ESL One: the battle over Frankfurt


Yesterday the match against SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas was over. Unfortunately, our team lost the game. However the players don't have time for a rest, since today Natus Vincere has to enter another battle. Another team from Sweden - SwedenAlliance - will be their rival. The match will be held within the framework of European qualifiers of ESL One Frankfurt. Learn more about the qualifiers in our report.


The foregoing match is one of the most important as per moment. The participation in LAN-final of ESL One to be held at the German city Frankfurt am Main is at stake. Huge stadium, full of Dota 2 fans, most powerful teams and substantial prize pool make this tournament one of the most imposing after The International. The organization promises to be at the highest level, since the organizers of the event have enormous experience in conducting such events. None of the teams will refuse to participate in such awesome feast of eSports. The fight over the craved slots will continue up to the last seconds of the match.


Notwithstanding UkraineNa`Vi was defeated by SwedenAlliance in their last encounter, they are lucky to have this team as a rival. The Swedes are on the rise now, but their performance can't be claimed as fantastic. Good teamplay and correct choice of heroes are the key factors for the victory in this match. And we need this victory. There might be no other chance to go to LAN-final. The team mustn't drop to the lower brackets, which consists of SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas and United StatesCloud 9 that are waiting for the loser of the match Russian FederationTeam Empire vs Russian FederationASUS.Polar.

Why creating complexities and playing additional matches, if the team can obtain the invite today? Let's have faith in our team and support them! The stream will begin at 20:00 CET. Don't miss it. GO UkraineNatus Vincere!




Team squads:

 Ukraine Natus Vincere: Dendi, Vanskor, XBOCT, DkPhobos, standin.SoNNeikO

 Sweden Alliance: Loda, Pajkatt, Niqua, 7ckngMad, Akke




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#1 ee AiRman 2 April 2015, 07:27
It was terrible, but gl next time.
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