Double Battlecry: Double the Fun


With the release of the second wing of The League of Explorers, we can finally put our hands on a new legendary neutral minion: Brann Bronzebeard.
While this card is on the board, each battlecry of our cards will activate twice. The effect of a card that requires selecting a target, such as Cruel Taskmaster, will activate twice on the same minion: it is not possible to select another card as target of the second battlecry. Brann also works with the new Discover effect, with which you can add one card to your hand by selecting between three random options; you will be simply asked to select them in two separate instances. Definitively, Brann Bronzebeard can be used to build many decks and has a good synergy with different cards, but it is also useless in some situations. For example, silencing the same enemy twice with Ironbeak Owl does nothing worthy. Today, we are going to look at some interesting options that we will probably find in the upcoming decks.
Brann is a great opportunity for the Mill Rogue Deck, which has the purpose of depleting the enemy deck as fast as possible, destroying his cards or bringing him to fatigue. Coldlight Oracle is a rare minion that draws 2 cards for you and your opponent; with Bronzebeard effect, you will be able to draw 4 cards. If summoned at the correct moment, when the enemy has many cards in his hand, you can potentially destroy most of them. At the same time, you will have fresh cards to use, since in this kind of deck you are supposed to mainly hover around a mana curve of 0-3, which grants you the ability to use more cheap cards in the same turn.
Antique Healbot is almost like a cheat. It is a common card, so everyone can easily obtain it. It heals for 8 health for 5 mana cost, but with Brann it will heal for an astonishing 16 health. This card is mostly used to slow down aggro decks with a powerful heal and, in a Rogue deck, you can use its effect 2 times. In fact with Shadowstep, which is also mana free, you will return a friendly minion to your hand and reduce its cost by 2. In total, with only 8 mana, you can heal yourself for 32 health! There are also more cards that have affinity with this combo, such as Time Rewinder, which brings the minion back into your hand for 1 mana cost.
Twilight Drake is a nice and cheap option for Control decks. This rare minion gains 1 health for each card in your hand so its possible starting health can range from 1 to 10. With Brann, it can easily gain 10 extra health with just 5 cards and achieve a maximum of 16 with a full hand, if Brann is played during the same turn as the Drake.
Dr. Boom isn’t strong enough? Bran will summon as many as four Doom Bots. You will have four 1/1 minions that can also deal an extra 16 damage in the best scenario. Dr. 7 has a horde of bots now. Who wants to face it?
Nefarian is another big card on the list. When summoned, the dragon will add 2 random spells from the enemy’s class into your hand. As Brann, this card also comes from an adventure, in this case Blackrock Mountain, so you won’t have to spend dust to try this combo. Of course, luck is needed, but 4 spells in late game can really change the situation on the board and even bring you to victory. For example, during our tests, we obtained a Twisting Nether, which destroys all minions on the board. The enemy Warlock had just summoned all his Giants and conceded the match. RNG must be with you!
Draenei Totemcarver gains 1/1 for each friendly Totem. In a Totem Shaman deck, with 4 totems on the board, you can gain 8/8 thanks to the double battlecry, summoning a 12/12 minion for 4 mana.
North Sea Kraken is a common card which is usually picked to deal extra damage in the late game. It deals 4 damage when summoned, an effect that can be used to finish the enemy. Thanks to Brann, the damage will be doubled; 8 is more than enough to use it as a finisher or to remove a nasty minion from the board.
Varian Wrynn draws 3 cards from your deck and puts any minions directly in the battlefield. Bronzebeard will increase the chances of finding minions, drawing as many as 6 cards. With the correct deck, you will be able to summon powerful creatures for free and instantly dominate the board. Of course, Varian effect won’t be as useful with minions that are summoned only for their battlecry, because it won't be activated.
Ram Wrangler is a rare Hunter card which summons a random beast on the board if you already have a beast. This effect can summon a large variety of cards; if you are lucky, it’s even possible to have a free King Krush or Savannah Highmane. Doubling the effect will let you gain a lot of tempo over your enemy.
There are many more possible synergies and we are really curious to take a look at the new decks that will be created or improved thanks to Brann Bronzebeard. What's the best combo in your opinion?
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