ESL One Cologne 2015 coverage


The main tournament of the year will run from 20-23 August in Germany, gathering together the strongest CS:GO teams of the world. The competition promises to be truly spectacular, as all teams managed to reach their top shape. This coverage features all interesting information about the tournament itself and Natus Vincere's performance. The first part of the group stage will take place on August 20 in ESL TV's studio. There will be 4 groups of 4 teams each (2 invited teams + 2 qualified teams from Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania). The finals will be played in BO1 double-elimination format. The best-placed team of each group will advance to quarterfinals. Then, the groups will be redrawn, so in the second part remaining teams will compete with new opponents, and those who failed to get to the semi-finals will get a second chance on the next day.







23rd of August


  • 21:37 - So, that`s the end of ESL One Cologne 2015! Thank you for following the coverage, thank you for cheering for UkraineNatus Vincere!
  • 21:22 - Ladies and gentlemen, this is the second win in a row of Swedenfnatic in major tournaments and third in their history of major tournaments! The Swedes proved that they are the best in the world!


  • 21:08 - SwedenFnatic wins the first half with 9:6 score but FranceTeam EnVyUs still has good chances to win this map and advance to de_inferno.


  • 20:44 -  FranceHappy and his team win the pistol round.
  • 20:42 - So, here we go, Swedenfnatic vs FranceTeam EnVyUs on de_cobblestone!
  • 20:29 - That`s amazing! SwedenFnatic shows crazy perfomance on de_dust2 and of course it`s a shock for French team! It seems like they will have a lot of problems at map 2 too which is de_cobblestone.
  • 20:19 - Incredible comeback from Swedenfnatic and we will see overtime in the first map of grand final!


  • 19:55 - Second half starts with victory of Swedenfnatic in pistol round. The score now is 6:10 in favor of FranceEnVyUs.
  • 19:38 - French guys show very nice perfomance in the beginning of de_dust2! The score now is 1:5 in favor of FranceEnVyUs.
  • 19:29 - What a beginning to grand final! Amazing round from FranceEnVyUs and they win the pistol round.


  • 19:21 - De_dust2, de_cobblestone and de_inferno will be the last maps of the tournament! That`s an interesting pick and of course it will be very interesting match!
  • 19:17 - The teams came to the scene and they are ready to win this tournament! I want to remind you that the winner will receive $100,000 prize.
  • 18:44 - So, ladies and gentlemen, the next match is the most important on the tournament and the most awaited! Grand final of ESL One Cologne 2015 will begin in about 30 minutes!
  • 18:35-  FranceEnVyUs and SwedenFnatic will compete for the ESL One champions trophy in the grand final! The winner will receive a cup and a prize-money of  $ 100 000 ($ 50 000 for the second place).
  • 18:34-  The Sweddish squad successfully beats with a 16:7 score!  
  • 18:18-  SwedenFnatic takes the 8:7 lead in the first half.
  • 17:54- The third semifinal map has started! 

  • 17:40 - In a dramatic duel Swedes win de_inferno and there will be third map which is de_cobblestone.


  • 17:31 - The score now is 13-13, takes a pause to discuss some their problems.
  • 17:15 - "The bears" win pistol round as a T side.


  • 17:09 - SwedenFnatic wins the first 15 rounds but it will be very hard for them to win the whole map.


  • 16:44 - De_inferno is starting now and wins the pistol round.
  • 16:31 - The Poles win de_mirage with 16-6 score.


  • 16:19 - The first half ends with 9-6 score in favor of!


  • 16:05 - It`s very hard to predict the result of this match! Both teams play very good!


  • 15:54 - SwedenFnatic wins the pistol round!


  • 15:50 - The maps for the match are de_mirage, de_inferno and de_cobblestone.
  • 15:43 - The next and the last semifinal is against Swedenfnatic! The teams are already on the scene and ready to fight!


  • 16:11-  FranceEnVyUs has managed to win a match and advanced to the grand-final!


  • 14:57-  The French team is so close to the victory!


  • 14:25-  The French team takes the first pistol round.

  • 14:12-  The second map is over, and the series is tied 1:1. The decider — de_inferno — will be played next!

  • 13:54- The Danes managed to find the right style of playing and were dominating throughout the first half.

  • 13:33- The first de_dust2 pistol round has been taken by TSM.

  • 13:18- The French team has clinched the first map! However, judging by the statistics, de_cache is one of the worst TSM's maps.


