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Many people have got up very early to arrive in time for the start of ESL One Cologne 2015. Some came by train, some came by car and a few people simply walked to the LANXESSarena in Cologne, Germany. All of them wanted to see the most anticipated and some of the best CS:GO plays from the top teams all over the world.


The entrance for the arena wasn't even opened and thousands of people were already lining up, waiting to get inside to get a glance at what the biggest CS:GO event yet would look like. After some waiting many people finally set a foot into the location and before the first match even started the lower ranks were completely filled. Luckily the arena can give the possibility to watch some fine CS:GO action to up to 20.000 people. Therefore the hall was quickly filling up, the heat and the tension were rising and the stage was set for the first matches.


Today's matches promised a lot of excitement and they should deliver! Ukraine Natus Vincere and France EnVyUs went head to head on both maps but the French squad came out victorious in the end. The next match was delayed by quite a bit due to sound issues. The crowd was not too happy about it but Denmark TSM demonstrated two dominating performances winning the bo3 series 2:0 against International Team Kinguin as well.



Sweden NiP vs Poland VP was the absolute fan favourite of all the matches. Every round was followed by cheers, applause and new hype. Both teams played with their heart and gave the best but VP came out on top! After that match the hype was gone and some people went home early, some were tired and chose to spend some time outside or check one of the lot possibilities around the arena as there was a lot to discover. Bull-riding, airbrushing, playing CS:GO or other games, experience VR or simply checking out new hardware were only some of the options the event gave the viewers.


The last match had clear roles for each team as Sweden fnatic was the big favourite and Brazil Luminosity Gaming were the huge underdogs. The Swedes quickly finished off the Brazilians on de_train with 16:5 but de_mirage turned out to be a very close game, but in the end fnatic won the game and their series with 2:0.


Cologne turns out to be a good location once more as the LANXESS arena is a good spot for fans to gather to cheer for their favourites. The waiting lines at the entrance(s) were long and some people had to wait for hours, but inside the arena was more than enough space. A lot of seats and many entrances ensured enough room for everyone to manuever. Drinks and food could be found on different levels and even the press had their own section, where they got everything they needed. There were no big issues or problems and people seemed to get along pretty good although people came from all over the world.


Four 2:0 game series don't look like a lot of fun or excitement but some of the matches were pretty even and only decided within the last few rounds of each map. Tomorrow we will see the last three matches of the tournament and we will find out who the new champion of the latest major will be. Who do you think will win?

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