interview with Andrew 'Xeo' Yat


image conducted an interview today with image Andrew 'Xeo' Yatsenko, PR & Social Media Marketing Manager. 
In it, Andrew gives some insights on our plans for the future, including the opening of an US Gaming House.
Asked about whether there's a possibility of signing an US squad, Xeo gives the following answer:
'Yes, we are seriously considering this opportunity. Last Autumn we came very close to signing an entirely American League of Legends team, but had to cancel the offer at the very last minute. Right now we are still considering either a SC2 or League of Legends squad, and we do not have any geographical prejudices.'
Here are some more excerpts from the interview:
'The European Counter-Strike scene, in particular, is commonly considered to be of a higher calibre than the North American scene. Have you considered how a long-term move to “less competitive” waters might affect the ability of your players to compete internationally?
'e-Sports is gaining momentum all over the world, and particularly in the US. This means more professional leagues, more tournaments, more championships, more players and more teams. The skill level has also risen as a result, which is why we do not consider the North American scene to be “less competitive”. We also hope that our presence in the US would improve the overall skill level of domestic teams and will bring new talent to the scene. Please also note that we are not going to miss ANY major tournaments around the world, so are not concerned about the issue you mentioned.'

Why do you think you have such a large fan-base in the US?

We would like to believe this is because of the outstanding skill level of our teams and players, as well as our record of tournament victories. Other than that, all of our players are really bright and versatile personalities, both in e-Sports and real life.'
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