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Dubai welcomes everybody at their epic $ 250 000 ESL ESEA Pro League tournament that will be held in a beautiful modern city at Dubai International Marine Club. The main peculiarity of the competition which makes it different from all other Pro League seasons is the participation of invited teams. 6 best international lineups, including Natus Vincere, will attend the tournament, making it one of the greatest holidays for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans. Apart from the invited teams, the tournament will also feature the winners of qualifying stage. The competition will run from 10–12 September.


Our team will play their matches against the top teams in group B. The Born to Win players have recently encountered all of them, so they know what to expect. Titan and Fnatic were among our rivals at ESL One and Gaming Paradise, whereas the Danes from TSM played against Na`Vi at CPL League. Considering everything above-mentioned, we hope that our players will be able to move past the group stage and advance to the playoffs from the second, or (in case of winning against Fnatic) even from the first place. Don’t forget to support our team by leaving your comments below! 


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English stream

Time (CET)  Маtch


United States Cloud9 [12:16] France Team EnVyUs
OVER Poland [16:7] Sweden NiP
OVER Sweden fnatic [16:6] French Guiana Titan
OVER Denmark Team SoloMid [16:10] Ukraine Natus Vincere
OVER France Team EnVyUs [7:16] Poland
OVER United States Cloud9 [16:19] Sweden NiP
OVER Sweden fnatic [17:19] Denmark Team SoloMid
OVER France Titan [16:10] Ukraine Natus Vincere
OVER France Team EnVyUs [0:2] Sweden NiP
OVER Sweden fnatic [2:0] France Titan
OVER Denmark Team SoloMid [2:1] Sweden NiP
OVER Poland [2:1] Sweden fnatic
OVER Denmark Team SoloMid [2:3] Poland

Group stage


Group A:

1st round
2nd round
Group A decider
Group A winner
1France Team EnVyUs
0France Team EnVyUs
0United States Cloud9
0Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
1st round, Lower bracket
2nd round, Lower bracket
0France Team EnVyUs
0Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
0United States Cloud9
2Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
1Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas


Group B:

1st round
2nd round
Group B decider
Group B winner
1Sweden fnatic
0Sweden fnatic
0Denmark Team SoloMid
0France Titan
1Denmark Team SoloMid
1Denmark Team SoloMid
0Ukraine Natus Vincere
1st round, Lower bracket
2nd round, Lower bracket
2Sweden fnatic
0Sweden fnatic
1France Titan
0France Titan
0Ukraine Natus Vincere



12th of September

  • 21:40 - This concludes our report from the last day of the tournament. Thank you all for following the coverage, which was provided by Germany noxilicious. See you next time!
  • 21:30Poland are your winners of the ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai Invitational!
  • 21:25 - The grand finals offered everything the viewers could have asked for. The match went the full distance of five maps and Poland overpowered Denmark Team SoloMid in the last few rounds of the last map, although the Danish players were able to come back and nearly even the score, to win the last and deciding map with a score of 16:14! It was a really intense and crazy last map as both teams showerd their absolute best but in the end there could only be one winner.



  • 20:41 - Map number five has begun.



  • 20:28 - The Polish players did it! They won the fourth map and force a map five to determine the winner! de_mirage will be the last deciding map!



  • 20:18 - Round number 1 of the second half goes to Poland VP as well!



  • 19:55 - Map number 4 just started. Poland takes the pistol round.



  • 19:37 - The Danish squad quickly finished off the Polish players, giving them no chance to start a comeback or even win.



  • 19:10 - The third map is de_dust2 and has just started.



  • 18:52 - No chance for Denmark TSM as they lose with a score of 7:16 (4:11, 3:5) on de_train.
  • 18:20 - de_train is one of the strongest maps of Poland VP and they just won the first pistol round!



  • 18:06 - The second half turned out to be pretty intense. Although the Danish players took a few rounds early into the half, the Polish powerhouse bounced back by quite a bit until the "SoloMid" players finished the map and won with a score of 16:13.



