EMS One: Match-ups

Play-off match-ups for EMS One in DotA2 have been drawn. We would like to remind you that Natus Vincere claimed their right to attend this event by having successfully qualified during two qualifiers and the group stage.

The final battle will take place during 20-21 of April in Poland. Na`Vi will be joined by the likes of No Tidehunter, Fnatic, Mousesports, DD, AL.Main, RoX.KiS, VP. You'll find the details below.
The organizers have conducted quite an arguable draw which will make the upper bracket look much more interesting than the lower one where every match could fit the role of the most spectacular final game. Here's how it looks:
20.04 11:00 CET image DD – image RoX.KiS;
20.04 14:00 CET image AL.main – image VP;
20.04 17:00 CET image NTH – image Mousesports;
20.04 20:00 CET image Fnatic – image Natus Vincere;
21.04 11:00 CET – first semifinal;
21.04 14:00 CET – second semifinal;
21.04 17:15 CET – final.
As you can see, if Na`Vi win their first match in the semis they will face the winner of No Tidehunter - mouz match-up. This outcome, however, has its positive sides as well, because if this is the case our community will be able to witness two teams from CIS in the final which looks quite attractive from our perspective.
Prize money distribution ($35 000):
  1. $12 000
  2. $7 000
  3. $4 000
  4. $4 000
  5. $2 000
  6. $2 000
  7. $2 000
  8. $2 000
Reporters of Navi-gaming.com will be on site to provide you with information and media-coverage.
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