EPICENTER CIS: match for the slot!


In the final match of EPICENTER CIS 2017 qualifiers, Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A will encounter another CIS team - Russian Federation Vega Squadron. The match will begin at 18:00 CEST on 12 October and will be held in best of 3 format.


As you remember, the Born to Win defeated the sharks in the upper brackets final 2-0 (25:22 — de_mirage; 16:12 — de_train). Losing the match Russian Federation Vega was to play the final of the lower brackets against Kazakhstan AVANGAR, but the Kazakh team decided not to participate in EPICENTER CIS 2017, because they decided to play in the CIS Minor.


Therefore, Kazakhstan AVANGAR forfeited, and Russian Federation Vega will encounter Ukraine NaVi one more time. The winner of the match will get the slot in the Wild Card tournament. The two best teams of Wild Card will join 6 participants of the EPICENTER 2017 main stage. As per moment, there are 3 winners of regional qualifiers (International FaZe, China Tyloo and United States Team Liquid), today in the match Russian Federation Vega vs. Ukraine NaVi the fourth participant will be defined! #gonavi


Ukraine s1mple Russian Federation seized Ukraine Zeus Ukraine Edward Russian Federation flamie
Oleksandr Kostylev Denis Kostin Danil Teslenko Ioann Suharev Egor Vasiliev

best of 3

12 October



Ukraine jR Russian Federation chopper Russian Federation keshandr Russian Federation Mir Russian Federation hutji
Dmitry Chervak Leonid Vishniakov Sergey Nikishin Nikolay Bitiukov Pavel Lashkov








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