  • 12:51- The last round of the first half has ended, and the teams are changing sides with a 10:5 score in favor of France EnVyUs
  • 12:45- The teams are tied  5:5.
  • 12:28- The match has begun! TSM has managed to take a pistol round and show incredible map control.


  • 12:18- The first semifinal will be played on the following maps: de_cache, de_dus2, de_inferno.
  • 12:05- Welcome to the last day of ESL One Cologne! Today, we will find out who will get a champions trophy. There are not many condenders left, and the most difficult matches, which will show us interesting tactical decisions, magic of individual play and a lot of drama, are still ahead. The first match will be France EnVyUs vs Denmark Team SoloMid. Yesterday, the French team managed to beat Natus Vincere in a close fight, whereas TSM guys breezed past their quarterfinal opponents (International Team Kinguin).


22nd of August


  • 23:11 - This concludes our report from day 3 of ESL One Cologne 2015. The first semifinal is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:45 CEST. thank you for cheering for UkraineNatus Vincere, thank you for following the coverage, which was provided by UkraineYehor. See you tomorrow!
  • 23:02 - What a dramatic match! Congratulations to Swedenfnatic and tomorrow they will face in semifinals. And of course thanks to SwedenLuminosity Gaming, this team showed an incredible perfomance!


  • 22:51 - Impressive perfomance from BrazilLuminosity Gaming! This guys have all chances to win this map and advance to de_cache.


  • 22:32 - The top-1 team wins the first half but BrazilLuminosity Gaming made an insane comeback and they don`t want to lose this map!


  • 22:10 - SwedenFnatic wins the pistol round.
  • 22:08 - The next and maybe the last map of the day is de_inferno.
  • 21:59 - SwedenFnatic wins the first map and it was BrazilLGs pick. So, Swedes should easily beat Brazilians on the next map too.


  • 21:52 - Brazilian guys win the pistol round as CT side!
  • 21:48 - The first half ends with 12:3 score in favor of Swedenfnatic.
  • 21:34 - It seems like BrazilLuminosity Gaming doesn`t have any chances in this match: their rivals from Swedenfnatic are just more professional and experienced.


  • 21:22 - SwedenFnatic wins the pistol round.


  • 21:16 - The maps for the match are de_train, de_mirage and de_cache.
  • 20:51 - The next and the last match for today is Swedenfnatic vs BrazilLuminosity Gaming. Stay tuned.
  • 20:31 - And it`s the end of the way for SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas and the first big step to dream for Congratulations to the Poles!


  • 20:17 - wins the first half with 11:4 score.
  • 20:04 - The Poles are feeling really good now with a huge advantage over SwedenNiP.


  • 19:51 - The second map starts with victory of in pistol round.


  • 19:21 - makes a nice comeback and win de_train with 16-14 score. The second map is de_inferno.
  • 18:56 - Amazing headshot from Finlandallu and SwedenNinjas In Pyjamas win pistol round as T side!
  • 18:53 - Impressive half from SwedenNiP and! Sensational win for Swedes but it will be interesting to see if they can win the second half too.


  • 18:32 - SwedenNiP is victorious in pistol round.


  • 18:27 - De_train is the best map of and they almost never lose on it. It will be a really hard task for SwedenNiP.
  • 18:22 - The maps for the match are de_train, de_inferno and de_cache.
  • 18:13 - Teams are ready to fight, the match will start in several minutes.
  • 17:51 - The remaining four participants are already on the scene!
  • 17:38 - So, the next match is the most awaited - against SwedenNinjas In Pyjamas
  • 17:32 - DenmarkTeam SoloMid is going to semifinals where they will face FranceTeam EnVyUs


  • 17:27 - Amazing perfomance by DenmarkTeam SoloMid and most likely they will go through quarterfinals.
  • 17:21 - DenmarkTSM wins the pistol round.
  • 17:18 - And here is the end of the first half! DenmarkTeam SoloMid has one point advantage and wins with 8-7 score.
  • 17:08 - InternationalTeam Kinguin shows very nice perfomance on de_overpass but Danish guys don`t want to give the victory on this map to their rivals.


  • 16:54 - We are back to second match of the day, now it`s de_overpass time. DenmarkTSM wins the pistol round.


  • 16:41 - DenmarkTeam SoloMid wins the first map with 16-6 score.
  • 16:35 - Complete domination from DenmarkTSM. It seems like InternationalKinguin will lose this map.


