ELEAGUE Major 2017: Na`Vi in TOP-8


In the quarterfinals of ELEAGUE Major 2017, CISNatus Vincere G2A faced DenmarkAstralis in a direct elimination Bo3 matchup. Both teams have skilled players in their roster, and conquered the groups stage with a respectable score. It was a great fight, but ultimately Astralis won 2-1, and Na'Vi secured the top 8th, with a $35,000 prize.


ELEAGUE Major 2017

[07:16 de_overpass]

[16:14 de_mirage]

[10:16 de_dust2]




CISNatus Vincere.G2A VS Denmark Astralis - de_overpass


The map selected for the first fight was de_overpass, and our guys started on the CT-side. DenmarkAstralis had the upper hand in the pistol round, so our guys saved up in the next one, waiting for a comeback. On round four we finally bought, even if we were short on utilities: after a solid start, Russian Federationseized remained alone against three - he brought one enemy down with him before the end. With a 0-4 score our guys opted to group together around B, and after a small skirmish, both teams slowed down their game. Finally Astralis decided to rotate and rush through lower park, finding A unguarded and planting the bomb.
With M4’s in our hands, we split evenly between A and B. s1mple obtained two crucial kills near restroom, blocking Astralis offensive, and securing the first round of the map for CISNa`Vi. Round 7th saw a 3 vs 3 final fight on B: Astralis advanced through canals and construction, our team joined from A, killing one of the enemies, but ultimately losing the round. This forced us to go for an eco; it should have been easy picks for the Danish squad but UkraineEdward was able to show off his pistol kills and save an AK-47 for the next round - SlovakiaGuardiaN tried to save an AWP but he was killed a few seconds before the round ended.
On round 9 Astralis rushed B and planted; after a fast fight, SlovakiaGuardiaN decided to retreat to storage and save his AWP for the successive fights but he failed as the enemies overwhelmed and killed him before he could run back to safety. We went eco, and with just a Deagle flamie got two headshots while defending B. A third death followed and, losing only two men, we won the round and saved three of the opponent’s guns. In the next round, two of our guys aggressively pushed in upper park, but meanwhile Astralis swiftly conquered B, getting another round.


Following the loss, we had to eco on the 13th round, and even though s1mple was able to get a deagle kill at the start, the enemies had too much firepower. Afterwards we managed to get a half buy. DenmarkAstralis tried to do a fast execute on the B bombsite but Russian Federationseized and Russian Federationflamie held it perfectly, getting the bomb dropped in front of their feet and allowing the whole team to rotate towards A to secure the round, with seized getting a quad kill in the round. On Round 15 we guarded from green stack, but Astralis pushed through lower park winning another round. The first half ended 3-12, and we moved on T-side.
In the second half we got the pistol round, and spent our money to keep on pushing in the next round. We successfully planted on A, but ultimately the round went to Astralis, that defused with a last man alive. CISNatus Vincere then won a force-buy, planting on A, and scaring away the last member of Astralis. Our guys finally got the control of the map, obtaining up to 6 points, and forcing Astralis to eco, scoring another easy win.
On round 21 Astralis blocked our offensive, but SlovakiaGuardiaN tried his best until the end. In the following one Natus Vincere slowly checked the map before making any move, Astralis mostly waited around pit and pillar, while one player was guarding A. Finally we advanced to A, UkraineEdward remained alone and killed the last opponent, but it was two seconds too late and didn’t secure the round. The matchpoint saw a stressful mind fight, at last, through park, we reached a-main, but Astralis was there; seized tried a 1vs3 clutch, but he could only bring one enemy down before the end. DenmarkAstralis won the first map 7 to 15.

statistics courtesy of HLTV


CISNatus Vincere.G2A VS Denmark Astralis - de_mirage


The second fight happened on de_mirage, we were on the T-side and conquered B moving through apartments and cat. Astralis’ last player couldn’t do anything against three of us, and after getting a headshot, he opted to save his life. We scored another round with a safe rush and plant on B. CISNatus Vincere reutilized the same tactics also in the following rounds, dominating up to a 5-0 score, and showing their skills on this map.
On round 5 we left the bomb on t-appartements and aggressively moved towards top mid and underpass, where we brought down two opponents - once again, they couldn’t stop our push and lost the round. In the following one they were forced to eco, we slowly secured A and planted the bomb; their last member tried to escape but we stopped him from saving.
The score was 7-0, but this time DenmarkAstralis blocked our offensive on B. SlovakiaGuardiaN remained alone, stole the bomb and rushed on A, planting it and trying a 1vs3 clutch: he killed one, and almost got the second, but ultimately we had to give up on this round. We left the bomb and tried approaching from multiple routes; Ukraines1mple was pressuring from palace while the other guys came in from connector; seized planted and secured the round with a successful 1vs2 clutch. Another eco for Astralis, that brought our score to 9-1 easily .
On round 11 their counter offensive was successful, but we had plenty of money to back up our next clashes. The pace of the game slowed down because both teams had proper weapons to fight; we tried to reach A, but a sniper was protecting the area from jungle - in the end we opted for saving and reorganized our minds for the next round. DenmarkAstralis conquered the successive rounds and the score moved to 9-6; the first half ended and Na`Vi was still in advantage.


