ESL One Cologne 2015 teaser


Our colleagues from HLTV present a new video about ESL One Cologne 2015, in which they tried to show the atmosphere of the upcoming event. It will help you to recall previous ESL One events and emotions of the best CS:GO players of the world.  Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas (ESL One Cologne 2014), Poland Virtus Pro (ESL One Katowice 2014) and Sweden Fnatic, reigning champions (ESL One Katowice 2015) all were awarded the temporary custody of tournament trophy earlier. The moment of Fnatic triumph is captured in the teaser of upcoming tournament. 



ESL One Cologne 2015 is one of the main tournaments of the year, supported by Valve and esports organization ESL.


The major will be held between 20 and 23 August, including offline group stage at ESL Studio Cologne (20-21 August) and the play-offs at the huge stadium that features 20 000 seats.


The best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams of the world will come to Germany to attend this tournament, and we are proud to say that UkraineNatus Vincere will be among them. As our guys have never won ESL One champion title, their August bootcamp will be incredibly intense!


Prize pool:

top 1 place — $100 000

top 2 place — $ 50 000

top 3 plce — $ 22 000

top 4 place — $ 22 000


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