EMS One: Natus Vincere in group C

A couple hours ago the group draw of EMS One has been concluded. We would like to remind you, that Na`Vi took part in two out of four qualifiers and is currently ranked third after Virtus.pro and No Tidehunter who haven't missed a single qualifier. The latter even won the three of those.


After the draw was finished we have discovered an interesting fact: the teams Natus Vincere, Virtus.pro, No Tidehunter and Fnatic.eu may now swap their groups. In the beginning they looked like the following:

Group A: image fnatic.eu, image mouz, image TCM, image fnatic.na 
Group B: image Virtus,  image dd, image rat, image Infinity
Group C: image Natus Vincere, image Kaipi, image AL, image Liquid 
Group D: image NTH, image Empire, image RoX.KIS, image Eosin


The captains then were given an opportunity to switch their group with the other teams during five minutes. Natus Vincere and Fnatic have declined the offer, while Virtus.pro's captain haven't even showed up. Thus, No Tidehunter have used the opportunity to change the group, so that the groups B and D now look like this:

Group Dimage Virtus, image Empire, image RoX.KIS, image Eosin
Group Bimage NTH, image dd, image rat, image Infinity
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