  • 17:47 - Poland lost a few players early in the second pistol round but still managed to get some frags, but in the end the pistol round goes to the Danish squad once again.
  • 17:44 - 10:5 is the score after the first half in favour of Denmark Team SoloMid.
  • 17:24 - The Danish squad won the first pistol round as well.
  • 17:21 - The first map of the grand final just started! Denmark TSM won the knife round and will start on the CT side.
  • 17:10 - As it is a best-of-five series we will see a lot of maps being played. de_overpass, de_train, de_dust2, de_cobblestone and de_mirage will be the maps for the match of the day.
  • 17:05 - The teams are entering the stage and the pre-match interviews are shown on stream.
  • 16:30 - Ukraine Natus Vincere is unfortunately already out of the tournament but that doesn't mean you will not get so see our players anymore. Our lovely reporter Ukraine Yana "b2ru" Himchenko sat down with Ukraine Ioann "Edward" Suharev to catch up on recent events. In the interview Edward answers questions about the Gaming Paradise 2015, the coach Ukraine starix and much more, so make sure to drop by and check it out!
  • 16:15 - Before the first and last match of the day starts, we would like to remind you that our gallery is still being updated so you can still find new pictures.
  • 16:00 - Welcome to the report of the last day of the ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai Invitational! It is time to crown the champion of the tournament. In one hour the best-of-five series will kick and Denmark Team SoloMid will go up against the Polish giants Poland! Who will take the series and what are your predictions?

11th of September

  • 23:25 - This concludes our report for today from the ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai Invitational. Thanks for following our coverage, which was provided by Germany noxilicious today. See you tomorrow!
  • 23:20 - The grand final will take place tomorrow, 12.09.2015, at 17:00 CET. Denmark Team SoloMid will face Poland in a best-of-five match series. Make sure to tune in and follow our coverage to keep up to date.
  • 23:11 - The Polish powerhouse kept up the pace and quickly finished the Swedes off with a score of 16:4. They won five consecutive rounds and won the match series with an overall score of 2:1. Poland TaZ and his team will advance to the grand final to face Denmark TSM, while Sweden fnatic is out of the tournament.
  • 23:04 - Poland just crushed Sweden fnatic and finished the first half with a score of 11:4. The Swedish squad had no chance as the Polish players were steamrolling them.
  • 22:45 - The first rounds on the third map go to Poland VP.



  • 22:40 - The last map de_cache has just started.
  • 22:25 - Time for a third map! Poland just crushed Sweden fnatic on de_train with a score of 16:5. The Polish players didn't take long to get the last five rounds to win, giving only one more round to the Swedes.
  • 22:18 - Round number 1 of the second half goes to Poland VP as well!



  • 22:16 - The Polish powerhouse won the first half with a score of 11:4.
  • 21:56 - de_train is one of the best maps from the Polish squad, so there is still hope left! They already took the pistol round!



  • 21:40 - The first map goes to Sweden fnatic as they just won with a score of 16:7 against Poland The next map de_train will start soon.
  • 21:24 - Victorious first round for the Swedish players in the the second half.



  • 21:22 - The first half of de_cobblestone just ended with a 10:5 score in favour of the Swedish squad.
  • 21:00 - The match between Poland and Sweden fnatic has just started. The Polish squad took the pistol round, but the Swedish powerhouse won the second round!



  • 20:40 - Semi final number two is starting in about 10 minutes. The three maps for the match will be de_cobblestone, de_train and de_cache if necessary.
  • 20:15 - It is all over! The Danish giants from Denmark Team SoloMid have just beatten Sweden NiP on de_inferno with 16:10, taking the bo3 with 2:1. Although the "Ninjas" showed a promising first half, the Danish players steamrolled the Swedish powerhouse in the second half. Denmark TSM is the first grand finalist, while the "Ninjas" get a top 4 placement.



  • 19:58 - The second pistol round was taken by the Swedish team.



  • 19:38 - de_inferno started off good for the Danish team as they just won the first pistol round.
  • 19:30 - The full power of Denmark TSM hit Sweden NiP in the second half as the Danish powerhouse simply overran their opponents, gathering eight rounds really quickly, not taking any chances. The overall map score is 1:1 now and de_inferno will determine the first grand finalist.
  • 18:45 - The first half was an excellent demonstration of skill from both teams. Although the Swedish team started off strong, the Danish team started a comeback in full force - the result was a score of 8:7 for the first half.
  • 18:10 - Map number two just started and Sweden NiP won the first pistol round here.
  • 17:57 - The "Ninjas just won de_dust2 with a score of 16:7! de_mirage is up next.
  • 17:46 - Pistol round number two goes to Denmark Team SoloMid.
  • 17:45 - Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas just won the first half of de_dust2 with a score of 12:3 in their favour.
  • 17:31 - It seems like the timeout pays off as the Danish squad wins the first round!
  • 17:30 - The game continues.
  • 17:29 - Denmark TSM decided to take a timeout as the score is 0:6 for them. Take a look at the stage in the meantime.



