Record-breaking statistics of ESL One


Undoubtedly, Valve`s ESL One has been one of the most wonderful holidays of all times. Apart from being incredibly enjoyable to watch, it has also set a new world record in Counter-Strike. Zeus, one of the newest guns in Counter-Strike series, has been put on sale for a limited period of time. Also, they added holiday animations visible both in-game and on streams after the bomb defuse, chicken elimination and shooting Zeus gun. 


These temporary in-game changes were implemented thanks to the record-breaking numbers of ESL One. Considering how great it was, it seems that CS developers have changed their attitude towards the competitive aspect of the second most popular Steam game. And little wonder, 27 000 000 people from all over the world watched ESL One Cologne during those 4 days.


The match between Natus Vincere and Titan was the second most watched game of the tournament. More than 770 000 people were present on stream when the teams were fighting over the place in playoff. The world record itself was set in ESL One grand-final that featured 1 300 000 viewers. This number breaks the previous records of all CS:GO tournaments since the release of the game.



Overall prize-money of this tournament increased by 180% compared to ESL One Katowice. Additionally, the players and organizations have got their share of $ 42 000 000 of stickers sales. Throughout the entire event, all viewers have had a chance to receive a lot of new interesting items, stickers and cases. Every 5th viewer on Twitch and GOTV was able to get a souvenir case, as they dropped in every round of every match.  

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