A busy Sunday for Na`Vi.Dota 2

imageUPDATE: image Na`Vi.Dota2 with a clean sheet, 2-0-ing both opponents, proving once again why we're considered as the top team in the world.

Weekends are usually the days for a well deserved rest but that’s not the case for our boys this Sunday.  They will be heading into another two match-ups tomorrow against image EG and image coL at respectively 17.00 PM CET and 19.00 PM CET! A lot of people have been eager to see a clash between coL (ex Fire) and image Na`Vi, now they finally will! GGnet have also just recently posted an interesting article for our ‘rivalry’ with EG showcasing why this match has been said to be one of the most anticipated ones.

Na`Vi.Dota2 is currently sitting on first place and a comfortable lead in their group in the Premier League with 16 points. Taking into account their great results in TPL, the match against coL wouldn’t be of that much importance but their game against EG is the Winner Bracket final, and whoever wins moves on to the Grand Finals. Our boys will take both games as serious as they could, as that’s what Na`Vi’s policy has always been – striving to be the best. Na`Vi.Dota2 are training hard, as you may have previously read in Smile’s interview and it’s almost certain that all teams will put up a great show!

Our Ukrainian squad is on a roll, with 7 consecutive wins in a row (rhymey-rhymey!), but can they keep up at this pace especially against probably two of the current best teams in the face of coL and EG? Be sure to tune in to the streams and find out, we will as always keep you updated about it!

Stream with Tobi Wan for the match against EG (The Defense)
Stream with Luminous for the match against coL (The Premier League)

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