  • 16:26 - Very nice half from DenmarkTSM and InternationalKinguin


  • 16:08 - Phenomenal start of the match by DenmarkTSM.


  • 16:00 - I want to remind you that this is DenmarkTeam SoloMid vs InternationalTeam Kinguin, second quarterfinal.
  • 15:57 - We continue our coverage after a long break! The maps for the match are de_dust2, de_overpass and de_inferno.
  • 14:27 - There are some problems with players devices. Hope, that match will start soon.
  • 14:09 - The teams are already on their seats and ready to start the battle.
  • 13:47 - Well, to my mind, the next match will be even more interesting and unpredictable! DenmarkTeam SoloMid and InternationalTeam Kinguin will play in several minutes!
  • 13:41 - Incredible perfomance from FranceTeam EnVyUs and guys from UkraineNatus Vincere can pack their suitcases and go home.


  • 13:39 - A lot of mistakes from UkraineNa`Vi and they almost don`t have any chances.


  • 13:32 - The situation for UkraineNa`Vi is becoming really bad.


  • 13:25 - Nice comeback from French guys but they are still in one step from losing this map.


  • 13:14 - Now UkraineNa`Vi isn`t feeling any resistance from FranceEnVyUs. Hope, that this will contunie!


  • 13:02 - The second map starts! I want to remind you that at the moment UkraineNa`Vi plays against FranceEnVyUs and the score now is 0:1. 
  • 12:51 - Unfortunately, Ukrainian team loses the first map but they still have good chances to win this match.
  • 12:45 - UkraineNatus Vincere pauses tha match to discuss their mistakes.
  • 12:27 - Second half starts with victory of UkraineNa`Vi in pistol round.


  • 12:14 - It should be noticed that French team plays well and it will be very tough match for "Born To Win".


  • 12:01 - Impressive triple kill by Russian Federationseized and UkraineNa`Vi wins the pistol round!
  • 11:58 - UkraineNatus Vincere will start as a CT side.
  • 11:55 - The maps for the match are de_inferno, de_mirage and de_dust2.
  • 11:35 - First four teams came to the scene and the first quarterfinal will start soon!
  • 11:02 - The match is tolerated to 11:30 CEST!
  • 10:31 - It should be mentioned that there will be BO3 format in quarterfinals, not BO1 as it was in group stage.
  • 10:22 - Today is the day of quarterfinals and the first one is FranceEnVyUs against UkraineNatus Vincere. The match will start in about half an hour.
  • 10:15 - Welcome to coverage of the third day of ESL One Cologne 2015!


21st of August


  • 23:45 - This concludes our report from day 2 of ESL One Cologne 2015. The first match of the playoffs is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:45 CEST. Thank you for cheering for Natus Vincere, thank you for following the coverage, which was provided by Germany noxilicious and Ukraine mJay today. See you tomorrow!
  • 23:36 - Overtime number 2 determines a winner as Brazil Luminosity Gaming takes four rounds in a row, winning de_cobblestone with 22:18. Therefore they will advance to the playoffs as the last team.
  • 23:25 - The first overtime didn't determine a winner. The score is 18:18 right now.
  • 23:10 - Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics had 15 rounds already and had a few matchpoints but Brazil Luminosity Gaming played some incredible rounds. Now it's overtime!
  • 22:55 - Both teams are going head to head as the score is nearly tied up. The last match of the day worth watching!
  • 22:42 - The Brazilian team came out on top in the first half as they found the right way to stop the Ukrainian pressure.
  • 22:12 - The match between Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics and Brazil Luminosity Gaming has just been started.
  • 21:45 - Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics is one round closer to the playoffs. They beat Germany mousesports on de_cobblestone and win in style as they made quite the comeback to win the match. The last match of today will start in just a few minutes.



  • 21:05 - The first half of the map ended and the five players from Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics are leading!



  • 20:43 - The match between Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics and Germany mousesports has just started.
  • 20:12 - In the end the match was finished in favour of Sweden NiP. They showed all their fans that they are still in shape and know how to win games as they take down the Australian squad with 16:5 on de_inferno. The Swedes advance to the playoffs!
  • 20:01 - The Swedish squad wins the first half in convincing fashion.



  • 19:53 - As the score is 6:3 in favour of Sweden NiP, Australia Renegades decide to take a timeout.
  • 19:37-The game has started!



