Eco like a pro on de_nuke

In a competitive CS:GO match, managing your and your team's economy can play a crucial role in winning the match. In order to establish a stable economy, you may have to eco for a round or two sometimes. Even though it’s mostly a throwaway round, if played correctly you can win the round or cause huge economic damage to the enemy. Today we would be going through the ways to play these rounds better on de_nuke and some of the strats that you can do in your eco rounds.
During eco rounds your team should try to get as many kills as you can, and worry less about winning the round as you are not really likely to accomplish that with your weak firepower unless a miracle happens. Your team can also consider upgrading their default pistols, since the upgraded ones can deal more damage to the armored opponents, without taking a heavy economic blow - for example, if you know you will have to do a double save;, if you still lose the round with the force-bought pistols, then you should full save the next round in order to be able to full buy in the round after.
Callouts for de_nuke. Credits to Steam user Froosh.
When playing on the Counter-Terrorist side, try to stick together in order to trade kills, because if you hold the site with only one or two teammate, like playing a normal buy round, you will surely not be able to get frags and will end up dying without any impact. You can either try stacking up on one of the bomb site, or try to rush them and catch the enemy off guard; the latter can be risky if they have SMGs, as they can mow your whole team down in a matter of seconds. Despite being a high risk move, it can result in getting your team a gun or two: if you can take them out by outnumbering one or two of them - those who might be trying to go for a split on a specific site, you can get yourself some better weapon to increase the chances.
If your team has decided to rush the enemy team, then, since you will be on an eco, you can try to upgrade your pistols if you know that the enemy would be fully equipped and will have a kevlar & helmet, as the USP-S or P2000 will not be able to kill them in one shot, but the P250 or Five-Seven can easily kill them in a single headshot. Your team can either try rushing lobby from A site or from the ramp room, as both approaches may spark short-range fights and the terrorists usually hold up in lobby in order to execute for the A site or the B site via ramp.
Another option would be rushing from outside to lobby if you know that they don’t have any snipers outside, or you are confident that the team can actually overwhelm the sniper and take his weapon. If you can kill one or two enemies, then you might be able to damage their economy and maybe even try to deal more damage with those guns, or save them for the upcoming round if your teammates are going to buy up in the next round, thus saving some cash for utility or the rounds to come.
The A bombsite allows you to set up at multiple locations and have crossfires from many angles.
Otherwise, you can 5 man stack a bombsite. Even though the A bombsite is easier to stack because of the numerous positions you can hold, your team would sometimes have to stack the B bombsite, as it’s the more preferred option for the Terrorists. The B bombsite itself does not provide enough cover; still, you can try holding in its surroundings like the back halls or ramp. You can also stack the ramp room but, you would then have to hope that someone actually comes from the trophy room, otherwise you would have to rush a bombsite or hope to get some exit frags before the round ends.
For the Terrorist side, your main objective should be getting the bomb planted, as it would earn you some extra cash to buy for the upcoming round. In order to accomplish that, you will either have to just quickly rush a bombsite, or you can play the time and, maybe, bring some utility, following that up with an execution onto the bombsite.
Your team should try to plant the bomb behind the silo to avoid getting killed while planting.
You can rush the B bombsite, as it is also a good place for some close quarter fights which can aid you as well, as you can plant the bomb behind the silo - this allows you to plant safely, without anyone from ramp taking you out from a distance. You can approach the bombsite from ramp or try going for a vent rush, i.e. rush through squeaky and go through the vents. Unless the enemy team has someone watching the door, you can easily make it past the defenders on the A bombsite and maybe even catch the counter-terrorists at B site off-guard, allowing your team a quick bomb plant.
On the other hand, if you actually decide to rush the A bombsite, then it can be a slaughter if the enemy team is prepared for it, as they would have a better weapon and the rifles are better from a long range than the pistols. If your team somehow manages to get some lucky headshots with the Tec-9 or the Desert Eagle, then you can manage to plant the bomb and maybe secure their weapons. If you don’t want this risk, then you can line up some smokes from the roof of the site and try to get the bomb planted with the cover from them.
Sometimes holding at the lobby can really work out if the enemy team frequently pushes.
If you know that the enemy team has a tendency of pushing, then you can just hold outside or at the lobby and punish them for rushing alone. You can easily kill anyone with pistol from close range, so try to hide at a corner or hold at a place where there can only be close range fights; you can also hold a place with your whole team to take out anyone going out for info as he would be greeted by 5 players shooting at him.
This finishes up our guide, but remember that you will not always win your eco round, but you should try to keep the enemy’s economy under control. If you can get more than two kills during the eco round, then they would have to drop a weapon for their teammates or make him re-buy his whole equipment; this means that if you actually win the upcoming buy round, then their economy would be really low and they would have to force buy or save the upcoming round.
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