Hoej hits top4 at DH Winter 2015


Yesterday, 28 November, Hearthstone matches of DreamHack Winter 2015 were over. The registration to the Championship was open. As a result 200 people tested their luck in the competition. Three Na`Vi players were among them and competed over the prize pool of $ 40 000.


The tournament was held in 2 stages: group stage and playoff. It's notable, that Swiss system, which is seldom applied at Hearthstone tournaments, was used in group stage of DreamHack Winter 2015. Briefly, under this system, the players, which earned equal quantity of scores, compete with each other in each round. This means that each loss in the group is critical.


Three Ukraine Natus Vincere players came to the event: Denmark HoejGermany Xixo and Sweden Ostkaka. Many analysts predicted that our players will get to the playoff stage. However, only Denmark Hoej managed to accomplish the task. Germany Xixo and Sweden Ostkaka had bad luck in their debut matches and lost the chance to get to playoff by the beginning of the second matchday. As concerns Denmark Hoej, he demonstrated outstanding performance in the group and won 8 matches of 9. He lost the last match against France tomof, who also finished the group stage with 8-1 score.


The best players of group stage:

tournament table:
Place Player Victories Losses Scores
1-5 Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej 8 1 24
1-5 Canada GO.Purple 8 1 24
1-5 Germany Vination.Bors 8 1 24
1-5 France Millenium.Torlk 8 1 24
1-5 France tomof 8 1 24
6-16 Finland ML.Ersee 7 2 21
6-16 United Kingdom Dignitas.GreenSheep 7 2 21
6-16 Romania G2.RDU 7 2 21
6-16 Korea, Republic of Dignitas.Kranich 7 2 21
6-16 Denmark DragonAlbert 7 2 21
6-16 Czech Republic born2win 7 2 21
6-16 Denmark SecreTz 7 2 21
6-16 Poland Zetalot 7 2 21
6-16 Spain SK.AKAWonder 7 2 21
6-16 Romania Synthex 7 2 21
6-16 Sweden Archon.Orange 7 2 21




In the first playoff match Denmark Hoej encountered Korea, Republic of Dignitas.Kranich, the best player of Asian region. Hoej earned 3 victories in a row due to his Druid, leaving no chance to his rival. It's interesting that Korea, Republic of Kranich used aggressive Shaman deck with an unusual set of cards. It was quite successful in group stage, but turned out to be weak in playoff.


The rival of Denmark Hoej in quarterfinals was Sweden Archon.Orange. The Swede is well known in community and perform stable in the tournaments. Expectedly, the tournaments was exciting and thrilling. The result of the match was decided in the fifth game of two Warrior decks. Denmark Hoej used Control deck, while Sweden Orange played Patron. Harrison Jones was decisive in the game. The weapon of Orange was destroyed, so he couldn't develop patrons and fell behind in pace. He couldn't catch up with Denmark Hoej. As a result, Sweden Orange admitted his defeat and congratulated our player with victory.


Photo from the official album of DreamHack Winter.


In semifinals Denmark Hoej encountered Finland ML.Ersee, of whom nobody had heard before the tournament. The match seemed to be easier than the previous battle against Sweden Orange, but the Finn turned out to be a worthy rival. Notwithstanding, Finland Ersee made several mistakes during the match, he did manage to overcome our player. His victory deck was Warlock. The warrior of Denmark Hoej could do nothing against it. Thus Denmark Hoej lost and had to stop one step away from the final. He might've underestimated the competitor and relaxed a bit.


Notwithstanding the loss in semifinal, Denmark Hoej demonstrated great level of performance. Top4 of 200 players is great result! We congratulate Frederik on this achievement as well as the prize money of $ 5 000 and 5 scores of HWC rating!


top 1place: Canada GO.Purple — $ 12 500

top 2place: Finland ManaLight.Ersee — $ 7 500

top 3top 4places: Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej, United Kingdom Dignitas.GreenSheep — $ 5 000 each

top 5-8places: Sweden Archon.Orange, France Millenium.Torlk, Spain SK.AKAWonder, Germany Vination.Bors — $ 2 500 each


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