Edward will go to the US!


02.07.14. - Important information! We are happy to announce, that Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev has finally got his passport. Therefore today he is flying to the US to join the team in their American tour. He will participate in Na’Vi’s second tournament – Iron Gaming LAN in the city of Austin this coming weekend, July 5-6.


Read more information about the tournament: Natus Vincere.CS:GO will visit Iron Gaming LAN.


The report of the event will be available on our website on the first day of the tournament.



27.06.14 - Official information! Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev will not be able to go to Dallas. Thus, Arseny 'ceh9' Trinozhenko will be the fifth player of Na’Vi.CS:GO at the ESEA S16 LAN Finals.


25.06.14 - Unfortunately, due to issues which we could not influence, Natus Vincere CS:GO squad lineup will be changed. Read below to find out why Edward will not play for Na`Vi, and Arseny 'ceh9' Trinozhenko will return to the team. You can also find an interview with Arseny, which will shed more light on this situation.


First of all, due to issues which USA embassy are having, Ioann 'Edward' Sukhariev did not receive his passport with a visa on time. Ioann and Daniil (Zeus) were getting their visas after they expired. It should be noted that they successfully got new visas (10 year visas), but the issue arose when the time came to receive back the passports. Daniil Teslenko got his passport, but Edward's passport got lost somewhere. Either it got lost in the embassy, or the courier service messed up, but the fact remains - Ioann may not join the team for ESEA tournament, which will happen at the end of this week. 


At the same time, team manager Eugene Erofeev did not have enough time to get his visa, which also made it impossible for him to join his team for the tournament. Arseny 'ceh9' Trinozhenko was supposed to visit the tournament as a caster, but due to issue listed above, he was supposed to take on managerial role as well. Now, there is a very high chance that Arseny will need to help Na`Vi as a player.


It is still possible that Edward will receive his passport and will manage to join the team before any official games begin, but for the time being, Arseny 'ceh9' Trinozhenko will take his place.


We also have an express interview with Arseny for you. He spoke about this situation, on his commentator role, leaving Na`Vi as a player, and much more. Check it out (English subs available): 




Na`Vi.CSGO squad for upcoming tournament:


image Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovacs
image Sergey 'Starix" Ischuk
image Daniil 'Zeus' Teslenko
image Denis 'seized' Kostin

image Arseny 'ceh9' Trinozhenko
image Ioann 'Edward' Sukharev (undecided)

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