Editor's Note - March

Talking about the video, our English website users might have already noticed and benefited from one of our innovations: we started to translate and subtitle all of our video- interviews. We are going to continue this good tradition in future so our content would be more accessible for our English-speaking visitors. Moreover, we are going to take on video-production seriously so that we can produce more quality video-content including video-interviews, reviews and new series of «Zeus Style».

Na`Vi.DotA is lately on fire which could not be ignored by www.navi-gaming.com: we started to produce more DotA-related news, players interviews and pre/post-match commentaries. We've appreciated high activity of all DotA-lovers so we're going to put the same amount of efforts into this discipline later on.

We don't forget about Counter-Strike either: at the moment our champions are practicing for already mentioned OSPL Summer 2011 tournament, which you will be able to follow in the live coverage on our website. As you can remember from ceh9's interview, the team will be on vacation right after Kazakh tournament, however the vacation won't last long because... Well, you won't wait much before we reveal this news:)

I'd also like to point out that at the moment about 90% of all administrative staff of Natus Vincere is working full time at the office in Kiev, Ukraine. This boosts our efficiency to a new level and makes it possible for us to develop even more ambitious projects. For example, at the moment we have already started the development of our new gaming portal which will stun you with the unique eSports project «The Way of Pro». Want to know more? Stay tuned!

Something that you can expect in the first half of April:

  • Counter-Strike and DotA OSPL Summer 2011 coverage;
  • Interview with Ioann «Edward» Sukharev;
  • Facebook Contest winners announce;
  • New raffles and lots of other interesting stuff!

Wishing you all the best this spring and see you next month!

Andrew «Xeo» Yatsenko


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User Deleted
#1 30 March 2011, 22:52
Good luck Na`Vi on OSPL, hope you bring us another couple of victories :D DAVI Na`Vi :D
User Deleted
#2 31 March 2011, 22:05
Good Luck, Born to Win!
User Deleted
#3 1 April 2011, 13:42
Good Luck to Na`Vi on OSPL.Born to win!!!
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