  • 19:31- Australia Renegades and Sweden NiP picked de_inferno.

  • 19:11Australia Renegades sent France Titan home! The Australian roster will compete with Sweden NiP for the spot in quarterfinal.


  • 18:58- The clash between the Australians and the French is heating up! The score is 10:8 in favor of Australia Renegades right now.
  • 18:25- The next match — Australia Renegades vs France Titan Esports — will be played on de_mirage.
  • 18:04 - After winning two extremely important rounds, Na`Vi advance to the playoff stage of the main tournament of the year. The win has been taken in a beautiful and stubborn fight. This is a signature style of the Born to Win! The next match against France EnVyUs (in ESL One quarterfinal), will take place on August 22 at 14:00 CET. 

soo nervous game by us but win its win. We should play tomorrow better for beat Envy :)

— Denis Kostin (@seizedwf) 21 августа 2015


  • 17:59- Another round won by the Born to Win!



  • 17:53 - Next timeout of the match has just been taken. This is a common thing to happen now in major tournaments.



  • 17:48 - The score is 13:11 in favour of our five players. The Americans are trying to catch up.



  • 17:44 - The game was paused for a tactical pause by the Americans as the score was 12:10 in favour of Ukraine Na'Vi.
  • 17:42 - The most important rounds start and our team can purchase everything they need.



  • 17:40 - Another round for our team, this is a powerful comeback!



  • 17:37 - Our players are winning for round for rounds, nearly going to tie up the score (8:9). These are the plays that the fans love Ukraine Na'Vi for!



  • 17:32 - The second pistol round goes to Ukraine Natus Vincere!



  • 17:29 - The first half of the match has been won by the Americans.



  • 17:26 - 747 000 people are watching the game on GOTV. That is the new tournament record!
  • 17:23 - There is the comeback in the first half of the match, the Ukraine Natus Vincere players can finally buy a few nice weapons.



  • 17:19 - Our players are slowly fighting their way back into the game and demonstrate their strong will to win this match!



  • 17:15 - The Americans don't want to give away any of the early rounds but Ukraine Na'Vi provokes aggression and forces the fights all over the map. That has granted the "Born To Win" squad some good map control and some more won rounds in their bag.



  • 17:11 - Ukraine Natus Vincere takes a very important round!



  • 17:06 - A series of unexpected shots and kills for both sides lead to the victory from the Americans in the first round.



  • 17:05 - Ukraine Na'Vi will start the first pistol round on the CT side.
  • 16:59 - The winner of this match will advance to the playoffs of ESL One Cologne 2015. The map de_cobblestone will be played to determine the winner.
  • 16:56 - The "Born To Win" squad is already warming up for their match against the Americans. The US team surprised quite a few people but commentators and casters see the Ukrainian squad as the clear favourite of the match.
  • 16:55 - The next game - Ukraine Natus Vincere vs United States CLG - will start in about five minutes at 17:00 CEST.
  • 16:35 - In a close match in group E the Americans from United States CLG get the upper hand and win against Poland Team eBettle with a score of 16:14.



  • 16:08 - The first half of the match between the American and the Polish squad has just come to an end. It took a little bit longer as one player had problems with his PC but in the end the Americans came out on top with a score of 10:5.



  • 15:20 - The match between United States Counter Logic Gaming and Poland Team eBettle just started! The winner on this map, de_mirage, will face Ukraine Natus Vincere in the next game.



  • 14:55 - The journey for United States Cloud9 is over as International Team Kinguin just eliminated them by winning de_dust2.



  • 14:48 - United States Cloud9 takes a strategic break before the deciding rounds start as the score was 13:14 for them.



  • 14:32 - The teams are going head to head as no team has a clear advantage. The Americans won the first half but the Europeans are closing the score gap.



  • 14:14 - A good start for the European squad as they are in the lead in their match against United States Cloud9.



  • 14:02 - The pistol round goes to the players of International Team Kinguin.



  • 14:00 - The game hast just started!
  • 13:53 - The match for a way to the playoffs between International Team Kinguin and United States Cloud9 will take place on the map de_dust2. The Europeans just defeated the Australians on just that map.
  • 13:29 - With a strong will and some nice plays International Team Kinguin manages to grab the win in the opening match of the second day! They will face United States Cloud9 next and the winner of this match will have a slot in the quarter finals.




