cool if the set changed depending on the quantity of kills. That's a very interesting idea, isn't it?



Date of publishing: 17 November Date of publishing: 19 November Date of publishing: 14 November
Added to favorites: ~57 Added to favorites: ~390 Added to favorites: ~21
Creators: ToFo, NME Creators: DotaFX, WEi-Zi, MaxOfS2D Creators: Flyan, Giv ME Five, n.o.y.b


Three interesting wards have been added lately. Every work is unique in its own way. You can vote for each ward by clicking on the respective picture. This is it for today! We hoped you liked the article and the works!


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