COVERAGE: EPICENTER 2017 qualifiers


On 26 September Ukraine NaVi.G2A begin their performance at EPICENTER 2017. In the first match of the group stage the Born to Win will encounter Russian Federation forZe. The match will be held in best of 3 and will begin at 16:00 CEST.


The following teams will participate in the qualifiers of the tournament: Ukraine Natus Vincere, Russian Federation Team Spirit, CIS FlipSid3, Kazakhstan Avangar, Russian Federation forZe and Russian Federation Vega Squadron got direct invites and two teams passed open qualifiers: Russian Federation Quantum Bellator Fire and Russian Federation Spirit Academy.


Within the framework of the qualifiers, the teams will pass two stages: group stage and playoff. The group stage will be GSL, only 2 teams of each group will advance to the playoff. Ukraine Natus Vincere seeded to group А, along with Russian Federation Team Spirit, Russian Federation forZe and Russian Federation Quantum Bellator Fire. As concerns group B, its first games have already been played. The participants are CIS FlipSid3, Kazakhstan Avangar, Russian Federation Vega Squadron and Russian Federation Spirit Academy.


As a reminder: the winner of the closed qualifier won't get to the main part of the tournament, but gets the chance in the Wild Card to fight against the winners of other regional qualifiers for one of the two slots in the main stage to be held in Saint Petersburg. We hope Ukraine NaVi will easily pass this qualifier stage and will earn the place in the Wild Card EPICENTER 2017! #gonavi


Match schedule of NATUS VINCERE
Time (CEST) Match Match page

26 September:

OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A [2:0] Russian Federation forZe Watch

27 September:

OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A [2:1] Russian Federation Team Spirit Watch

4 October:

OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A [2:1] Kazakhstan AVANGAR Watch

10 October:

OVER Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A [2:0] Russian Federation Vega Squadron Watch

12 October:

18:00 Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A VS Russian Federation Vega Squadron Watch


Format and maps

  • Group stage: GSL, best of 3 matches.
  • Playoff: single elimination, best of 3 matches.


Map pool

de_train de_cache
de_inferno de_mirage de_nuke de_overpass de_cobblestone de_train de_cache

Group stage

Group A

The first match of the group
Winners' match
To the playoff
2 Russian Federation Team Spirit
1Russian Federation Team Spirit
Ukraine Natus Vincere
0 Russian Federation QBF
2 Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A
2Ukraine Natus Vincere
0 Russian Federation forZe
Losers' match
Decider match
2Russian Federation Team Spirit
Russian Federation Team Spirit
2Russian Federation QBF
1Russian Federation QBF
0Russian Federation forZe


Group B

The first match of the group
Winners' match
To the playoff
2 Kazakhstan AVANGAR
1Kazakhstan AVANGAR
Russian Federation Vega Squadron
1 CIS FlipSid3
2 Russian Federation Vega Squadron
2Russian Federation Vega Squadron
0 Russian Federation Spirit Academy
Losers' match
Decider match
2 Kazakhstan AVANGAR
Kazakhstan AVANGAR
2CIS FlipSid3
1 CIS FlipSid3
1Russian Federation Spirit Academy



Upper brackets final
Grand final
2 Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A
2Ukraine Natus Vincere
0Ukraine Natus Vincere
Win -
1 Kazakhstan AVANGAR
2 Russian Federation Vega Squadron
0Russian Federation Vega Squadron
1Russian Federation Team Spirit
Losers match
Lower brackets final
2Russian Federation Vega Squadron
0Russian Federation Vega Squadron
WKazakhstan AVANGAR
0Kazakhstan AVANGAR
Russian Federation Team Spirit


Official stream



Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A

ua Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko
ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev
ua Ioann "Edward" Suharev
ru Denis "seized" Kostin
Russian Federation Egor "flamie" Vasiliev

CIS FlipSid3 Tactics

Russian Federation Denis "electronic" Sharipov
ua Andrew "B1ad3" Gorodensky
Russian Federation Georgi 'WorldEdit' Yaskin
ua Egor "markeloff" Markelov
Finland Jan "wayLander" Rahkonen

Russian Federation forZe

ru Anatoliy "liTTle" Yashin
ru Dmitry "facecrack" Alekseyev
ru Anton "kibaken" Kolesnikov
ru Andrew "Jerry" Mehriakov
Russian Federation Almaz "almazer" Assadulin

Russian Federation Spirit Academy

ru Aleksei "NickelBack" Trofimov
ru Aleksei "1uke" Zimin
ru Roman "Rommi" Golubev
ru Aleksei "BAS" Kustov
ru Evgeniy "fenya" Mytsik


Russian Federation Quantum Bellator Fire

Russian Federation Nikita "WaterfallZ" Matveev
Russian Federation Saveliy "jmqa" Bragin
Russian Federation Grigory "balblna" Oleynik
Russian Federation Kirill "Boombl4" Mihailov
Lithuania Aurimas "Kvik" Kvakvšys 

Kazakhstan AVANGAR

Russian Federation Ali "Jame" Djami
Kazakhstan Dmitry "dimasick" Matvienko
Kazakhstan Aleksei "Qikert" Golubev
Kazakhstan Aydyn "KrizzeN" Tarlibekov
Kazakhstan Timur "Busterjkee" Talepov


International Team Spirit

Ukraine Sergiy "starix" Ischuk
Russian Federation Dmitry "Dima" Bandurka
Russian Federation Dmitry "S0tF1k" Forostianko
Russian Federation Vadim "DavCost" Vasiliev
Ukraine Pavel "COLDY" Veklenko

Russian Federation Vega Squadron

Ukraine Dmitry "jR" Chervak
Russian Federation Leonid "chopper" Vishniakov
Russian Federation Sergey "keshandr" Nikishin
Russian Federation Nikolay "Mir" Bitiukov
Russian Federation Pavel "hutji" Lashkov


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