  • 13:18 - There are 600 000 viewers on GOTV at the end of the first match ot the day!
  • 13:03 - The first half ended with a surprising result, even for casters and analysers as the Australian team wins the first half! Maybe their female coach gave them an extra moral boost to win a few more rounds, but in any case Australia Immunity is leading against the European squad!



  • 12:51 - As the score is 6:4 in favour of the Australians, International Team Kinguin takes a strategic timeout.
  • 12:39 - Although it is just the first match of the day, there are already 475 000 viewers on GOTV!
  • 12:34 - The Australians take the first round!



  • 12:27 - The map for the match will be the classic competitive map de_dust2.
  • 12:23 - The first match of the day will be a battle between Team Immunity and Team Kinguin from group F.
  • 12:05 - At the moment we can already see that the previously announced schedule will be delayed by quite a bit. The teams are still setting up their equipment and configure their settings before they start the match.
  • 12:00 - In just a few minutes the first game of Day 2 will kick off.
  • 11:45 - Welcome to the coverage of the second day of ESL One Cologne 2015!


20th of August


  • 23:10 - This concludes our report from the first day of ESL One Cologne 2015. The first match will be played tomorrow at 12:00 CEST. Thank you for following the coverage of today which was provided by Germany noxilicious and India Navi_statsman.
  • 23:05 - The next group stage matches will be played tomorrow. So make sure to tune in tomorrow as well. Thank you for being with us to the end! Your support is needed, especially in situations like this, so stick with us and keep cheering for our five boys!
  • 23:02 - Sweden fnatic secured themselves a spot in the quarter finals, as they demonstrated a quick and successful game on de_inferno. Our guys managed to win two rounds and they tried to change the course of the match many times against the reigning champion but it wasn't enough. As this match is now finished we are looking towards tomorrow where the players from Ukraine Natus Vincere will have another shot to advance to the quarter finals.
  • 22:57 - The first half ended. The current champion of the tournament is looking strong and wants to win the next title.



  • 22:52 - The score for Sweden fnatic is rising and rising, Ukraine Zeus tries to rectify some mistakes to win a few rounds.



  • 22:43 - At the moment our players try to turn the game and destroy the economic advantage of the Swedes. The score is 9:1 in favour of Sweden fnatic.
  • 22:35 - Five rounds quickly go into the pocket of the Swedes.
  • 22:28 - The Swedes from fnatic managed to win the first round.



  • 22:25 - The first pistol round was just started in the match between Natus Vincere and fnatic. Just as the round was started, there already was a pause and we are waiting for a reset to start again.
  • 22:20 - The teams began to vote for the map. The match will take place on de_inferno.
  • 22:15 - All participants of the upcoming match are ready for the game. Who will be the last team to advance to the quarter finals today?



  • 22:00 - The Polish team Poland has just won against United States Cloud9 with a score of 16:8 on de_cobblestone. Therefore they will advance to the quarter finals. The match between Ukraine Natus Vincere and Sweden fnatic will start soon.





  • 21:40 - The first half of the match ended in favour of the Polish squad as they are in the lead with 8:7. The Americans put up a good fight and won a lot of rounds!



  • 21:35 - Russian Federation seized also wrote a few lines: 
  • 21:30 - Russian Federation flamie tweeted:
  • 21:18 - The match between Poland and United States Cloud9 has just started. The winner will advance to the quarter finals!
  • 21:12 - There are a few changes in the schedule. First of all we will see the match between Poland and United States Cloud9. The next game for Ukraine Natus Vincere will take place once this match is finished. This will give our players a much needed break and they will be able to collect their thoughts after a long match on de_overpass. The "Born To Win" squad will be able to rest a bit and start their next game in a good and prepared condition as they will go up against the current ESL One champions and the probably best team in the world right now - Sweden fnatic!
  • 20:59 - First win for Ukraine Natus Vincere in the main event of the year! Congratulations to all of our players and thanks to all of the people who believed in this victory until the end!



  • 20:58 - At least a draw in overtime!



  • 20:52 - A great round from Russian Federation flamie marks the end of the first three rounds of the overtime. It goes in favour of the French team with 2:1. 



  • 20:42 - A draw is the result of the first 30 rounds - 15:15! We are waiting for the overtime where both teams can show their power.



  • 20:39 - Incredible round from GuardiaN! He scores an ace and wins one round all on his own!



