ESL One Cologne 2015 Predictions: Part 1


There is only week remaining to one of the most prestigious tournaments in CS:GO -  ESL One Cologne 2015. This time the tournament will be held in Cologne, Germany. Quarterfinals, semifinals and grand-final wii be held in the Lanxess Arena.There will be four groups, four teams each (two invited teams +  two qualified teams from Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania). The finals in Germany will be played in BO1 double-elimination format. The top two teams of each group will advance to the quarterfinals. The groups will be redrawn after the first day, so on the second day the teams will compete with new opponents. Besides, teams that failed to get to the semi-finals will get a second chance on the next day. The prize pool of the tournament is $250,000. It's time to make predictions! The second part can be found here.


Ukraine Natus Vincere


The players of the "Born To Win" squad have all the chances to win this tournament. After a busy schedule of tournaments from May until the end of July the team took a break to rest and get ready for ESL One Cologne 2015. There is no doubt that the Ukrainians will go through the group stage and will reach at least the semi-finals. Na`Vi will make every effort to win this tournament!


United States Counter Logic Gaming


CLG has qualified as an undefeated team, but the prediction for them is not as positive as for Cloud9. The reason for that are the recent IEM Gamescom 2015 results, where they didn't perform good and immediately left the tournament. Perhaps the Americans will collect their thoughts and show a more constructive game, but the likely prediction seems to be departure after the group stage.


Ukraine FlipSid3 Tactics


After Ukraine s1mple left FlipSid3, many experts and fans said that without the 17-year old Ukrainian FlipSid3 would play bad. Of course, the loss of such an important player will affect FlipSid3, but the Ukrainians are not in the list of outsiders. FlipSid3 won an epic match against Denmark Team Dignitas at the Europe Qualifiers and secured their ticket for ESL One Cologne 2015. Russian FederationDavCost, who replaced s1mple, has received positive feedback by experts. After the match, the captain of FlipSid3, Ukraine B1ad3, confirmed that DavCost will be a full member of the team. However,  FlipSid3's run at the end should end in the quarterfinal.


Australia Renegades


At the moment, the Australians look pretty good. It is evident that the team progresses and doesn`t stop there. The "cowboys" have an excellent team, which is capable of more than they have shownin the present. Australia Yaman "yam" Ergenekon impressed CS:GO community with his phenomenal play at recently completed tournaments. Renegades have a chance to go through the group stage and prove that it is no accident that they have will play in Cologne!


United States Cloud9


Cloud9 can become a dark horse of the tournament! It should be noted that they have qualified as an undefeated team, almost oblivious to their rivals. The Americans could very well go through the group stage and head straight to the semi finals. They are not guaranteed to be in the the grand final though because the competition will be very tough at the tournament.


Germany mousesports


Mousesports is an excellent promising team, but at the moment they can't compete with teams like Sweden fnatic, Natus Vincere or France TEAM ENVYUS. The team might not be able to pass the the group stage. But who knows, maybe the Germans will collect their thoughts and surprise everyone!


Brazil Luminosity Gaming


The American company has recently signed ex-team Keyd Stars, which has beaten fnatic back then and caused a lot of uproar in the community. Luminosity is one of the most unpredictable teams in the tournament and giving some predictions would be pointless. In any case, it will be interesting to look at the team.


Sweden fnatic


The Swedes are one of the favorites of the tournament. It is not necessary to do predictions for them. There are few teams who can take on the Swedish powerhouse, the few that can, can be counted with the fingers of one hand. Maybe the triumphant march of fnatic will end because everyone wants something new. Hopefully, ESL One Cologne 2015 won`t be another cakewalk for the Swedes!

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