SCII: LotV at DreamHack Winter 2015


StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void will be released on 10 November, the first major tournament on this discipline DreamHack Winter 2015 to be held on 26 November. As per moment the prize pool and the venue of the event are known. However, the list of participants hasn't been announced yet.


Such decision by the DreamHack organizers brings up many question. Unlike Wings of Liberty and Heart of the SwarmLegacy of the Void not only introduces in the game new buildings and units, but also substantially changes macromechanics of the game. Apart from macromechanics, which is constantly simplified after being complicated and vice versa, the economy will undergo substantial changes. The quantity of starting units is increased by 2. It is now 12, which substantially enhances the starting expansion and enables to begin the game earlier.


There were difficulties with new units. For example, Adept of protoss is still under development, since it doesn't fit the balance of the game. For example, Adept of protoss is still under development, since as per moment it doesn't fit the balance of the game and pushes away the basis of the race's army - zealots. This is situation in less than 2 month before the release. Many professional players complain, that the game isn't ready. Prominent zerg Korea, Republic of Jaedong called the game imbalanced:



Kevin "qxc" Riley terran of United States compLexity Gaming, devoted a huge blog with a profound analysis of the last update and point out the imbalance of the new introductions


"The adept is overpowered. It is too strong and has too few weaknesses in the early game. In addition, the adept fails to scale well into the mid- and lategame due to its lack of meaningful upgrades. Adept outclasses every other early game unit in general utility. Although, there are units that it can’t dominate in a straight up fight like stalkers, marauders and roaches, it provides incredible value for scouting and can often get many worker kills while the defender tries to kill it."



On the other hand, the release of the new part should inspire the community to new achievements. Judging from the recent Premiere League WCS, the domination of the Koreans is slightly decreasing. Therefore more Western players will come to the scene. However, we can expect the "tide" of the CS veterans from Korea with the release of  Legacy of the Void since SBENU announced recently, that it wouldn't be able to conduct another season of Starleague, which means that the players will either accept one StarCraft: Brood War tournament or will have to transfer to StarCraft 2.


It's important to understand that StarCraft 2 is the last real-time strategy, which remains on the eSports scene. The bad beginning or non-confident transfer of the players to the new version of the game can burry the whole genre. If Blizzard lets the split of the community, similar to that, which happened in Korea after the release of StarCraft 2, it's very likely that 2015–2016 season will become the last for RTS in eSports. On the other hand the successful start might initiate the advent of the second "Boxers" and the true Renaissance era of strategies.


To be true, Blizzard have made a lot to increase the media abilities of the game. Archon mode provides endless opportunities for the tournament organizers. All they have to do is to solve the problems with anticheat, the lack of ingame streams, the reconnect possibilities, etc. Will the developers be able to solve them before the beginning of DreamHack Winter 2015? The destiny of the whole season and perhaps the genre of eSports strategies depends on it.

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