  • 20:37 - In the second half the French squad is doing their best to even out the score. 
  • 20:27 - The score of the match between Ukraine Natus Vincere and France Titan is 13:9. In the meantime the Americans from United States Cloud9 have beaten the only German team participating, Germany mousesports, with a score of 16:10.
  • 20:15 - Ukraine Natus Vincere played a very good first half. They won 11 rounds and have a good advantage for the second half against France Titan.



  • 20:07 - The game is in full swing, the economy and the performance from Ukraine Natus Vincere is better than the one from the French squad so far.



  • 19:53 - Perfect first three rounds for our players. They take all of them and gain an early advantage!



  • 19:50 - Thanks to agressive plays by our very own GuardiaNUkraine Na'Vi takes the first pistol round.
  • 19:48 - The next two matches have started: Ukraine Natus Vincere vs France Titan eSports and Germany mousesports vs United States Cloud9.
  • 19:42 - The teams have started the map voting. Both teams will face each other on de_overpass.
  • 19:30 - Take a look at the interview of our team with the new streamer and analyst. - Ukraine Andrey "Andi" Prokhorov.
  • 19:27 - We remind you that if  Ukraine Na`Vi takes victory over the France Titan team Ukraine Na`Vi will place themselves in the top of the group, where they can compete for the quarterfinals. Do not miss the first match of the "Born to Win" in the main tournament of the year for CS: GO.
  • 19:10 - Almost everything is ready for the start of the match between UkraineNatus Vincere vs France Titan.  The players already set up their computers and devices. But before that the "Born to Win" squad has to wait for more than an hour.                                                      
  • 18:59 -  Sweden Fnatic  as effortlessly booster Poland eBettle. The score  of 16:2. Next Game starts at 19:40.
  • 18:58 -  won their match and advances to the next round.




  • 18:54 - Sweden fnatic destroys Poland eBettle with a score of 14:1 in the first half!



  • 18:44 - Poland VP and Australia Immunity already finished the first half of de_cobblestone with 9:6 in favour of the Polish squad.



  • 18:24 - The Swedes from Sweden fnatic will face the Polish squad from Poland eBettle on de_mirage in just a bit. In the meantime Poland already started to play their match against Australia Immunity on de_cobblestone.
  • 17:40 - The French squad from France Team EnVyUs wins and advances to the quarter finals as the very first team! Denmark TSM crushed Sweden NiP in their match on de_cache with a score of 16:3. Therefore the Danish team advances to the quarter finals.
  • 17:28 - Very tense game between the French and the Brasilian team. Both teams give their best and in the end the score is 15:15 - draw. Overtime!



  • 17:22 - France EnVyUs is leading against Brazil Luminosity Gaming with 14:13, while Sweden NiP's score is 1:6 against Denmark TSM in their match.
  • 17:10 - The game between Sweden NiP and Denmark TSM has just been started on de_cache.
  • 16:41 - The match between France EnVyUs and Brazil Luminosity Gaming is already in full swing on de_cobblestone. The score is 2:1 in favour of the French team at the moment.
  • 16:29 - Denmark TSM was stronger than Australia Renegades on de_train (16:11) and move on to the next round. The Australians have demonstrated some good skill and nice moves, they were even close to victory at some point but the players from Denmark were able to show their A-game.



  • 16:23 - The two winners from group B are now determined and will face each other soon. France EnVyUs will go up against Brazil Luminosity Gaming to see who gets the first pass to the quarter finals.
  • 16:10 - International Team Kinguin loses the first match with a score of 6:16 as Brazil Luminosity Gaming was just too strong on de_overpass.
  • 16:04 - Denmark TSM wins the first half with a score of 10:5.



  • 16:00 - The match continues!
  • 15:58 - One game continues, the next one pauses. This time there is a pause in the match between Denmark TSM and Australia Renegades.
  • 15:47 Some technical issues for one player in the match between International Team Kinguin and Brazil Luminosity Gaming forced a pause of the game. 
  • 15:38 - de_train will be the map of the match between Denmark TSM and Australia Renegades. The match will start in a few moments!
  • 15:24 - Players from International Team Kinguin and Brazil Luminosity Gaming start their game on de_overpass.
  • 15:15 - The first matches started with a small delay of five minutes. Therefore the schedule of the tournament will slightly change. The next matches will be Australia Renegades vs Denmark Team SoloMid and International Team Kinguin vs Brazil Luminosity Gaming.



