ESL One Cologne: First day summary


The first day of ESL One Cologne is over. The first four quarterfinalists were determined. Ukraine Natus Vincere play their first match against France Titan. The French team had undergone reshuffle before the tournament, so nobody knew what to expect from it. The battle was held at de_overpass. The Born to Win began the match very confident. The first half ended 11:4, Ukraine Na`Vi winning.



It seemed that after such a confident beginning, our team will easily push France Titan to the end. However, the French managed to show a very powerful defense and equaled the score, which resulted in overtimes.



Having pulled themselves together, our players managed to win a very important round in attack and later successfully defend. The final score is 19:17. Our players won



It was noticeable that the players weren't fully confident. In some cases, the bullets of Ukraine Natus Vincere didn't reach the aim; and sniper rifle of Slovakia GuardiaN missed in the moments, he was to make a frag.  Russian Federation seized wrote on his Twitter:

After such unconfident beginning, the players were to play with Sweden fnatic — the main favorite of the group. The teams picked de_inferno and Ukraine Na`Vi had to begin as attack. From the very beginning the game went bad for our players. The Swedes were playing confidently as attack. Our team managed to win only 2 rounds.



Our players didn't manage to recover from such strike.  Sweden fnatic first won gun round, pushed and eventually defeated Ukraine Na`Vi, having taken the first place in the group.



In general, the first day brought no surprises. The main favorites won their slots in the quarterfinal. Denmark Team SoloMid defeated Australia Renegades and Sweden NiP easily. France EnVyUs, having strengthened its squad, defeated Ukraine Flipsid3 (easily) and Brazil Luminosity, though the Brazilians fought fiercly. Poland faced no problems in defeating Australia Team Immunity and United States Cloud9.


Tomorrow Ukraine Natus Vincere will have to fight over the slot in quarterfinal again. The matches will begin at 12:00 CEST. Read all the information about the tournament and watch the stream on our website.

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