ESL ESEA Dubai results


ESL ESEA Dubai 2015 has been one of the most unlucky tournaments for Na`Vi. Unfortunately, we failed to advance out of the group stage and showed one of the lowest results in comparison with other participating teams. Natus Vincere have played two bo1 matches, and both of them ended in favor of their opponents.


Our players have made overall 171 frags and died 207 times over their two maps. Russian Federation flamie has shown the best result (43 frags), whereas Ukraine Zeus has scored the smallest number of kills. By the way, it is the second tournament for our captain where he demonstrates quite unsuccessful plays, even though his performance during the summer season was quite solid. Zeus has made only 23 frags in UAE, having the average for our team number of deaths.  


However, the main reason for ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational loss is certainly not a frag statistic, but a team interaction. Even the former professional players that were commentating the matches have noticed that sometimes Natus Vincere’s plays did not turn the way they expected them to. At times, the guys did not understand each other, experiencing different kinds of miscommunication that caused upsetting mistakes, like bad grenade execution timings or bombs, forgotten in the middle of nowhere. 



In the very first match of the group stage our guys had to encounter the Danes  Denmark TSM. This lineup is a very consistent member of the TOP-3 teams of the world group, and playing against them has always been a tough thing to do. In most cases we simply couldn’t counter their playing style, and this time all fans were able to witness the same thing. Our players have lost the first round, and were very inconsistent from then on. Thus, TSM were able to take a lead, and the second half on de_overpass has ended with a 6:9 score. Of course, we still had a chance to make a comeback, but the Danes were unbreakable. Our team has got a chance to take the first T-round when their rivals were too close to the victory, and the map ended 10:16 in the Danes favor. flamie was the best fragger of our team with a 22/21 score. As a result, TSM has managed to outplay many other opponents and secured ther place in the grand-final. 



After this loss, the Born to Win had to play the еlimination match against the French team Titan. By the way, Natus Vincere players have lost to this lineup a few days before that, and the history has once again repeated itself. The titans have managed to take 5 straight rounds, and have won 10:16 even despite Na`Vi’s tactical pause that couldn’t stop the French momentum. The last match was lost, and now the Born to Win have to seriously discuss lots of different aspects. 



Natus Vincere have to make some serious changes if the players still want to remain the top team. They need to either create a brand-new approach to their practices and trainings, or relieve the busyness of their tournament schedule. Anyway, this loss will influence team’s future a lot, as this has already been the third time when the French eliminated us from the competition or prevented from winning the title. However, we can’t forget that both matches in Dubai were played in bo1 format, which despite being a very spectacular one to watch, is not completely fair in determining the strongest team. 

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