ESL One Cologne: 3rd day summary



The third matchday of ESL One Cologne is over. Today we saw four bo3 matches. The main feature of the day was that all matches finished with 2:0 scores. The quarterfinals were held at LANxess Arena. The first matches was played on de_inferno by the Born to Win and France Team EnVyUs. Our team gained advantage after winning the gun round. However, after 8 rounds the astonished French gathered their strengths and managed to even the score - 6:6. Ukraine Natus Vincere players tried to stop them, Russian Federation seized being specially good at that with his outstanding shooting. Our players began winning again 12:7, but eventually the French changed the course of the game and won a couple of rounds in a row. Unfortunately Na`Vi didn't manage to win the match (the time out taken after 13:13 score wasn't helpful either). We lost 16:13 (7:8; 9:5).


On the next map de_mirage the game was quite successful for Ukraine Natus Vincere in the beginning. Due to the home preparations, they won 4 rounds in a row for T. However, the French wasn't surprised and they eventually gained advantage 7:8. The fight was even more hot in the second half of the map. Ukraine Edward and Ukraine Zeus shot great, but France Happy and France kioShiMa hit the aim more often. After a couple of unequal rounds, the French won 4 rounds in a row and lost 2 rounds due to good tactics of Natus Vincere. Unfortunately, the rounds we won wasn't enough to improve financial situation, and thus EnVyUs managed to defeat our team — 16:10 (7:8; 9:2). As a result, the Born to Win were to leave ESL One, making it to top 5 of the tournament.


After ESL One the team will continue working with their mistakes

The remaining quarter final matches were won by favorites: Denmark TSM defeated  International KinguinPoland smashed Sweden NiP, and Sweden Fnatic won the match against Brazil Luminosity Gaming. It's worth mentioning that the Brazilians were very close to the even score at the second map, but the lack of accuracy in shooting resulted in their loss 16:14 (8:7; 8:7). The semifinals will begin on Sunday at 12:00 CEST.

Results: 22 August, Friday, bo3


  •  France EnVyUs [2:0] Ukraine Natus Vincere
  • Denmark Team SoloMid [2:0] International Team Kinguin
  •  Poland [2:0] SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas
  •  Sweden Fnatic [2:0] Brazil Luminosity Gaming



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