  • 17:20 - First pistol round goes to the Swedish squad.
  • 17:17 - Kickoff for the playoffs! Sweden NiP managed to win the knife round.
  • 17:10 - Ten of the finest CS:GO players in the world are now joining the server, getting ready to start the match series!
  • 17:05 - The players are entering the stage and the pre-match interviews and predictions have taken place. Only a few more minutes until the first map starts!
  • 16:55 - The maps for the match series between Denmark TSM and Sweden NiP will be de_dust2, de_mirage and de_inferno.
  • 16:45 - The first playoff match series will start in 15 minutes!
  • 15:40 - One of the teams which impressed the audience and viewers the most was Sweden NiP. They looked pretty solid and won against some good teams. Do you want to find out more about one of their star players? Make sure to check out the interview Ukraine Yana "b2ru" Himchenko conducted with Sweden Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund to find out what he thinks about his team, what his gaming activities look like and much more!
  • 15:15 - Do you want to know what the location, the tournament and Dubai look like? Our reporters on site made sure to capture a video to give you some impressions from the tournament and the location!
  • 15:00 - The playoffs will start in two hours (17:00 CEST) as Denmark TSM will face Sweden NiP in the first semi final match.
  • 14:50 - The last four teams remaining in the tournament are Denmark Team SoloMid, Poland and the two Swedish teams Sweden fnatic and the Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas.
  • 14:45 - Check out the statistics for the whole last match.



  • 14:44 - The French team France Titan was able to start a comeback and at one point the score was even but Sweden fnatic didn't give up and ultimately won the second map with a score of 16:13. A third map will not be needed and the Swedish team will advance to the playoffs, while the run for the French team at the tournament is over.
  • 14:18 - The first half of the secod map de_inferno has just ended with 10:5 in favour of Sweden fnatic.
  • 13:45 - Sweden fnatic just won the first map de_train with a score of 16:5 against France Titan. The Swedes quickly took six rounds in the second half to finish off their opponents.
  • 13:10 - Kickoff for the second match of the day! The Swedish powerhouse Sweden fnatic will take on France Titan on the maps de_train, de_inferno and de_cobblestone.
  • 12:55 - Interesting statistics for both teams in the last match series. Find out all the details below:



  • 12:45 - No comeback for France EnVyUs on the second map as Sweden NiP quickly took the last six rounds (final score 16:7) they needed to win the map. Therefore the "Ninjas" will advance to the playoffs where they will face Denmark TSM! In contrast to that the tournament is over for the French players.
  • 12:30 - The five "Ninjas" also won the first half of the second as they finish it with a score of 10:5 on de_inferno. 
  • 12:00 - Although the French squad didn't win many rounds in the first half they tried their best to start a comeback in the second half. They managed to win quite a few rounds, but Sweden NiP didn't give away the victory and ultimately won the map with a score of 16:13.
  • 11:15 - Seems like the Swedes came in ready today as they won the first half on de_dust2 with 11:4!
  • 10:30 - The first match of the day between France Team EnVyUs and Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas has just started! The three maps will be de_dust2, de_inferno and de_cobblestone, if needed.
  • 10:25 - The players and coaches like to keep in touch with each other and hang out together.



@virtus.pro_official and @nipofficial veto process #esl

Ein von esports_live (@esports_live) gepostetes Foto am


  • 10:20 - All matches today will be best of three (bo3) matches, the grand final tomorrow will be a bo5.
  • 10:15 - Remember our gallery with photos from the event. There will be regular updates, so it always pays off to check back from time to time.
  • 10:00 - Welcome to the second day of the ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai Invitational! Today we will find out which four teams will advance to the playoffs. By the end of the day we will also know which two teams will be advancing to the grand final which will be played tomorrow. The first match of the day should start in about 30 minutes!
  • 00:25 - This concludes the first day of the event and our report, which was provided by Germany noxilicious. Thanks for following the coverage and make sure to tune in today when the event continues at 10:15 CEST.
  • 00:17 - Thanks to everyone who supported Ukraine Natus Vincere to the end. After two games the run of our team at the ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai Invitational ends and this is the third time that a French team ends our run at a tournament. Feel free to watch some of the statistics of the match below.



  • 00:12 - All the efforts were not enough to win. Although our boys started to make a comeback and found the emotional strength to win rounds, just a few more steps were missing. Therefore our run at the tournament ends as we didn't make it out of the group to advance to the playoffs.



  • 00:09 - The difference in won rounds is not so big anymore!



