TOP 5 comebacks of ESL One Cologne 2015


One of the greatest CS:GO tournaments of all times has come to an end, leaving all its attendees and online viewers pleasantly surprised by the quality of the event. ESL One Cologne 2015 had been breathtaking indeed and it will surely be remembered for years to come. All participating teams managed to step up and show some incredible plays, having been motivated by a huge stage, thousands of fans and fantastic atmosphere. We got to witness a lot of one-sided clashes, as well as the intense matches where both teams have shown an amazingly strong performance right from the start. Today, we decided to gather those games, the result of which was a bit more difficult to predict, and compiled our own Top 5 ranking of ESL One's comebacks!  

PolandVirtus.Pro vs. SwedenNiP [Train]

de_train is a relatively new map in the map pool of most CS:GO tournaments, so it hasn’t been played too often in the past few months. However, Virtus.Pro has always been considered one of the best teams on it, as they were able to take clean rounds on an incredibly unfavorable T-side and demonstrate the unbreakable defense as CT. Their “rushing“ tactics and smart bombsite executions always worked perfectly well, but this time, against NiP, they have lost control and looked a bit shaky throughout the entire first half. Having lost the second pistol round and being at a considerable 12:6 disadvantage, they have managed to take 10 rounds and have won the game with a 16:13 score.


The match starts at 38:20

InternationalTeam Kinguin vs. AustraliaTeam Immunity [Dust2]

The match between Kinguin and Team Immunity on de_dust2 is the next on our list. The Australians have managed to take a 9:6 lead in the first half and successfully started their T-side by winning the pistol round and the following 2 anti-ecos. However, unfortunately for their fans and themselves, their domination was stopped right away. Kinguin managed to win a few important clutches, making their rivals go for a save, and took 10 rounds one by one. 


The match starts at 31:28

UkraineNa'Vi vs. ReunionTitan [Overpass]

de_overpass matches of Na`Vi and Titan have always been unbelievably close. The last two of them ended in favour of the French team, so the decision not to ban this map seemed quite risky, especially considering the new unpredictable Titan roster. Right from the start, our guys managed to gain an advantage, and have taken an 11:4 lead in the first half. But the confident CT-side of the French players hindered Na`Vi from taking a quick victory. They have collected themselves and step by step closed the round difference, bringing the map to overtimes. Fortunately for all the Born to Win fans, our guys have managed to win 19:17, but, anyway, the performance of their rivals was incredibly strong. 


The match starts at 12:55

ReunionEnVyUs vs. UkraineNa'Vi [Inferno]

The match between Na`Vi and EnVyUs, one of the strongest lineups of the world that has finished second at this major, being outplayed only by the Swedish giants Fnatic, takes the second place on our list. This time, we got to witness another interesting de_inferno play, which unfortunately ended in favour of the French team. The first half was all in all close, as it ended with an 8:7 score, but then Na`Vi started to show some new T-side tactics and gained a considerable round advantage. EnVyUs were ready to fight, and despite a 13:7 deficit started winning the most important rounds. As a result, they have clinched a 16:13 win, and advanced to the semifinals.


The match starts at 23:15

SwedenFnatic vs. ReunionEnVyUs [Dust2]

The epic grand-final of this year’s ESL One takes the first place on our Top 5 list. Fnatic managed to grab their third major win despite all difficulties on their way. The Swedes were unstoppable throughout the entire tournament, and neither the confident performance of KioSHiMa nor incredible shooting skills of ApeX could break them. Such teams deserve to win over and over again to show everybody how powerful the hard work and the respect inside the team are. As for the match itself, EnVyUs started incredibly strong and were dominating in both halves of the match. When the scoreboard has shown a 7:14 figure, most of the Fnatic fans were left with no hope. But slowly, step by step, the guys have managed to do the impossible and brought the map to overtime. They have climbed up all the way from 7:14 to 18:15, and that is what really proves what they are made of. Our congratulations to the winners! Enjoy the match!


The match starts at 19:00


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