Dreamhack Summer 2013: preview

It's summer time! In other words, it's time for vacations and entertainment. Can't say this about the professional DotA2-players though as they're going to fight in a really tough battle in Jönköping (Sweden) in a matter of hours. One of the most awaited and prestigious tournaments in eSports will take place at the Elmia Fairs expo center. 16 best teams of the world will compete for $22,000 which will go to the winner. The groups have been recently drawn: 4 teams in 4 groups as a result.


Group A: image 4FC, image Lions Pride, image Team Liquid, image Mousesports


Despite having to overcome some difficulties, team mousesports is in a pretty good shape going into the tournament. Their key opponents in the group will be Team Liquid who are getting better and better each day. Of course, we shouldn't forget about team 4FC, but it's safe to assume that Lions Pride are the outsiders of this group as they've recently shown very weak performance coupled with a considerable losing streak.


Group B:  image Dignitas, image TCM-Gaming, image uebelst, image Virtus.pro


After some disappointments caused by Team Dignitas at RaidCall EMS One, many began to doubt the team (supposedly, unjustly). TD put themselves together, quickly adapted to the new patch and began to show quite aggressive and spectacular DotA. As viewers, we like exactly that, don't we? Anyway, this team will be given hard time by their main rivals which is Virtus.pro who are currently enjoying their best days. It's also safe to say that the locals from TCM-Gaming as well as the Germans from uebelst-gaming are the weakest teams in the whole tournament. One can only hope that the defeats of the past will awaken their team spirit and the desire for the victory.


Group C:  image Natus Vincere, image EG, image Flipside Tactics, BYOC #1


To be honest, we really envy the guys who got (and will get) into this group. We mean, yes, EG are in the perfect shape. And yes, under the pretty unknown tag of Flip.Sid3 many famous names are playing (such as Ryze, miGGel and Mircale). Yes, we don't know the fourth team yet. But is this really all that important? Natus Vincere! The unquestionable favorites of the tournament who destroy everything on their way. Did we mention that the team is in a great shape going into this tournament? In the last couple of weeks Na`Vi played 15 matches without losing a single one of them! It's almost obvious that the main headache for the rest of the teams is Natus Vincere. Their main enemies will be Evil Geniuses who outplayed Na`Vi twice in the play-off of the last Dreamhack. Nevertheless, it's even worse for EG as Na`Vi won't let this happen again.


Group D:  image Alliance, image Fnatic, image Quantic Gaming, BYOC #2


Foreign news writers called this line-up "the group of death" as it's really hard to name the favorite. All teams perform really well. Many think that The Alliance have good chances to win but it should be noted that the team has been lacking the practice which was caused by their tight schedule in China. Fnatic and Quantic Gaming have improved their game demonstrating a series of impressive victories after some losing. We also know who will take the last spot in this group, so the most intense battles are expected between these particular teams.


On 15th of June the BYOC-tournament (bring your own computer) for the empty slots in the groups C and D will mark the beginning of the main competition. The group stage will see two days of Best-of-One. We wish the guys good luck. May the strongest team win!


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