ESL Pro League S6 details revealed


ESL Pro League is back with a new iteration, as the league’s sixth season quickly approaches. The organizers have shared the first details on the tournament’s main stage, which is set to be held in Odense, Denmark.
Starting August 22, the finest CS:GO teams from Europe and North America will begin the league play, which will last for seven weeks and determine twelve teams to advance to the next round. Each of the two regions will be represented by six teams, who will be battling it out for a solid prize pool of $ 1,000,000.
Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A has also joined the fray, the tournament being a great chance to put their new lineup to the test as they will be going up against formidable opponents, including Denmark AstralisFrance Team EnVyUsInternational FaZe ClanSweden fnatic and other renowned teams. 


The main stage of the competition will be held on December 8-10 at Sparekassen Fyn Arena in Odense, with its group stage scheduled for December 5-6. The tickets will go up for sale shortly, boasting a range of different bonus options to satisfy each and every fan of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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