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Though the sums of prize pools of eSports competitions aren't restricted data, few people pay attention to these figures, while they should. In accordance to the information, provided by, over 40 millions of US dollars have been awarded at various eSports tournaments in 2015 alone.
In the prize money chart, Valve's creation Dota 2 takes the top line. The International has broken its own record this year, awarding almost 18 millions USD to 16 participant teams. The winner of this year Evil Geniuses enjoys as much as 6,5 millions USD. The quantity of viewers broke Dota 2 records too with over 30 millions viewers. However, the absolute eSports record was beaten by World Final Championship League of Legends 2014 with 32 millions viewership.



League of Legends takes second line in prize pool charts. The total sum of the prize pools in 2015 has reached $ 3 600 000, which is almost 7 times as less as Dota 2 competitions prizes. Well, the World's Championship of LoL is scheduled to October, which means, that its prize pool wasn't included in stats. Another MOBA game Smite unexpectedly took the third line of our chart. Smite players have won 3 millions USD over the past 8 months.
CS:GO took the fourth place. The players were awarded $ 2 800 000, but this is not the final sum, since ahead are the tournaments held by ESL. And the last, but not the least in top 5 rating is StarCraft II with $ 1 900 000  prize pool. The viewership statistics is also very interesting: Dota 2 and League of Legends  are the most popular titles, while WoT enjoy the smallest audience.

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