ESL One Cologne: 4th day summary


ESL One Cologne is over. On the fourth day of the tournament the champion was determined. Swedish team SwedenFnatic once again proved that it is the strongest CS:GO team in the world.


The first match of the day was played by France EnVyUs and Denmark Team SoloMid. The match began at de_cache — the choice of the French team. Expectedly, France Happy and his team managed to win 16:12, opening the score of the match 1:0.



Denmark Team SoloMid had to play back on their pick de_dust_2. The Danes won the map with no serious problems 16:8.



The match was decided at de_inferno. France EnVyUs began a confident play as defense. The first half of the map was over with 12:3 score, the French winning. After the exchange of parties, Denmark Team SoloMid tried their best to come back, but the French managed to push them and 4 more rounds, achieving victory in the match.



The second semifinal match was held between Sweden Fnatic and Poland The first map was de_mirage — the choice of the Polish team. Mirage being one of their most strongest maps of the "bears", the Poles managed to defeat the Swedes easily, 1:0.



Next was de_inferno map, chosen by Fnatic. The battle was epic. Nobody could predict the winner until the very last moment. The teams struggled fiercely. However, Sweden Fnatic turned out to be stronger and managed to win the map. Over 1 million people watched this awesome match on CSGOTV - another outstanding record!



De_cobblestone was a decisive map of the match. It seemed that the battle will as dramatic, as the previous game. Unfortunately, after the first half of the map with resulting 8:7 score (Sweden Fnatic's advantage), Poland couldn't oppose the attack of the Swedes, who won 8 rounds in a row and won both the game and the match.



The final encounter between France EnVyUs and Sweden Fnatic began at de_dust_2 — The French' choice. The teams played equally, as it was expected. After 30 rounds the winner wasn't determined, and the teams had to play additional rounds. The Swedes managed to unravel the play of the French and win additional rounds 4:0 as well as the first match.



After losing their map, France EnVyUs were to play at de_cobblestone, chosen by Sweden Fnatic. The Swedes were much more stronger at this map. They won the first half of the map 9:6, playing for attack. Afterwards, they demonstrated a very confident defense, which was broken by the French only once. As a result Sweden Fnatic won the map 16:7 and the match 2:0, becoming the champions of ESL One Cologne. The Swedes once again proved they are the strongest team as of now. The remaining teams should watch and analyze their play more profoundly, since it's high time to undermine Swedish domination in Counter Strike. Having won the final, Sweden Fnatic got the cup of ESL One, to keep until the next ESL.



As concerns Ukraine Natus Vincere, our final place is 5-8. We lost in quarterfinal to France EnVyUs. We hope that the Born to Win will manage to show their most powerful play and defeat all the rivals, bringing one more trophy to Kyiv. We will support our favorite team and wish them good luck!

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