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One of the giants of eSports industry shared its plans for 2016. Previously we wrote about the upcoming ESL events. Now it's time to outline the route of the tournaments this season. Similarly to 2015, there will be five large events to determine the champions in 4 disciplines: Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.


Intel Extreme Masters Taipei 


IEM Taipei will be the first ESL tournament, held on 29 January - 2 February. The prize pool of the event is $ 75 000, shared between the professional of Dota 2 and StarCraft II: LotV. As a reminder, the LAN-final of Minor CS:GO championship will also be held in Taipei. Eight best teams of Southeast Asia and Australia will take part in this event with $ 50 000 prize pool and two slots in LAN-qualifiers of MLG Columbus 2016 at stake. 


Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice


Polish town Katowice will welcome the second ESL event. Spodek Arena will become a battlefield for the strongest CS:GO and League of Legends teams on 4-6 March. The organizers promise substantial prize pool as well as the establish trophy of Intel Extreme Masters. 




Will Katowice event break its previous records?


ESL One Manila 


Next is the trio of tournaments each having similar prize pool of $ 250 000. One of the main events of the Spring is ESL One Manila, held exclusively for Dota 2. On 24-25 April, the capital city of The Philippines will become an epicenter of the combat between the first tier teams. The tournament is of significant importance, since it provides an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the team just before TI invites are sent.


ESL One Frankfurt 


Commerzbank Arena got used to Dota 2 battles. For the third time, eight best Dota 2 teams will gather in Frankfurt to fight over a large prize pool and determine the most powerful line-up. On 18-19 June, Dota 2 fans will be watching the eternal fight of the Dire and the Radiant on the biggest screen in the history of eSports (500+ sq.m). Furthermore the organizers will arrange many exciting entertainments to the visitors of the event: tattoo-sessions, official Secret Shop, cosplay contest and much more.  


ESL One Cologne 


ESL One Cologne will be ESL's final event of 2016. On 8-10 July we'll be watching the battle of the most powerful shooters, held in German city of Cologne. The event will have prize pool of $ 250 000. The event will be one of the most grandiose Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments of the year. The previous ESL championship held on 20-23 August 2015 in Cologne broke several records, which remain unachievable up till now. The Major gathered over 27 millions of unique viewers, with 1,3 millions of simultaneous viewers! 
Summing up, 2016 will be a great eSports year with lots of amazing and spectacular events! Let's hope that Natus Vincere will be inalienable part of each prestigious competition!


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