  • 15:03 - In the match between Sweden NiP and United States CLG the "ninjas" came out on top and claim their first victory. This is a good start for the Swedish team but they barely won against the Americans with a score of 16:13.



  • 14:51 - The game between France EnVyUs and Ukraine FlipSid3 on de_inferno is already over. The French players won with the score of 16:3.
  • 14:40 - The first half is over and the Americans were victorious as the Swedes lost the first half 7:8. The French players from France EnVyUs are crushing Ukraine Flipsid3 as they are in the lead with a score of 12:2.



  • 14:32 - Meanwhile France EnVyUs is facing Ukraine Flipsid3 on de_inferno. The French team is leading with a score of 8:1 so far!
  • 14:19 - The first round of the tournament goes to United States CLG! More than 140 gifts were already dropped after just one single round!
  • 14:17 - The game just started!
  • 14:12 - The Swedes from Sweden NiP will face the Americans from United States CLG on the classic competitive map de_dust2 in a few minutes.



  • 14:05 - The first matches will be delayed by five minutes.
  • 13:55 - Welcome to our coverage of ESL One Cologne 2015! The event is going to start in a few minutes.




Playoffs (at LANxess Arena stadium):

Quarter finals
Semi finals
Grand final
2France Team EnVyUs
0FranceTeam EnVyUs
0FranceTeam EnVyUs
WinSweden fnatic
0Ukraine Natus Vincere
0International Team Kinguin
0Denmark Team SoloMid
2Denmark Team SoloMid
0Sweden fnatic
0Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
0Sweden fnatic
0Sweden fnatic
0Brazil Luminosity Gaming

1st group stage (in ESL TV studio)

group А
Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
Denmark Team SoloMid
Australia Renegades
United States CounterLogicGaming
group B
France Team EnVyUs
Brazil Luminosity Gaming
International Team Kinguin
Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Sweden fnatic
France Titan eSports
Poland Team eBettle
Germany mousesports
United States Cloud9
Australia Team Immunity


Group А:

1st round
2nd round
1Sweden NiP
0Sweden NiP
Denmark Team SoloMid
0United States CLG
1Denmark Team SoloMid
1Denmark Team SoloMid
0Australia Renegades

Group B:

1st round
2nd round
1France EnVyUs
1France EnVyUs
France EnVyUs
0Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics
1Brazil Luminosity Gaming
0Brazil Luminosity Gaming
0International Team Kinguin


Group С:

1st round
2nd round
1Ukraine  Natus Vincere
0Ukraine Natus Vincere
Sweden fnatic
0France Titan
1Sweden fnatic
1Sweden fnatic
0Poland Team eBettle


Group D:

1st round
2nd round
0Australia Team Immunity
1United States Cloud9
0United States Cloud9
0Germany mousesports


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2nd group stage (in ESL TV studio):


Group E:

1st round
2nd round
0Poland Team eBettle
0United States CLG
Ukraine Natus Vincere
1United States CLG
1Ukraine Natus Vincere


Group F:

1st round
2nd round
0Australia Team Immunity
1International Team Kinguin
International Team Kinguin
1International Team Kinguin
0United StatesCloud9


Group G:

1st round
2nd round
1Australia Renegades
0Australia Renegades
Sweden NiP
0France Titan
1Sweden NiP


Group H:

1st round
2nd round
1Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics
0Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics
Brazil Luminosity Gaming
0Germany mousesports
1Brazil Luminosity Gaming



August 20, Thursday, BO1

  • OVER: Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas [1:0] United States Counter Logic Gaming (16:13 on de_dust2)
  • OVER:  France Team EnVyUs [1:0] Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics (16:3 on de_inferno)
  • OVER:  Australia Renegades [0:1] Denmark Team SoloMid (11:16 on de_train)
  • OVER:  International Team Kinguin [0:1] Brazil Luminosity Gaming (6:16 on de_overpass)
  • OVER:  Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas [0:1] Denmark Team SoloMid (3:16 on de_cache)
  • OVER:  France Team EnVyUs [1:0] Brazil Luminosity Gaming (19:16 on de_cobblestone)
  • OVER:  Sweden fnatic [1:0] Poland eBettle (16:3 on de_mirage)
  • OVER:  Poland [1:0] Australia  Team Immunity (16:8 on de_cobblestone)
  • OVER:  Ukraine Natus Vincere [1:0] France Titan eSports (19:17 on de_overpass)
  • OVER:  United States Cloud9 [1:0] Germany mousesports (16:10 on de_dust2)   
  • OVER:  Ukraine Natus Vincere [0:1] Sweden fnatic  (2:16 on de_inferno)
  • OVER:  Poland [1:0] United States Cloud9 (16:8 on de_cobblestone)


