ESL One Cologne 2015 Predictions: Part 2


Here is the second part of the ESL One Cologne 2015 predictions! You can read the first part here


PolandTeam eBettle


Team eBettle is one of underdogs in the tournament. The Polish players will hardly be able to surprise their fans. Of course, it is worth mentioning the fact eBettle beat UkraineHellRaisers and Titan at the European qualifiier, but it does not give them an advantage over other teams participating at this tournament. It seems likely that the Polish squad won't pass the group stage.


AustraliaTeam Immunity


The situation for the Australians is the same as for eBettle: The team has no chances to even pass the group stage but the team has some potential and maybe Immunity will come to these tournaments again and have a shot at advancing in the future.


International Team Kinguin


Of course, many people will say that BelgiumScreaM is in Kinguin and he can win all matches only by himself. One should not underestimate Adils talent, but this talent isn't enough for the whole tournament. Even if the team will qualify for the quarterfinals, the prospects for the further stages are not too good. The maximum for the team to reach should be quarterfinal.


France Titan eSports


Recently some changes happened in the squad of Titan: FrancekennyS and FranceapEX went to TEAM ENVYUSFranceshox and FranceSmithZz came to replace them. So far it can't be said that these changes have improved the game of Titan. In any case, it will be very difficult for them to receive good results at ESL One Cologne 2015. Most likely Titan will not advance to the playoffs.


Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas


The team is considered as one of the favorites of the tournament, but if you look at the recent performances of the Swedes, you can safely say that they are out of form now. Perhaps this is a temporary weakening of NIP, but it does not give any hope that Ninjas in Pyjamas will perform well. The prediction is quarterfinal.




Here we come to the team that can surprise everyone. ENVYUS had begun to play even better when kennyS and apEX came! KennyS is an excellent replacement for one of the team leaders - shox and apEX is an excellent replacement for SmithZz. With such an excellent squad TEAM ENVYUS has all the chances to win this tournament. Moreover, they are in good form now. The team is likely to reach the semifinals and then possibly the grand-final!


Denmark Team SoloMid


It is always difficult to make a prediction for this team. The Danes are very unstable. However, TSM will prepare in a proper way for such a prestigious tournament. The team can surprise everyone and go to grand-final, but the probability of this, nevertheless, is very low. In all likelihood, Team SoloMid will go to the semifinals, where they will end their journey.




There is no doubt that the Polish squad could win this tournament. Virtus Pro goes to Cologne for the victory. The squad is in crazy form, especially after the failure of the home tournament in Katowice. The five veterans want to rehabilitate for lost chances and prove that Virtus Pro is the most powerful team. The team will pass on to the semifinals and then perhaps, to the finals!

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