Dreamhack Cluj - City Guide


The latest installment of Dreamhack is approaching, this time having Cluj-Napoca as its location. The Youth Capital of Europe in 2015 will welcome fans from all around the world to witness the next chapter of this famous tournament.


The city offers a wide range of both indoors and outdoors activities. The more than 800 years old town is famous for its landmarks and rich history. In this article we will cover the major attractions of the city, as well as offer some information regarding the place of the event, transportation and some leisure time activities.


Sala Polivalenta

The newly-constructed building will give room to the event. The hall is located not far from the city center. Since its existence, Sala Polivalenta hosted many concerts and sporting competitions as well as conventions. It is located at one end of the Central Park, the largest park of Cluj-Napoca. Between the event hall and the park lies the Cluj Arena, which mainly serves as the home turf of U. Cluj football team, but it also gives room for several other events during a year.



  • Location (in Romanian): Strada Uzinei Electrice



The public transport system of Cluj-Napoca includes a wide selection buses that can take to almost any point of the city, a tram system and a selection of taxi companies. For a detailed timetable and route plan you can refer to the official webpage of the bus/tram company or you can download of the phone applications.



In order to get from the Sala Polivalenta to the Main Square you can take the bus number 30, or take a walk through the Central Park of the city. In case you want to go by bus, you should hop on in the station Alea Stadionului and get off at Memorandumului Sud.


Site-seeing in the old town



St. Michael’s Church and the statue of Matthias Corvinus

Both monuments are situated in the Main Square of the city and they form the most famous site of Cluj-Napoca. The tower of the Gothic-Style St. Michael’s Church is the highest tower in Transylvania, with 76 meters (80 meters with the cross). Due to its dimensions, age and cultural significance, it is considered to be the most important landmark of not only the region. The statue was raised in order to commemorate Matthias Corvinus, who was born in Cluj-Napoca, and later became king of Hungary and Croatia.



  • Name (in Romanian): Biserica Sfântul Mihail, Ansamblul monumental Matei Corvin
  • Location (in Romanian): Piata Unirii


Birthplace of Matthias Corvinus

Not far from the Main Square, the house in which Matthias Corvinus was born can be visited. During its existence it served many purposes such as guesthouse, hospital, museum or even a jail. Nowadays, besides being an important tourist attraction, it is also used by a university as an inspiring workplace. Built in a Gothic-style, it is the oldest storey house of the city.



  • Name (in Romanian): Casa Matia din Cluj
  • Location (in Romanian): Strada Matei Corvin nr. 6


Museum Square (Carolina Square)

On the Museum Square multiple historical landmarks can be found. One of the most important of them being the Carolina Obelisk, the oldest monument of Cluj-Napoca. The Franciscan Church and the Historical Museum are also situated on the perimeters of the square. It also gives room for several terraces of pubs, making it the ideal place to enjoy a cold beverage on a sunny day.



Name (in Romanian): Piata Muzeului


Wolf Street Church

Considered to be the most important Gothic-style Calvinist church in Transylvania, the Wolf Street Church is famous for its dimensions and structural simplicity. Also known as the Central Calvinist Church, the building is 34 meters long and 15 meters wide, with its walls reaching up to 19 meters. No pillars were put inside the church, so that nothing disturbs the attention of the people attending the religious ceremonies. In front of the building, a hundred-years old statue of the dragon-slaying Saint George can be seen, copy of the one that can be seen in Prague.



  • Name (in Romanian): Biserica Reformată de pe Ulița Lupilor
  • Location (in Romanian): Strada Mihail Kogălniceanu 21.


Tailors' Bastion

The bastion represents one of the last pieces of the outer walls, which once surrounded to old city. It was built in the 15th century and was defended by the guild of tailors, hence the name. Later it served as an armory and as a house. Nowadays it is used as a cultural center, used for exhibitions, conferences, having a library and a café inside.



  • Name (in Romanian): Bastionul Croitorilor
  • Location (in Romanian): Strada Baba Novac


Botanical Garden

The over 14 hectares garden is located in the southern part of Cluj-Napoca. Showcasing more than 10000 plants, the botanical garden is one of the main attractions of the city. Unfortunately during the fall season it is not as beautiful as it is in the summer, it is still worth vising, as it offers a remote place where the visitors can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.



  • Name (in Romanian): Grădina Botanică „Alexandru Borza”
  • Location (in Romanian): Stada Republicii nr. 42



There are two routes leading to the citadel. The most common way is to take the renovated stairs on the eastern side of the hill. The more adventurous can try the steeper, older stairs, marked as with red on the map below. No matter which way you choose, the view from the top of the hill will surely pay back any effort invested in getting there. The city is the most beautiful during a clear night.



Name (in Romanian): Cetățuia


Leisure time activities

From fancy to regular, you may find all kinds of pubs in the city. We decided to list two of the more popular among the students of the city, however, the more you visit, the bigger the chaces are that you find the one that suits you the best.


The Londoner - Great English Pub


Thinking about a midday tea in front of the Buckingham Palace? Do you want to take a rare picture with a royal soldier who smiles? Inspired by the birthplace of the Charlie Chaplin, The Londoner - Great English Pub welcomes fans of eSports in a truly unique environment. In case you also happen to be a football fan, come on a match day, you may meet with the Liverpool Fan Club of Cluj, who regularly gather in the pub to watch the games.



Location (in Romanian): Strada Émile Zola


The Soviet Pub


The USSR is now closer than ever. The communist regime is long gone, but who can forget the stories told by our parents? The Soviet Pub brings back memories of the childhood in a unique fashion. In the mood for a Russian classic, or just a relaxing game of pool, this place will surely offer a true blast from the past. 



Location (in Romanian): Strada Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Not every pub is offering food on their menu, so in case you get hungry, you can try one of the many fast foods spread around the city center, offering a wide range of possibilities. Most restaurants offer specialties of the local cuisine, so if you are eager to try out the food of the region, you can do so in the closest restaurant to you. Don't be afraid of wandering around until you find one near your location, as there are a large number of restaurants even outside the center.


Shopping malls


Cluj has two large shopping malls, both of which offers a large variety of goods. Beside the popular brands of clothes stores, you may as well enjoy a movie in the cinemas of both locations. In case you get hungry, both places have multiple food courts representing cuisines from all over the world. In order to get to the malls, you can take the bus number 24B, which travels between the two.



Location (in Romanian):


  • Polus Center: Strada Avram Iancu 492-500, Florești 407280
  • Iulius Mall: Strada Alexandru Vaida-Voevod 53B


If you got interested in not only attending Dreamhack Cluj, but also visiting some of the beauties the city has to offer, you can also check out www.visitcluj.ro for additional information about the places presented as well as a few more secret gems that can be found in Cluj-Napoca. See you soon!

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