Kael'thas effect


Two weeks have passed since Kael’thas appeared in Nexus. Reddit source was very active prior to the hero's introduction, with many video teasers showing an explosive and dangerous man ready to set the inner fire free and bring much damage to the enemies! After two weeks of his ingame presence the results are impressive.


In accordance to GosuGamers' date, the percentage statistics of Kael’thas pick is in the approximate middle of the 35 heroes list, namely the 20th place. However, Kael’thas is the second most banned hero in the patch and the second in the winrate statistics. Apparently, the professionals respect Kael’thas' ability to control and bring much damage to the enemies. It'll be most interesting to see how the last nerf impacts the hero's statistics.




There are three first rank heroes.


In the very beginning Valla was one of the most picked hero in the matches. Jaina has been challenging her rank for 6 months now. Therefore, Valla and Jaina share the first and the second place in terms of popularity. 


Sylvanas is the third hero of this rank. Similar to Kael’thas she has brought immediate changes to the hero picking process straight after its release. In this patch she has become even more popular than Valla and Jaina. Thus she's the third in the most picked hero rating. It is hard to even catch up with their popularity, leave alone the attempt to overpass them. The frequency of their participation in games is 91-98%, whereas the statistics of the next hero on the list is only 74 %. Assumingly this means that the tree will be either picked, either banned in 90% of professional games.


However, it is strange that neither of the heroes possesses very high winrate. Valla has the highest winrate of 54 %, while Sylvanas' winrate hardly reaches 50 %. Nevertheless, the figures are substantial taking into account the heroes are most picked.


Substantial changes in the class of Warriors


Blizzard is aiming to remake the Warriors into more universal heroes in all the aspects. The new patch is an implementation of this idea. Anub'arak is an obvious example of it. Before the patch it was one of the least picked heroes. Along with Sylvanas he climbed up the rating up to the top. Now it is the 4th most picked hero and the 4th hero in terms of winrate, which increases his popularity. Muradin (his pick rate and winrate have substantially increased) and Tyrael, who has fitted the meta once again, have undergone similar changes.

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