ESL One Cologne: Second day summary


The second matchday of ESL One Cologne is over. The participants of the play off at LANxess Arena were determined on this day. The battle in the F group between International Team Kinguin and Australia Team Immunity was the first on that day. The Australians lost the match due to a mistake with bomb timer in one round. Inspired by this victory Team Kinguin practically smashed their next rivals, playing their second game at de_dust2. Kinguin knocked out Cloud 9 and went to play off to fight against Denmark TSM.


Games in group E began with the match of United States Counter Logic Gaming vs Poland eBettle. This match determined the opponent of UkraineNatus Vincere in the second round of group stage. The match of the American and Polish team was very tense, Counter Logic Gaming defeating eBettle. In the final game of this group CLG fought against the Born to Win at de_cbble. Having won the gun round, the Americans began leading in the beginning. One moment the gap in scores was as much as 4 rounds. However Natus Vincere players gathered their thoughts and won a couple of rounds, showing the power of their spirit. Eventually the Born to Win made a come back despite the desperate resistance of their rivals. The resulting score of the match was 16:14, and our guys went to play off of the main tournament of the year. Over 747 000 people watched this epic match at GOTV!


In group G AustraliaRenegades unexpectedly defeated France Titan, the squad of which was recently reshuffled. Later that day they were defeated by Sweden NiP, which seemed to have found the key to its game. The last matches of the second day were the matches in group H. The first battle was held between Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics and Germany mousesports. After a couple of rounds the Ukrainians found strengths to send mouz home. Their second rival was Brazil Luminosity Gaming. Having acquired substantial advantage first, Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics were surprised later to see the rival making an epic comeback and bringing game to overtimes. In the overtimes the Brazilians defeated Flipsid3 and went to play off.


Results of 21 August, Friday, BO1

  •  International Team Kinguin [1:0] Australia Team Immunity
  •  United States Cloud 9 [0:1]  International Team Kinguin
  •  United States Counter Logic Gaming [ 1:0 ] Poland eBettle
  •  Ukraine Natus Vincere [ 1:0 ] United States Counter Logic Gaming
  • Australia Renegades [1:0]  France Titan Esports
  • SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas [1:0] Australia Renegades
  •  Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactic [1:0] Germany mousesports
  •  Brazil Luminosity Gaming [1:0] Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics


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