DreamLeague S7: vs. mouz


Today International Natus Vincere G2A players will have a match at DreamLeague Season 7. Their rivals is the Greek team Greece mousesports. The game will begin at 21:00 CEST. The format is best of 2.


Patch 7.00 and subsequent versions had a great impact on the enemy's playing shape. The drop down in the team's performance between the majors in Boston and Kyiv was significant. As concerns our team, they have only three matches to play at DreamLeague Season 7. However, we need to achieve the maximal result in each of them to get our chance to the advance to the final stage of the tournament.


Our team needs your support! Watch the play this evening and cheer for International Natus Vincere! #gonavi


Ucraina Dendi Svezia Pajkatt Russian Federation SoNNeikO Danimarca Biver Ucraina GeneRaL
Danil Ishutin Per Anders Olsson Lille Akbar Butaev Malthe Winther

Viktor Nigrini


Best of 2



Greece Madara Greece ThuG Greece SkyLark Greece MaybeNextTime Greece SsaSpartan
Omar Dabasas Dimitrios Plivouris Xari Zafiriou Apostolos Verro Giwrgos Giannokopoulos





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