ESL ONE Cologne 2015 summary


The finals of ESL One Cologne 2015 were difficult for our team. The tournament, held at Lanxess Arena, Germany, 20-23 August, gained new format. Natus Vincere was in great shape and spirit after successful performance at ESWC 2015, CEVO Season 7 and GO:CL. Additionally, the Born to Win had spent 10 days in a rented apartment in Kyiv before ESL, training and preparing for the upcoming event.
In Germany Ukraine Natus Vincere played only 5 maps, winning 2 of them and losing 3. The rivals of our team were mostly the French squads. Our players made 451 frag in total, while being killed 494 times. The total quantity of our rounds was 139. The total rating of our team in Cologne was 0.91 (compared to 1.15 of the tournament's winner - Sweden fnatic). This is a better result than many other teams, but you need to take into account, that the teams, which got to top5 of the tournament, had higher rating due to the bigger quantity of rounds played.
  • Sweden Fnatic — 9 maps, rating 1.15
  • Denmark TSM — 7 maps, rating  1.11
  • Poland — 7 maps, rating 1.07
  • France EnVyUs — 9 maps, rating 1.00
  • Brazil Luminosity — 5 maps, rating 0.98
  • Sweden NiP — 5 maps, rating 0.98
  • United States CLG — 3 maps, rating 0.94
  • Ukraine Natus Vincere — 5 maps, rating 0.93
  • Germany mousesport — 2 maps, rating 0.91
  • Ukraine FlipSid3 — 3 maps, rating 0.91
  • International Kinguin — 5 maps, rating 0.89
  • Australia Renegades — 3 maps, rating 0.88
  • France Titan — 2 maps, rating 0.87
  • United States Cloud9 — 3 maps, rating 0.85
  • Australia Immunity — 2 maps, rating 0.83
  • Poland eBettle — 2 maps, rating 0.77

Slovakia GuardiaN was the most effective player of our team at the event (in accordance to frag/death stats). Russian Federation Flamie made the largest number of frags in our team - 97. Next is Slovakia GuardiaN with 91 frag, Ukraine Zeus (90 frags), followed by Ukraine Edward with 87 frags and Russian Federation seized (86 frags). Flamie was the best "headshotter"  with 52% of headshots of all the frags. The rivals most often tried to kill Russian Federation flamie (107 times) and Ukraine Edward (100 times), the former being the leader of the average deaths per round. Slovakia GuardiaN was the best survivor: the team protected him very effectively, he died only 94 times.


And here's the rating of our players in terms of K/D Ratio: Russian Federation flamie (0.97) and Slovakia GuardiaN (0.97),  Ukraine Zeus (0.96), Ukraine Edward (0.91) and Russian Federationseized (0.9). It is important to understand that the players put every effort into their play at the event like this. And this rating shows individual stats of every player and covers only their participation in ESL One. After the tournament Slovakia GuardiaN said in an interview, that he was feeling bad on one of the matchdays and couldn't hit with  AWP. The team covered him, showing a true team spirit. They rebuilt the game in such a manner that they were able to protect their sniper. None of the players was pursuing the leadership, everyone was pursuing the result, trying to defeat the rival with their team tactics, relying on their individual skill in the second place.


Our team played 5 different maps at the event: mirage and inferno (BO3), cobblestone, inferno, overpass (BO1). During the group stage with its bo1 format, our team defeated France Titan at de_overpass. This match was very difficult. First it went well for our team, but the French made a comeback. Our team managed to win in overtime (19:17 (11:4) (4:11) (4:2)). The best player of the match was Russian Federationflamie, but Slovakia GuardiaN had the best K/D ratio. The victory in this match led us to the group final against SwedenFnatic.



