Dreamhack Final Qualifier with Na`Vi.LoL


After 2 East and 2 West qualifiers, 4 Finalists from both regions will fight for one of the four spots at Dreamhack Summer 2012! Dreamhack final qualifier is starting today at 14:00 CET. Top 4 teams will advance to an offline event in J?nk?ping (Sweden) starting on the 16th of June. Our first opponent is team image AbsoluteLegends. image Na`Vi.LoL fans clear your schedule and support our team on their path to Sweden! Go Na`Vi!


[Update 21:21] exHCL takes the series 2:0.


[Update 20:17] Na`Vi loses first game. We need to win 2 games in a row now! Go Na`Vi


[Update 19:37] Na`Vi takes the series 2:0! Playing exHCL now! Go Na`Vi!


[Update 18:01] Na`Vi takes the first game. 1:0


[Update 17:06] AL wins the third one as well and we drop to Loser bracket where we will face CLG. Go image Na`Vi!


[Update 16:03] AL takes the second game. 


[Update 15:19] Na`Vi.LoL wins first game vs AL! Go Na`Vi! 1:0


The Qualifier will be played in a Double Elimination format and all matches will be played in a Best-of-3 format



Tournament tree



Schedule (CET)


  • 16:00 WB Quarter Finals (8 teams)
  • 17:00 WB Semi Finals (4 teams), LB Round 1 (4 teams)
  • 18:00 WB Finals (2 teams), LB Round 2 (4 teams)
  • 19:00 LB Finals (2 teams)
  • 20:00 Consolation Finals (2 teams)
  • 21:00 Grand Finals (2 teams) BO3





Official stream with qu1ksh0t


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