EMS One Katowice - Natus Vincere are in!

As many of you probably already know, our boys have successfully (although not completely without effort) outplayed their opponents in the last European online qualifiers for EMS One LAN-tournament that will be held in mid-march in Katowice, Poland. Continue reading to learn in a bit more detail about this unboundedly joyous news.  


We’d like to remind you that there were six tournament spots up for grabs overall, so our boys only needed to win two matches. Nevertheless, the task turned out to be not as trivial in practice, since cocky Swedish boys from a half-mix team called TBA managed to make the road to the coveted quota difficult for our troopers. 


Thus, despite a vigorous start and a confident 16-11 score in our favor on de_dust2, the game on the next map - de_inferno, as it happens quite often, didn’t go as planned (an insulting sore of 5-16). Why this happened and why our team didn’t manage to turn the score in their favor on inferno, we will definitely find out from our boys (yes, this is a hint to an interview!), the third and deciding battle ground was the famous railroad depot. Why so famous? Of course, because of imba overtimes! Hail Edward for his key performances that allowed Na’Vi, as they say, crush their Swedish enemies just on experience in overtime, thus closing the meeting with a winning score of 26-23 in their favor. 


Briefly, get your popcorn ready, cause relatively soon we will be witnesses to the most epic clash, during the course of which some unimaginable for European eSports prize pool of $250,000 will be up for grabs. And, of course, cheer for Na’Vi ;)

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