Sweden Fnatic was very well prepared to this match: they'd studied all the rounds, our team had played for the past 6 months and prepared the counter-rounds. The match was held at de_inferno, the good map for the Swedes. Na`Vi managed to win only 3 rounds of this match. The players couldn't make all they wanted and they felt it. The match finished with a very poor score 16:2 (13:2) (3:0). We would've had better chances to win against Sweden Fnatic in bo3. Slovakia GuardiaN was our best player in this match, he managed to make 12 frags.
The second group stage was held on 21 August. Our players were again playing in the final of their group. Na`Vi's rival was CLG. The match was held at de_cobblestone. The Born to Win couldn't take a gun round, enabling the Americans to gain advantage. CLG players won 6 rounds, followed by a fantastic comeback of Ukraine Natus Vincere and an outstanding performance of our team. This game made the first record of the tournament. Over 747 000 watched the event on GOTV! The match was worth watching. The Born to Win equaled the score (10:10) and then imposed their own game. As a result they won the match 16:14. Russian Federation Flamie was the best player of the match with 27 total frags, followed by 21 frag by Ukraine Edward.



By getting to play off Ukraine Natus Vincere players proved their fans that they can demonstrate good results and get to the top5 of the world even after a series of successful tournaments. The French team France EnVyUs was our rival in the play off (quarterfinal) match. The following maps were chosen: de_inferno, de_mirage.


The first match of the quarter final was held on 22 August at LANxess Arena. Natus Vincere's match was the first on that day. Thousands of fans were watching the Born to Win getting on the main stage of the tournaments, welcomed by applause and shouts. However, few of them could predict then, that France EnVyUs would become the finalist of ESL One. Our players began the match on inferno in classic style, having won 4 rounds in a row. The French gathered their strengths and evened the score 6:6. Understanding the situation, Natus Vincere began playing better improving the result 12:7. Afterwards, the French turned the course of the match, taking 6 rounds in a raw. In the decisive moment of the map, the Born to Win had financial problems and they couldn't effectively play. The total score of the match is 13:16 (8:7) (5:9). The best fragger on the map was Russian Federation seized, but Ukraine Zeus had the greatest K/D ratio, which was actually better than that of the French.



The second map of the match was de_mirage. It was one of the most successful maps for our team. However, the course of the match was pretty similar to the previous one. The Born to Win won 4 rounds in a row, than the French evened the score (8:8). Our team tried to break the spirit of the rival, but the French didn't give in, strengthening their advantage instead (13:9). Ukraine Natus Vincere managed to win only one more round and lost the map. The final score was 16:10 (7:8) (9:2). After the defeat the Born to Win left ESL One, having won $20 000 and having gotten to world's top5.


ESL One Cologne 2015 wasn't successful for our team on the whole compared to their participation in other summer tournaments. Ukraine Natus Vincere recently won ESWC 2015 and GO:CL and took second place at CEVO Season 7, but it seems that such busy scheduled impacted their results at ESL. Maybe the team should reconsider its schedule and it definitely should analyze their matches at the last tournament and make right conclusions of it. Anyway, the performance of Ukraine Na`Vi at ESL One proved that the squad has great team spirit. However, they need time to improve their shooting and learn how to win T side on their weak maps.

Our team's results:

  • Natus Vincere's best player at the tournament — Slovakia GuardiaN 
  • Natus Vincere's best moment at the tournament — comeback in the match against France Titan
  • Best frag — ace by Slovakia GuardiaN at de_overpass in the match against France Titan
  • Best fragger — Russian Federation flamie (97)

Tournament's results

top 1 place — $ 100 000 — Sweden Fnatic

top 2 place — $ 50 000 — France EnVyUs

top 3 place — $ 22 000 — Poland

top 4 place — $ 22 000 — DenmarkTeam SoloMid

top 5-8 places — UkraineNatus Vincere,  InternationalTeam Kinguin, Sweden NiP, BrazilLuminosity Gaming — по $ 10 000

top 9-16 places — AustraliaTeam Immunity, United States Cloud 9, Poland eBettle, United States Counter Logic Gaming, Australia Renegades, France Titan Esports, Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactic — по $ 2 000

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