Na`Vi.G2A stats at ELEAGUE Major 2017

The first major of 2017 has finally ended and it featured some of the most amazing moments and exciting matches that people have ever seen. We have also seen our boys put on a show as they looked dominating during the Group Stage and advanced to the playoffs with a 3-0 score. Unfortunately we were eliminated in the Quarter-Finals by DenmarkAstralis in an exciting Best-of-Three that went to the third map and had some really close rounds, but in the end Astralis came out victorious from this encounter.
Today we would be taking a look at the performance of our players individually. We will also be covering their statistics and highlights from the whole event.



Rating: 1.07

K/D ratio: 1.11

Average damage per round: 77.1

Headshot %: 51.7%

Best score: 18/7 vs mousesports

Preferred Weapon: AK-47 (44 kills)



UkraineIoann "Edward" Sukhariev had a great performance during the event, as you could count on the Pistol King to secure the round with his pistol even during the eco. In the whole event he had the third highest rating in the team. He performed well in all of the matches during the group stage, having a positive K/D ratio and rating. He did have a neutral rating in the Quarterfinal but his average rating was still in the positives as he held a 1.07 rating. 
He had a couple of highlights from the tournament, some of them being with the pistols, which shouldn't come as a surprise to most people. We will link some of his highlights below. 
Starting off would be his quad kill against BrazilSK Gaming. After a 12-3 score in the first half, Edward gave no chance to the Brazilians for a comeback as he single-handedly won the pistol round, crushing all dreams and hopes of SK to actually win the match. 

Russian FederationSeized


Rating: 1.03

K/D ratio: 1.07

Average damage per round: 76

Headshot %: 35.1%

Best score: 16/8 vs mousesports

Preferred Weapon: M4A1-S (31 kills)



Russian FederationDenis "seized" Kostin had a great performance during the major. He was always there to create a favorable round for the team by getting the first couple of kills needed to give the team an advantage. He had a rating of 1.03 throughout the event; even though it’s below average of the team, he was always there when the team needed him and sometimes stats do not show that.
He was able to clutch some rounds throughout the event. He also had a few rounds where he got the starting kills or entry frags. He had highlights from almost every match, but those against Astralis mattered the most, just like the ones below. The first one is on Overpass where, despite the fact that the team was down 2-11, they did not lose hope and seized held the B bombsite perfectly as he stopped the opponents in their tracks by getting the opening kill and then denying them even a chance to reclaim the bomb, as he heard the enemy pick it up behind the smoke. Afterwards he got the last two remaining players with the AWP to finish the round.


Next is his 1v2 clutch on Mirage. Even though we were leading 7-1, we had to keep this momentum rolling and prevent the enemy team from closening this gap. He was able to plant the bomb and then kill the remaining 2 enemies to win the round and also break the economy of the Danish side, as they only won their first round previously.



Last but not the least would be seized showing his own pistol skills, too, as he got 2 kills with the P250 against AK-47's. We were able to convert a sure lost round into a win, as we did not count on winning the round with just a couple of upgraded pistols and no armor, but seized with the triple kill forced Astralis to back off and save their weapons.





Rating: 1.13

K/D ratio: 1.28

Average damage per round: 79

Headshot %: 47.3%

Best score: 27/15 vs Astralis

Preferred Weapon: AK-47 (39 kills)

UkraineOleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, the newest addition to the team attended his first major under our flag. He played at an incredibly high level as he had a 1.13 rating for the event. The youngster put on a show in all of the matches as he had a positive K/D in the majority of his games. His skills with the AWP and the rifles are really on-point as he had always got some exciting moments with them.
There are numerous highlights of s1mple, but we can not link all of them, so we would just show some of the best ones.
The first highlight is against BrazilSK Gaming; it doesn't look like a big deal to get a triple kill during an anti-eco, but when there are 3 enemies rushing at you with pistols, then anyone can easily get pressured and miss his shots - but s1mple stayed calm and held the mid doors with ease.
Next up is an exciting moment against DenmarkAstralis. It was the second map in the Best-of-Three and things were pretty intense as the score was 14-14. Whoever won the round would have won the map and being down 0-1 in the series, we had to secure this map to stand a chance of winning against them in the third map. The round was almost over for us as we were down to a 2v4 situation, but the Danish squad decided to take a gamble and rotate to the A bombsite with less than 30 seconds on the clock. Just when there were 10 seconds left, they had to get the bomb plant before the timer expires but s1mple was able to reach the bombsite at the nick of time and take out the bomb planter to win the round. 



Rating: 0.99

K/D ratio: 1.11

Average damage per round: 77.1

Headshot %: 24.5%

Best score: 26/18 vs Astralis

Preferred Weapon: AWP (61 kills)


SlovakiaLadislav "Guardian" Kovacs didn’t have one of his best performances during the major but looking at how his teammates were performing, he did not really get the chance to get numerous kills during the matches. His AWP was still on point, as whenever he got it, he was able to get a kill or two most of the time. He was also winning most of the AWP duels, which is a warning for others that he can still reach his previous form as the best AWPer in the world at any time.
One of his highlights with the AWP was against Astralis on mirage. He held the A bomb site flawlessly and stopped the attackers by getting a triple kill with his trusty sniper rifle. This allowed us to tie the score at 10-10.



Next up is his triple kill against Germanymousesports; despite the fact that he was using the AWP he still played a bit aggressively by getting 2 kills at close range and afterwards stopped anyone trying to reach the bombsite by holding it down from connector.



Russian FederationFlamie


Rating: 1.30

K/D ratio: 1.37

Average damage per round: 100

Headshot %: 60%

Best score: 26/8 vs SK Gaming

Preferred Weapon: M4A4 (52 kills)



Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasiliev was a beast throughout the tournament. He had the second highest rating in the whole tournament, losing to the first place by just a 0.01 difference. He put on a show in almost every match as he came in with the clutch rounds, and rounds with 3-4 kills very often. He was someone for the enemy team to fear during a match.
He seemed to perform well in almost all of our matches as he had 20+ kills in 4 out of the 6 maps we played. That resulted in him getting positive ratings on 4 maps; the results showed how well he had played in all the matches.
His highlights, alongside s1mple, are in a huge amount for each match so we would link only a few of those below. The first one being against SK Gaming, he completely demolished the Brazilian squad as he got an ace with the AK-47. He successfully defended the bombsite with ease, as he got 2 players at mid from a long range, afterwards he did not let anyone touch the bomb as he killed the remaining three enemies without breaking a sweat.
The next video actually has 2 highlights from the match against Astralis, the first one is his triple headshot kills with deagle. The amazing thing about it is that he had a boost near the bombsite which allowed him to look towards the connector door and take out anyone who would try to go through it. The second one is the quad kill he got with the AK-4:, he single-handedly opened up the bombsite by getting two quick headshots and then preventing the enemy team from retaking the bombsite.
His last highlight is against FranceTeam EnVyUs; we were on a force buy and had plans for taking over a bombsite and try getting the bomb planted for the money bonus, but flamie was able to get the entry frag at connector which resulted in the team going towards A. Despite the fact that everybody else died, flamie still secured the round with the stolen M4A4 as he got a quad kill while also winning a 1v2 clutch.
Looking at how well our players performed for the major, this just shows us how talented our roster is, and after a few months of more practice they might be able to improve even more. All we have to wait for is another great tournament, and they would have all the chances to leave the arena with the trophy in their grasp.


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