EPICENTER 2017 CIS: The end of the road.

The grand final of EPICENTER 2017 CIS qualifications saw UkraineNatus Vincere G2A fight against Russian FederationVega Squadron in a Bo3 series. The final series saw a close battle on 3 maps, but ultimately, we drop out of EPICENTER qualifiers, losing 1-2.




[16:10 de_train]

[13:16 de_nuke]

[13:16 de_mirage]


UkraineNatus Vincere G2A [1:0] Russian FederationVega Squadron - de_train

The first game of the series was off to a swift start, as the teams were trading rounds left, right and center. The teams were going very close, with neither team able to establish a significant advantage. However, soon Russian FederationVega Squadron were able to claim some advantage, and that put them in a good position in the first half, which they managed to successfully realize, claiming the first half with the score 6:9. We had to cover the 3-round deficiency as the CT to come back into this game.

The second half, though, was a huge difference to the first one. UkraineNatus Vincere got all their power together and claimed 6 rounds in a row, far surpassing the scoreline and establishing a good lead. It was not until the match point, which came at 15:9, that the opponent was able to get the first round on board. The second match point, though, had us stand strong on the site, slaying enemies right as they were coming. 16:10 is the score on de_train, as we move to the second map.


Stats on de_train, courtesy of http://hltv.org

UkraineNatus Vincere G2A [1:1] Russian FederationVega Squadron - de_nuke

The pistol round of the first half was taken by the opponent as well as the next one, and we had to eco on the third round, giving it up as well despite a good start. The first point was claimed by us during the 4th round, but we did not snowball during the next round, and force bought on the 6th. We were 5 points down, and counting, as Vega seemed to be rolling through the half. The next point of ours was taken in the round 8, as we crushed the opponent, score being 2:6. We picked up several rounds in a row, up until the answer by the opponent, putting the score at 4:7. This was not a big setback for us, as we were still able to win the round, and round 14 saw us tie the score 7:7, with UkraineNatus Vincere claiming the first half 8:7.


The second pistol round was again taken by the opponent, but we traded some rounds and let the opponent catch up, 9:9, but took the subsequent rounds and gained 2 points of advantage, which was diminished to 1 in the round 22, yet we maintained the lead and crushed enemy economy, forcing them to eco and winning it. The game was becoming very close, with round difference not exceeding 2 rounds, until Russian FederationVega tied the score at 13 rounds each. The opponents took 2 rounds, and came to 13:15 matchpoint - it was close, but ultimately, Russian FederationVega took it 13:16.


Stats on de_nuke, courtesy of http://hltv.org

UkraineNatus Vincere G2A [1:2] Russian FederationVega Squadron - de_mirage

The decider map started off with a loss in the pistol round for us, but we claimed the one after it. That did not seem to help our cause a lot, as we seemed to be overwhelmed by the opponents who claimed 4 rounds in a row. UkraineNaVi then got a second wind and started to climb back up, finally tying the score 5:5 and getting 2 round lead by round 12. The last round of the first half had both teams sit at 7 rounds, and we won the first half by the skin of our teeth with 8:7 on the board.


The second half started off with a dominant performance by us, as we were increasing the lead steadily, while the opponent did not manage to get a single point on board all the way to round 20, but that seemed to be it for a little while. Russian FederationVega tied the score 12:12 and advanced further all the way to 12:15 - match point, but we denied it. Still, we had 2 more rounds to go for the chance to get to the overtime, and we did not manage to do that, and dropped out of the EPICENTER 2017 CIS closed qualifiers.


Stats on de_mirage, courtesy of http://hltv.org

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