August 21, Friday, BO1

  • OVER: Australia Team Immunity [0:1] International Team Kinguin (13:16 on de_dust2)
  • OVERInternational Team Kinguin [1:0] United States Cloud9 (16:13 on de_dust2)
  • OVER: Poland Team eBettle [0:1] United States CounterLogicGaming (14:16 on de_mirage)
  • OVER: Ukraine Natus Vincere [1:0] United States CounterLogicGaming (16:14 on de_cobblestone)
  • OVER: Australia Renegades [1:0] France Titan eSports (16:9 on de_mirage)
  • OVER: Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas [1:0] Australia Renegades (16:5 on de_inferno)
  • OVER: Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics [1:0] Germany mousesports (16:14 on de_cobblestone)
  • OVER: Brazil Luminosity Gaming [1:0] Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics (22:18 on de_cobblestone)


August 22 , Saturday, BO3

  • OVER: France Team EnVyUs [2:0] Ukraine Natus Vincere (16:13 on de_inferno, 16:10 on de_mirage)
  • OVER: Denmark Team SoloMid [2:0] International Team Kinguin (16:6 on de_dust2, 16:8 on de_overpass)
  • OVER: Poland [2:0] Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas (16:14 on de_train, 16:5 on de_inferno)
  • OVER: Sweden fnatic [2:0] Brazil Luminosity Gaming (16:5 on de_train, 16:14 on de_mirage)

August 23, Sunday, BO3

  • OVER: French GuianaTeam EnVyUs [2:1] DenmarkTeam SoloMid (16:12 on de_cache, 8:16 on de_dust2, 16:9 on de_inferno)
  • OVER: [1:2] Swedenfnatic (16:6 on de_mirage, 14:16 on de_inferno, 7:16 on de_cobblestone)
  • OVER: FranceTeam EnVyUs [0:2] Swedenfnatic (15:19 on de_dust2, 7:16 on de_cobblestone)


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Tournament's format:

  • Group stage: the tournanament will start off with the GSL-system. Overall, there will be 4 groups of 4 teams each. All matches will be held in a BO1 format. As a result, the best team of each group will advance to the playoff. The remaining teams will take part in the second group stage, conducted on the second day.
  • Playoff:  all maches of the main stage, including the grand-final, will be held in BO3 format.



        de_train  de_cache


GermanyCologne is a third largest city of Germany, and one of the biggest cultural and economical centers of the country. A few ESL One tournaments and other competitions were conducted there, as the headquarters of ESL is located in Germany. The matches of the main stage will be played at the huge stadium in Cologne that features 20 000 seats.



ESL One Cologne schedule:


  • Group stage part 1 — August 20, 10.00–23.00 CEST

  • Group stage part 2 —August 21 10:00–23:00 CEST

  • Quarterfinals at Lanxess Arena — August 22, 12:00–22:30 CEST

  • Semifinal and grand-final at Lanxess Arena — August 23 12:00–22:30 CEST

We would like to remind you that ESL One 2015 will be held in Cologne, including offline group stage in ESL TV Studio (20-21 August) and the play-offs at the huge stadium that features 20 000 seats. It is one of the main tournaments of the year, supported by Valve and esports organization ESL.


top 1 place — $ 100 000

top 2 place — $ 50 000

top 3 place — $ 22 000

top 4 place — $ 22 000

top 5-8 place — $10 000

top 9-16 place — $2 000

Invited teams:

  • Ukraine Natus Vincere
  • Sweden fnatic
  • Brazil Keyd Stars
  • Germany mousesports
  • Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • France TEAM ENVYUS
  • Poland Virtus Pro
  • Denmark Team SoloMid

Qualified teams:

  •  Ukraine FlipSid3 Tactics
  •  Australia Renegades
  •  Poland Team eBettle
  •  Australia Team Immunity
  •  International Team Kinguin
  •  France Titan eSports
  • United States CounterLogic Gaming
  • United States Cloud9


Past winners of ESL One:

  • Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas (ESL One Cologne 2014)

  • Poland Virtus Pro (ESL One Katowice 2014)
  • Sweden fnatic (ESL One Katowice 2015)
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