  • 00:07 - Looks like the "Born To Win" squad found the right pace for this side of the map. They are winning rounds!
  • 00:05 - Our boys won some more rounds.



  • 00:02 - Ukraine Na'Vi take a round as attackers!



10th of September

  • 23:58 - The second half started off good for the "Born To Win" squad, but the French players fought back and won the round. Now it is going to be a hard task to win this match!



  • 23:52 - The players from France Titan stick to their game plan and win many rounds but our boys didn't give up and win another round!



  • 23:42 - Ukraine Na'Vi just won the second round!



  • 23:39 - As the score is 1:6 for our players, Ukraine Natus Vincere decides to use a timeout.



  • 23:29 - The pistol round was just won by France Titan. Our team will see some more eco rounds and a lot of confrontation!



  • 23:27 - The last match of the day finally started on de_cobblestone with our boys starting on the CT side. Over the past three months, Ukraine Na'Vi and France Titan played on six maps against each other. Our players were victorious four times, twice on de_overpass, one time on de_mirage and one time on de_cobblestone.
  • 23:20 - This is how the viewers in Dubai watch the event. To find some more photos of the audiences and all the other important photos, check out our gallery.



  • 22:57 - The favourite lost! Sweden fnatic has just been beaten by Denmark TSM. The last match of the day between France Titan and Ukraine Natus Vincere will start soon.



  • 22:45 - Sweden fnatic was able to start a comeback and even the score to 15:15. Overtime!
  • 22:15 - After a long pause the game finally continues!
  • 21:30 - While the game is paused, we would like to serve notice on you that we updated the ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai Invitational gallery. Take a look at it and find out what the tournament looks like. You can also see famous players chilling and checking out the event.



@natus_vincere_official before the last game #esl

Фото опубликовано esports_live (@esports_live)


  • 21:15 - The first half ended with a score of 9:6 in favour of the Danish players.
  • 20:50 - The match just started on de_dust2. The first pistol round goes to Denmark TSM!



  • 20:42 - The players began to join the server. The preparations for the match Sweden fnatic vs Denmark Team SoloMid are underway.
  • 20:10 - Sweden NiP didn't waste any time and won the overtime in a convincing fashion! They are still in the tournament and will advance while United States Cloud9 is the first team to leave the tournament.



  • 20:00 - Overtime! The first 15 rounds didn't determine a winner on de_dust2 in the match between United States Cloud9 and Sweden NiP.
  • 19:35 - We would like to remind you that some staff from us is on site and will provide some coverage for you. There will be new photos, videos and interviews on our website soon - from all of the best teams in the CS:GO scene. In the meantime you can take a look at photos from Natus Vincere players.



NiP is chilling

Фото опубликовано esports_live (@esports_live)


  • 19:22 - Both opponents are head-to-head!



  • 18:40 - The match between United States Cloud9 and Sweden NiP should start in five minutes.
  • 18:30 - The Polish squad didn't wait long and after a few rounds for the French squad, the Polish players took their second win at this tournament!



  • 18:15 - Poland played a perfect first half and got a 15:0 against France EnVyUs!
  • 18:00 - The Polish squad is already in the lead as they already won seven rounds in a row!



#virtuspro #esl

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  • 17:50 - The next match between the French and the Polish team has just started. de_cache will determine the winner.
  • 17:22 - Ukraine Natus Vincere will face France Titan in a few hours in this tournament. Let's take a look at the statistics from the match against Denmark TSM in the meantime.



  • 17:20 - The next match between France Team EnVyUs and Poland will start in approximately ten minutes.
  • 17:12 - Unfortunately it was not enough to win six more rounds. Great game from Ukraine Natus Vincere and a lot of interesting things but Denmark TSM gave proof why they are one of the best teams in the world. Maybe our players didn't have enough warmup but we could already see the championship character from them!



  • 17:10 - Another round for the "Born To Win" squad!



  • 17:08 - Team TSM is close to win the game but every round is a hard fight for both teams. Our players are doing everything they can.



  • 17:04 - Excellent teamwork and Ukraine Natus Vincere takes another important round! 



  • 16:58 - Second half of the map started: The Danish squad wins the first round and our boys lose but nothing is over yet!



  • 16:49 - The "Born To Win" squad wins another round! With every won round the situation becomes a bit better. Keep your hopes up high for the second half.



  • 16:42 - Our opponents try to control the game and the course of the events but our boys are not giving up, trying to find their way. The score is 5:1 in favour of Denmark TSM at the moment.



@natus_vincere_official vs TSM

Фото опубликовано esports_live (@esports_live)


  • 16:36 - Our players tried to go to the B bombspot but it didn't work and Denmark TSM won the pistol round.