Our guys moved on the ct-side with a three rounds lead; we had to do our best and keep the advantage in order to move on the third map. DenmarkAstralis secured the pistol round, but our team was ready to counterattack. At this point we had two options: either go with a double eco, and then get back in game with a full buy, or eco a single time and then buy, hoping to surprise the enemy. We opted for the first choice, and with a 9-9 score, we started our approach on the ct-side.
On round 19 we had to partially save after Astralis planted on B. In the following one we distributed most of our forces in the upper half of the map, waiting to understand how the game would develop. We finally stopped them thanks to the amazing sniping skills of SlovakiaGuardiaN, who properly defended A.
On round 21 Astralis tried again a push in A, but this time the fight brought the teams to a 2vs2 fight. Astralis decided to retreat and rush B to plant the bomb, as soon as our guys realized it, they split to reach the area, but Astralis left one member behind to flank them. The score was 10-13, we were forced to eco and lost, but eventually we had the money to fight in the next round. DenmarkAstralis camped b-apartments, but GuardiaN was there with three more teammates and completely crushed their hopes - CISNatus Vincere never stops playing until the end. This victory boosted our confidence, and we easily won also the following round.
On the 27th both the teams wouldn’t let the opponent rest: Astralis planted B, but s1mple and GuardiaN stopped them and defused. The comeback was real and finally our guys tied to 14-14. On round 29, s1mple and flamie remained alone versus three, there were only 30 seconds left for Astralis, they tried to plant but without success, and it was match point for Na`Vi. Two against 1, Astralis planted on A, our guys rushed to block him; one died but we secured the round defusing the bomb. The game ended 16-15 for CISNatus Vincere G2A.

statistics courtesy of HLTV


CISNatus Vincere.G2A VS Denmark Astralis - de_dust2


The third and final fight happened on de_dust2, where Astralis started winning the pistol round. They kept the advantage in the early game, but finally our guys stopped them and scored the first point as CT on round 5. We won also the following one, while round 7 started badly with a death through mid-doors, but we quickly tied the number of players to four. DenmarkAstralis crushed our defences on cat and planted on A, so s1mple and flamie decided to save while guarding long A door to get any possible extra kill.
On round 8, both teams had full utilities and all possible tactics were used to score the point. Ultimately in a 2vs3 situation Astralis was able to get the control of A and plant again, SlovakiaGuardiaN saved after trying to snipe down some enemy players, and indeed he got one that followed him up to B. The score was 3-6, Astralis tried to conquer B with a fast rush from tunnels, but our team was ready and intercepted them. The score tied thanks to our guys’ determination, and keeping the momentum, we overthrew the enemy from their throne, and finished the first half with a 8-7 score.


We moved on the T-side, slowly approached mid-door but there wasn’t an opening, so the team relocated in tunnels. We killed their defense and planted, ultimately SlovakiaGuardiaN remained alive and defeated the last opponent. Astralis won the successive round with and the score moved to 9-8, our advantage from the ct-side didn’t falter. On round 18 and 19 we decided to eco in order to save money for a proper full buy fight. On 9-10 we started our offensive with a full AK lineup, we took A and planted, DenmarkAstralis advanced from long and ramp, but finally s1mple secured the game with a triple. The Danish team decided to completely reset their strategy; our guys tried moving on cat, but multiple enemies were ready to intercept them. 
The match was intensive and a joy for any CS:GO fan as both teams played their best game, and we can consider it a real final. CISNatus Vincere went eco for two rounds, saving enough money for a comeback. At this kind of level, the amount of money in your hands is fundamental: to defeat the enemy, just the guns aren’t enough, but all sort of utilities play a very important role. We couldn’t penetrate Astralis also in the next round, and they went up to 14 points. 
On round 25 we splitpushed mid and tunnel - the first was stopped by a molotov, so the remaining players tried to relocate on A. UkraineEdward and SlovakiaGuardiaN were low, still they slowly tried to get A without being noticed, but ultimately they couldn’t break through. The matchpoint saw a full commitment of our team on long, while Astralis spread along the map. We tried, went on A, planted and tried to defend, flamie tried alone vs 3, but without success. DenmarkAstralis won with a 16-10 score and qualified for the semifinals

statistics courtesy of HLTV

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