DreamHack: Photos from Scandinavia


Many of you most likely crave to get to DreamHack Summer 2015, held in Swedish city of Jönköping and support Ukraine Natus Vincere. Dor those who can't get there for some reason, we've prepared atmospheric photos from the venue. Look and support Na`Vi


The final countdown at the main scene for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches. 


Dota 2 squad is actively training before the beginning of the match


Dota 2 legendary  Wraith King is watching you. Will any of the team pick him?


Do you remember Battle Fury cup for MarsTV League? The Europeans decided to demonstrate their craftsmanship.

Who knows, maybe the winner will bring home the copy of the Rune of Haste


Any person can try the virtual reality


This new title is getting bigger. Natus Vincere's Heroes of The Storm squad participate in DreamHack


For more picture go the album of Natus Vincere's official page on Facebook! Follow our updates!

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