  • 16:34 - The match just started!
  • 16:24 - Players from both teams are slowly joining the server to start the match.
  • 16:12 - The "Born To Win" squad will play on de_overpass against their opponents.
  • 15:55 - Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Denmark Team SoloMid will be the next match and should start in a few minutes!
  • 15:49 - The Swedes did not waste much more time. Although the French players could win a few more rounds, the favourites claimed their 16:6 win shortly after.



  • 15:38 - 13:2 is the score in favour of Sweden fnatic as the first half just ended on de_cobblestone.
  • 15:15 - A good start for fnatic as they quickly win the first few rounds.



  • 15:05 - This was found near the entrance of the tournament ...



Stickers #esldubai

Видео опубликовано esports_live (@esports_live)


  • 14:56 - Match number two of the event has just been finished. The Polish giants Poland quickly finished off Sweden NiP with 16:7, not allowing them to get any more rounds on de_mirage. The next match between Sweden fnatic and France Titan will start in 15 minutes.



  • 14:40 - The first half just ended and the Polish squad was able to win the Terrorist side with a score of 8:7.
  • 14:24 - Round number one was won by Poland VP.



  • 14:22 - The match between Poland and Sweden NiP will take place on de_mirage.
  • 13:58 -  France EnVyUs has just won the first match against United States Cloud9 with a score of 16:12.



  • 13:41 - The first half of the map just ended.



  • 13:18 - France EnVyUs started their match against United States Cloud9 on de_cobblestone and the French squad wins the first round!
  • 12:40 - The problems are fixed and the first game will start soon!



Teams have just arrived #c9

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  • 12:05 - The start of the first match of the tournament will be delayed by a few minutes.



  • 11:05 - Welcome to the report from the ESL ESEA Pro League Dubai Invitational! Our reporters are already on site and ready to give you all the important updates



#esl has begun!

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  • Ukraine Natus Vincere: GuardiaN, Edward, Zeus, flamie, seized.
  • France EnVyUs: kennyS, NBK-, apEX, kioShiMa, Happy.
  • Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas: f0rest, Xizt, GeT_RiGhT, friberg, allu.
  • Poland Snax, NEO, TaZ, byali, pashaBiceps.
  • United States Cloud9: seang@res, shroud, n0thing, freakazoid, Skadoodle.
  • Sweden Fnatic: olofmeisteR,  JeSpErW, flusha, pronax, krimz.
  • Denmark Team SoloMid: device, dupreeh, karrigan, Xyp9x, cajunb.
  • French Guiana Titan: RpK, SmithZz, Ex6TenZ, shox, Maniac.

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  • Group stage: there will be 2 groups of 4 teams each; all group stage matches will be played in bo1 format; as a result, two best-placed teams of each group will advance to the playoff.
  • Playoff: the matches of the main part of the tournament will be conducted in bo3 format, grand-final in bo5.


Map pool:

        de_train  de_cache


 The largest city of the United Arab Emirates will host a massive esports event with the prize-pool the UAE has never seen before. The arrival of the well-known teams from all over the world will undoubtedly shake the CS:GO community of this country, so the expected number of attendees is very big. All matches will be played in Dubai International Marina Club, which features not only exhibition rooms, but also huge pier with yachts. 


 Dubai International yacht-club and a sportcenter was established in 1988

Prize pool breakdown

top 1 place — Poland 100 000 $

top 2 place — Denmark Team SoloMid 60 000 $

top 3 place — Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas 20 000 $

top 4 place  — Sweden fnatic 20 000 $

top 5-6 places — France Team EnVyUs, France Titan eSports 7 500 $

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Detailed schedule

10 September, Thursday, BO1


  •  French Guiana Team EnVyUs [1:0] United States Cloud9
  •  Poland [16:7] Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • France Team EnVyUs [7:16] Poland
  • United States Cloud9 [16:19] Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
  •  Sweden Fnatic [16:6] French Guiana Titan Esports
  •  Denmark Team SoloMid [16:10] UkraineNatus Vincere
  • Sweden fnatic [17:19] Denmark Team SoloMid
  • France Titan [16:10] Ukraine Natus Vincere


11 September, Friday, BO3

  • France Team EnVyUs [0:2] Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Sweden fnatic [2:0] France Titan
  • Denmark Team SoloMid [2:1] Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Poland [2:1] Sweden fnatic


12 September, Saturday, BO5

  • Denmark Team SoloMid [2:3] Poland
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